Nicaragua and Daniel Ortega

by Jack Lee

According to our PS sources inside Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, that old communist ruler from the 1980’s is once again trying to become dictator for life. He is the current president of Nicaragua and he’s trying to get a bill through which would allow him to stay president for as long as he lives.


To make matters worse for the Nicaraguan people and also for the people in neighboring countries, their law makers are being heavily influence by Hugo Chavez, El Presidente’ from the oil rich Venezuela. Slimey Chavez has been buying power in little countries like Honduras, Guatamala, Columbia and wherever he can. He offers millions in aid, but if they accept the cash the countries must do exactly as he says. For example Commie Daniel Ortega, has received almost $1 billion in aid from Chavez — sometimes in “suitcases full of cash” sent from Caracas — a relationship that prompted a U.S. diplomat to dub Ortega a “Chavez Mini-Me,” leaked U.S. diplomatic cables show.

Ortega, the cables say, also funds his party’s political campaigns with money from drug traffickers and once bribed a prominent Nicaraguan boxer to stump for him in public in exchange for not facing sexual assault charges — which Ortega himself has faced, as alleged by his stepdaughter.

The batch of new cables, released by WikiLeaks and published by the Spanish newspaper El Pais and other sites, paint a deeply unflattering portrait of the ex-guerrilla leader, asking at one point of Ortega’s foreign-policy ambitions: “Petulant Teen or Axis of Evil Wannabe?”

Ortega and first lady Rosario Murillo are described as being “uncharacteristically friendly” to the United States delegation in Managua on certain occasions, in the interest of short-term strategic goals, the U.S. Ambassador Robert Callahan wrote in a cable dated February 2010.

Another cable, dated May 2008 and classified by the former U.S. ambassador to Nicaragua, Paul Trivelli, remarks: “Ortega’s guiding principle in foreign relations seems to be, ‘Will this annoy the U.S.?'”

I don’t think we can afford to be blase’ about these current events in Centeral American, especially where the three stooges are involved, Castro (or his designee), Ortego and Chavez. Remember, PS gave you a heads up on this long before the MSM.

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