A Failure of Leadership

by Jack Lee

The president is getting beaten up from both sides by individual politicians who say his budget does absolutely nothing to address the big problems and the growing deficit of doom. As a partisan collective they’re not quite as outspoken, no make that as a group they’re a bunch of wimps! Neither party is anxious to tackle these so called 3rd rail issues like medicare and social security and the negative spending continues.

The lack of courage to offer something constructive is nothing new. For decades no matter which party was in power those big issues in dire need of a fix were pushed off to the next election cycle. Both sides fear alienating special interest group and this means nothing is going to be fixed once again as evidenced by Obama’s 2011 budget.


Social Security, welfare entitlements, medicare, etc., it’s all too big for them to handle and despite all their bluster and pontificating that’s the reality of your current leadership Washington. And what will follow this ineptitude? Well, taxes must go up and the deficit will edge ever closer to that cliff where the dollar falls into the great abyss. Some cherished programs will go broke and maybe this is the way it should be? It won’t be the end of the world and then we can finally start over. We said the ability to fail is what should have happened to errant corporations who caused the great housing implosion, what’s so different about an errant government? This is allowing the free market economy to work as intended – you over spend, you pay a price. Simple.


The dollar is currently propped up by…by what exactly? By the good faith and credit of the United States? 47 states are flat broke and we’re trillions in the red; how much faith could you have in that? Imagine this . . .your great grandfather’s dollar is now worth about .18 cents and if we get a run on the ol buck because we’re printing too many of them…what then? Hope you have some gold in your portfolio.

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2 Responses to A Failure of Leadership

  1. Tina says:

    Reform of SS was first introduced in 1983. Now, almost 30 years later…..

    This system is unsustainable so what is the underlying problem with reform? Lack of public interest and demand is the big problem. Media (Dem Party) scare tactics about proposals through the years created always negative public feedback. This problem will never be solved until the public puts extreme pressure on Congress and the President.

    Tea Partiers, get ready to play hard! Republicans have a plan that will be unveiled in a few weeks. They will take HUGE public support to have any chance of getting it through the Senate and to the Presidents desk. From The Hill, Feb 11, 2011:


    “In one fell swoop, we’re going to fix Social Security for 75 years,” Paul (Ryan) said Tuesday on MSNBC.

  2. Quentin Colgan says:

    Silver is a little easier to manage, though. Consider: trying to get change of even a tenth-ounce of gold would be difficult. A one-ounce bar of silver oughtta be just enough for a loaf of bread.

    You raise a good point, Jack.
    Just what is a buck worth?
    Almost half of our debt is owed to the folks assigning the value and printing the paper.
    It’s a house of cards that MUST collapse. Else, the US will be enslaved forever.

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