What Now Mr. President?

by Jack Lee

Oil prices threaten the American economy and we’re helpless to do anything about it or so says our President. In his mind set we’ll just have to rely more on public transportation, give up those cars, ride bicycles -so we can ALL fight global warming! This chaotic situation is a greeny’s socialist dream come true.

This is a great time for Obama and his democrat minions who have prayed for $5 a gallon gasoline. And the best part is they had to do so little to help it edge toward a reality. It was all about doing…nothing. They’re actually on the verge of success, well there’s a first for this White House! But, this is not a battle most Americans wanted to win, however being independent of foreign oil is!

The lestist plan was simple, as most good plans are, obstruct everything – curtail drilling in the most promising areas; make it difficult to introduce alternative fuels like ethanol. A tariff fixed that! Next, cater to the corn lobby. Corn produces too little fuel to be meaningful, but the lobbyist money lines the pockets of far leftist bureaucrats who endorse them and give them back lavish subsidies with your money. Next, engage in a battle of regulations (leftists love regulations) using the power of the big boys like the Dept. of Transportation, EPA, and Dept. of Interior, to mention but a few of our overlapping federal agencies. Soon every American will be forced into riding the bus to work (if they can afford bus fare).

Meanwhile, we continue to avoid using saw grass which yields well over twice as much ethanol as corn and it’s cheaper to harvest. It has no impact on the food supply and it’s also a better grade of ethanol! Unfortunately there is no saw grass lobby, so it goes unnoticed.

In Brazil they have just discovered a way to triple the production of ethanol from sugarcane using a bacteria. Good news for us right? No. Doesn’t matter how cheap they can make it because America is prepared to raise the protective tariff to keep our costly corn ethanol competitively priced. Our rich oil fields in Alaska, off shore fields from Florida to California, the shale fields of the Midwest, the vast oil fields of the gulf all go under utilized and some not at all. The president talks about creating jobs – how about some oil field jobs – how about some jobs building refineries – how about jobs building cars people actually want to buy? There are a lot of jobs that would be created overnight if we acted smarter and moved away from corn based ethanol to produce more a economical ethanol. Between drilling, developing new extraction methods and alternatives fues we could become energy independant.

Imagine pump prices at $2.50 a gallon, think that would help the economy? Now imagine fuel prices at $9 a gallon like some places in Europe and vote for the one you want.

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3 Responses to What Now Mr. President?

  1. Harold Ey says:

    What Now Mr. President?
    well as long as you asked the question, my answer would be ‘He doesn’t have a clue’. He is really showing how ‘GREEN’ he is at this job, let’s not restart drilling in the coastal waters, let go electric, but wait we’ll need additional electric output during peak usage, or just because of higher consummation due to travel, thats means more plants, nothing being done there either. More Corn to process into fuel? maybe, less food definitely.
    Maybe it’s time he actually started talking to someone in the know, I read he hasn’t even spoke with 6 members of his cabinet since their appointment. Clueless in DC means we are helpless in America

  2. Post Scripts says:

    Harold, you said it all when you said, “Clueless in DC means we are helpless in America.”

  3. Tina says:

    That is a good line Harold…LOL.

    Another aspect of the stranglehold fo our oil industry is the huge amounts of capital being pumped into green industry.

    Remember the overblown outrage about (old) ties Bush and Cheney had to the oil industry? Obama’s rewards to the green industry are overt and plentiful but not a peep has been uttered about cronyism, conflict of interest or…well, here’s a taste from a very revealing article:

    There are plenty of revolving-door green bandits, but the paths of Zoi and Roehrig – both of whom passed through the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office, which was responsible for $16 billion in stimulus money – exemplify how Obama’s stimulus and green-energy initiatives open the door for corruption and patronage.

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/politics/2011/02/obamas-green-subsidies-attract-do-gooder-bandits#ixzz1FHau197B

    As is my usual at this time of year I am off and running and up to my ears…or I’d post more!

    Sorry guys…Bahhhh!

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