Stomping on Gun Rights

Posted by Tina

The Blaze reports a case involving gross government overreach based on an anonymous busybody call:

The young man in the photo is the 11-yr-old son of Shawn Moore. The gun is a .22 rifle, a copy of the AR-15, but a 22 caliber. The photo was posted on Facebook by a proud father. That Facebook posting apparently triggered an anonymous call to New Jersey’s Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS). On Friday night, March 15th, two representatives from the state’s social services office (along with four local police officers) came to the Moore home and demanded to see the family’s firearms.
According to Moore’s lawyer, Evan Nappen (an attorney with considerable expertise in NJ’s very strict gun laws), the situation was “outrageous.”

Here’s what Moore alleges on the Delaware open carry forum:

•NJ’s Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) came to his home, accompanied by police officers. They claimed to be responding to a call about a photo of a young boy holding a firearm. (photo above)

•Without a search warrant, DYFS demanded entry into Moore’s home and access to all of his firearms. Moore was not initially there, but his wife called him.

•With his lawyer listening to the exchange on the phone with police and DFYS, Moore denied entry to his home and access to his safe where he stores his guns.

•When Moore requested the name of the DFYS representative, she refused to give it to him.

•After threatening to “take my kids,” the police and Family Services worker left — “empty handed and seeing nothing.”

I heard on Fox Business this morning that the boys father is a trainer in weapons use and safety.

So what do you think? Did the anonymous caller react too strongly? Were the authorities over the top with their pushy demands? Is this a case of liberal’s stomping on the rights of responsible gun owners due to their emotional reactions to unassociated criminal acts?

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4 Responses to Stomping on Gun Rights

  1. Harold Ey says:

    New Jersey is a notorious ANTI GUN state, in fact printed articles about INNOCENT travelers just passing through on lay overs being arrested in airports exist. You do not want to be a PROUD father and post a gun related photo in a state with such a septic view on guns, Given the Fathers back ground he should have know better, his error period. OK with that said, it appears a LOT of people over reacted, but the most disturbing part of the article was the authorities and their overbearing and underhanded attempt to force entry, which would have lead to weapons seizure, if nothing else. GOOD for the wife to stand her ground and drive them off. As to the person reporting this to the authorities, I would find it interesting to know their role in this families dynamics, or discover if just another gun hating ninny-hammered idiot with to much time on their hands.

  2. Tina says:

    Harold great analysis of the situation.

    “You do not want to be a PROUD father and post a gun related photo”

    What a sad statement about the condition of our society in America. Not too many years back this photo would not have generated even the slightest bit of negative attention.

    The idea that a man would have to hide such a photo and only whisper about his pride for his son reminds me of societies under totalitarian governments.

  3. Libby says:

    Shawn’s daddy is a moron, and alas, probably raising a moron … an armed moron.

    I’m with the DYFS.

    FYI … one of several current definitions of a moron … anybody stupid enough to run a public facebook page, … and then, post-Aurora, to post a camo-clad, picture of an armed child.’

    Dim … seriously dim.

  4. Harold Ey says:

    Yes Tina I fully agree with you as well as to the effect this Government has risen in power over us and slowly removed the rights of the people. As I was writing my opinion, I was reminded of a photo my parents took of my brother and my self with our Cowboy outfits and double gun holsters. I was thinking that if today that Innocent photo was made public, who would it offend and how?
    We the more self reliant citizens are a declining breed, even if we impart the foundation of our values on our children, we have to closely monitor their growth through out the education system. It use to be we had to just concern ourselves about our children’s negative peer pressure, now that seems to be expanded with unbridled bias tutelage, along with a bell curve educational system that rewards mediocrity. I do believe the father should have recognized the potential problem given his occupation and understanding of a nanny based legislature toward guns. as seems to be the case these days, someone else will attack others achievements if different from their own personal agendas. Life was more rewarding when we followed a live and let live doctrine. Sadly your “societies under totalitarian governments” has been given life through a totally theoretical ideology of Government knows better than you …. dammit!.

    Enjoy this tongue in cheek u tube:

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