This is Why We’re Trying to Downsize Chico’s Bum Population

 CHICO — Chico police were called to the Enloe Medical Center just after midnight today on a report a man was in the emergency room being treated for a stab wound.

According to a police press release, the victim was attacked in the parking lot at Winco Foods, 2060 E. 20th St.  The victim reportedly told officers he had just exited his vehicle when he was approached by a man who demanded money.  When the man allegedly stabbed the victim in the abdomen with an unknown weapon.  This is about two blocks away from the Torres Shelter On martin Luther King Blvd. 

Chico has been victimized by more stabbing year to date than the sum of all last year. 

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9 Responses to This is Why We’re Trying to Downsize Chico’s Bum Population

  1. Peggy says:

    Chico is turning into a city I’m not sure I want to live in any more.

    Can’t go downtown without dealing with hundreds of panhandlers, drive by most corners without feeling guilty for not helping the cardboard holder buy another pack of cigerates, wonder if the person going through my trash is taking more than the cans and bottles I’d put in there and now we have to fear crazy guys hanging out in grocery store parking lots.

    Just wonderful!

    I’ll bet if we did a survey of the panhandler “travelers” we’ll find a lot of them came here from Stockton after that city went bankrupt and the residents stopped giving to them.

  2. J. Soden says:

    Phoenix, San Diego & Oceanside all have learned the hard way that the more shelters and freebies you provide for the bums, the more will arrive to partake of the largess.

    Wonder when those that make financial decisions will learn that hard lesson – or be removed from office?

  3. Libby says:

    Listen, weasels. You don’t get to bitch about the fruits of Reaganomics. I positively am not having it.

    You thought Reaganomics was gonna make you wealthy enough to insulate you from the poor folk. Well … you was wrong.

    Boy … was you wrong. When the poor folk number 100 … 1000 … to your 1, you is f’d. (Editor: Libby you know better)

    So, suck it up. The answer is most positively NOT, NOT, NOT expanding the capacity of Torres Community Services. It is getting these fellas back to work.

    And I expect all of ya … to be taking this up … with Goldman Sachs, an entity that thinks its money is better spent eviscerating Dodd-Frank, than capitalizing Butte County private enterprise.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby, the nexus from Reaganomics to a parking lot stabbing by a bum is too big a stretch to be coherent. Would have made more sense if you blamed Bush. At least that would be familiar territory. What do you know about the stabber anyway? You seem to think he was just a squared away working man down on his luck because of trickle down economics and he snapped? How about if he was a glue huffer that burnt one too many brain cells out? Nah, that wouldn’t work…can’t blame the GOP for that or can you?

  4. Tina says:

    Libby: “You thought Reaganomics was gonna make you wealthy enough to insulate you from the poor.”

    I’ll bet you think you’re a mind reader…do you also do card readings?

    “It is getting these fellas back to work.”

    Well no $&*t Sherlock! Have you noticed the current polices are not getting the job done? In fact this problem has gotten worse over the course of the last four years…hmmm…who happens to be orchestrating the worst economic conditions for “po folk” (everybody but the 1%) since the Great Depression?

    And before you try the “worst recession since the GD” stuff remember that the recession was officially over in early 2009 and the Democrats set the table for the housing collapse.

    Dodd Frank is hurting the small banks and private enterprise. The regulation is garbage that doesn’t address the problem. It was busy work so that Dodd /Frank could have cover for their involvement in the housing bubble debacle!

    See here and here:

    Dodd-Frank financial regulation passed specifically to address some of the contributing problems of the financial crisis has made the problem worse, not better. Richard Fisher, President of the Dallas Federal Reserve and a Democrat, said that “Dodd-Frank has not done enough to corral ‘too big to fail’ banks and, on balance, the act has made things worse, not better.”

    You need to get real lady, wake up and smell the freedom.

  5. Peggy says:

    Libby, you’re a ding-bat democrat that just showed how “screwed” up you are.

    “I positively am not having it.” Really? You will if I say so.

    “You thought Reaganomics was gonna make you wealthy…” No, I thought we’d all have the chance to be gainfully employeed instead of thousands being forced to live on the streets every day as Obama’s non-recovery done.

    “It is getting these fellas back to work.” Obama doesn’t want them working. He wants their votes for all the “free” stuff he’s giving them. It’s a win win for him. Raise those taxes to buy those votes!

    “ is f….ed.” Really?! I thought there were profanity rules here. And I’m not f-ed, but my grandkids and future generations sure will be thanks to Obama, you and others like you.

  6. Tina says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on the F-bomb, Peggy. After 9:30 Libby sometimes forgets herself…I missed it, my bad.

  7. Libby says:

    “Libby, the nexus from Reaganomics to a parking lot stabbing by a bum is too big a stretch to be coherent.”

    Only for people too dim to know that the effects of national policy dictates manifest 20 years out.

    I’ve said it before. You clowns will never acknowledge it, own it, face it. Chico had no street people until 1986 … just when Reaganomic policies begun to bear fruit.

    And now the bloom’s gone right off that rose.

    You don’t get to fault Obama for diddly til 2018.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby, alright if you can say unequivocally that Reaganomics can be connected to the root cause of people living on the street and stabbing citizens of Chico for money, what do you say about the democrats who have been running both California and the nation into bankruptcy and virtually single handedly caused the great housing bubble and the implosion that followed? Do they bear no responsibility in your enlightened mind?

      Of course you DO realize that Reagan hasn’t been president for over 24 years?

      A lot has changed since Reagan’s time, not the least of which has been this long, drawn out recession. It’s been arguably extended by the infamous QE’s, the lavish bailouts and the many worthless government programs thanks to your man Obama. Do you think any of this has had an impact on our financial wellness? And how do you feel about the depressed economic conditions of California in general? W’ere the worst or next to the worst state in virtually every important category and it’s all been done while the state government was 100% controlled by democrats… now back to your original premise…can you see any nexus between that the Chico stabbing? Don’t bother, I know you won’t answer, but I already know your position anyway. You’re way too predicatable.

      PS Funny you should mention that Chico had no street people until 1986, which isn’t exactly true, but it was about the time the first in-town rescue mission was built to cater to them. Curious coincidence? This was followed by expansion of the mission in 1994, followed by another mission five-six years later, followed by another mission around 2004-05. Curious isn’t it? You would almost think the more we build… the more that show up, huh?

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