Last Best Hope to Save California

I was born in California. I am a Californian.

Yet, 20 years ago as a member of the California Assembly, I again started a movement intended to change our state into two brand new states. After all that time in the Legislature, I decided we needed new leadership. After all, we could never balance our state’s budget, we could never reform our state’s schools to our liking, etc. etc.

I was eventually able to place a question of division on 31 of California’s 58 counties. The result should have been predictable. Butte County approved the proposal 70 percent to 30 percent (35,698 to 16,301). The Great North State (Jefferson?) was in strong support. San Francisco turned it down 63 percent to 37 percent (89,992 to 54,941). Was that our minds over our emotions, or simply we in the north desiring to get away from “those people?” I believe it is both.

For the last year, I have been working on writing and publishing my first book at the ripe age of 74. It is fun. And, this time I think we should follow Mother Nature’s direction and roughly use her San Andres fault as the place to separate. What a serious game that is. Will we win or will she beat us to The Big One?

All those years ago, I decided that two golden states would be better than one. In my heart, I don’t want division, but in my mind, let’s git ‘er done. I would love any of your advice. Please contact me at

— Stan Statham, Oak Run

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