Guns and Hunting – Outlawed in California

by Jack

Okay, guns may not technically be outlawed, but it’s getting so close they might as well be.  And hunting, you might think this is a joke, but it’s not.  Read on.

Example of why guns might as well be outlawed.  The feds say steel core bullets are potentially armor piercing (hardly).   Therefore, they made them illegal to sell to private persons.   California said lead bullets are bad for the environment, so they made them illegal to sell in the state.   There are two kinds of bullets made today, one has a steel core and the other a lead core.  See what I mean? 

New legislation says… all semi-auto hand guns sold in California must a have a bullet flag to indicate a round is in the chamber.    This is some sort of pop up flag that is supposed to be placed near the rear sight that warns the shooter a round is in the chamber.  For purposes of safety this has questionable value.  However, it  restricts many types of hand gun sales in CA and this makes it good.   New legislation says, all guns sold in California must a have a laser imprinted firing pin, so that when striking a bullet primer it leaves an imprint of the guns identifying information.  Expensive, unreliable and of minimal use to law enforcement, but it will restrict gun sales, therefore it’s good. 

Want to hear more?  Alright, how about this new law…all magazines must not exceed a capacity of 10 rounds and the new addition to this law says it may not look like it exceeds 10 rounds!  that’s right, if the magazine even looks like it holds more than 10 rounds it is illegal!  This serves no practical purpose, but it does inhibit gun sales.  Are you getting the picture? 

A firearm that is spotted in the open by a visitor to your home can cause your arrest and loss of said weapon.   Firearms must be locked away, out of sight in your home and at all times now or you can be in trouble.   Detachable magazines for rifles are about to be illegal, making your Mini-14’s, AR-15’s, old military .45 1911’s,  and many, many others illegal or they must be duly registered and it looks like they can’t be resold, I’m not clear on this one.   Next, you’re about to need a special license to just buy ammunition, that is, if you can find any. 

The bill passed yesterday mandates the licensing of bullet buyers in CA.  What a crock that is!   The list of persons restricted from firearms ownership is now being compared to registered gun purchases and if your name appears on both you can expect a knock on your door by police who will arrest you and seize your firearm/s.   What terrible things could put you on the list of persons not allowed to own firearms?   If you were a returning war vet and had some PTSD issues,  that could do it and you may not even know it.  What vet that went through combat didn’t have a little PTSD?   If you went through a divorce where the spouse filed a restraining order, that will do it too!  Point is, there are many subtle ways to get on that list and you may never know it, until the police are at your door.  How do you like the law now?  Isn’t CA a piece of work?   

The Dept. of Fish and Wildlife has just endorsed a bill to end hunting, with the exception of a few game birds, allowed only if you use a shot gun with steel pellets.  Bill passed the Senate and is soon to be law.  It’s endorse by Fish and Wildlife.

It gets worse… and there are more bills and laws I could bring to your attention, but the point is, the threat to law abiding citizens and our Constitutional freedoms has never been greater by a radical far left agenda here.  We have a legislature that has no accountability for the evil they are doing to us…none.  They can keep dishing it out and we are forced to spend ourselves broke trying to keep up and if we don’t then it’s an automatic victory for their side.

In the past decade we’ve come to expect that 6 or 7 gun prohibiting laws would be introduced in the CA legislature.  This year we started out with 40!   Does the legislature have nothing else to do? 

It’s a case of one side being able to introduce any number of gun laws, at no cost, with no accountability.  They just keep cranking them out.  These are laws that will impact the economy and they restrict the rights of all of us, gun owners or otherwise because you can’t encroach on one right without encroaching on all of them.   On the other side, the good side, those people who are  most directly impacted by this bad legislation, well, like I said above, they must pay dearly to fight against each bill and/or law or if they don’t then they lose by default. 

All the cost, accountability and risk is put on on one side.  And this side would be you and me.  We’re forced into the position of defending ourselves and our Constitutional rights from every haphazard law that can be cranked off the legislative presses in Sacramento.    Unethical legislators see this as a way to overwhelm us.  And those bills just keep coming and coming and coming….   There’s no end of creative anti-gun laws coming out of Sacramento!  It’s like an obsession with some legislators.  

Gun owners simply can’t defend against each and every bill or law enacted.  The sheer time and cost of doing so says this is  impractical.    The liberal legislature has it made with this tactic because they have no such burdens, they bear no risks.   They suffer absolutely nothing for creating bad legislation.  Heck, they are paid handsomely to harass gun owners with idiotic laws.  They’re  waging war on us and we lack any effective way of responding, the battle here is totally lop-sided.    

The legislature has absolutely no accountability for proposing bad laws except at the ballot box and you see how effective that’s been?

 As gun owners, we can’t keep treating the symptoms and ignore the cause while hoping for the best.    We’re losing.  We’re dying and so are our rights.   Sure, we can always hire lobbyists, protest at the Capitaol and we can advertise to try to educate voters.  We can spend all our money to do these things, but that’s been not to be enough to stop the plethora of bills that are undermining, or violating your 2nd, 5th and 14th Amendments and we can’t vote them out either.  Low information voters have the majority vote.  So, not the NRA, not the CA Gun Owners, nor the Pacific Legal or all their lobbyists are making a wit of difference against the gun-grabbers passing bad laws.  They’ll keep on passing those laws until they have 100% of what they seek and we are destroyed.  They’re 90% of the way done!   If you don’t believe me,  look at the anti-gun laws that have popped up in recent years!   And it doesn’t end until we (gun owners this time) are neutralized and we are almost done at this point. 

The only way to effectively fight back is to be able to do what the liberals do to us all the time.   Make this fight personal, make this enemy feel some risk and be put on the defensive for a change!   We should be able sue the socks off any individual legislators when they go after our Constitutional rights!  What worse crime could their be?    We must be able to hold them personally liable and accountable whenever they aid or abet the passage of un-Constitutional laws.    Notice I said we should, not we can.    I’m sorry to report that there is little hope of that remedy levelling the playing field.   Lawmakers are protected by the State Constitution from being held civilly liable for damaging us no matter how severely, even if it results in our false imprisonment on one of their phony gun laws.   Currently,  they cannot be held liable… no matter how egregious, how unethical,  how un-Constitutional or how damaging their legislation may be to any number of people.  They can damage us at will and yet they are beyond the reach of justice,  how is that fair? 

In the most blunt, but accurate terms…we’re S-O-L!   We desperately need a provision in our State Constitution that says, legislator’s can be reached with civil penalties, but only under very  specific and very limited provisions,  for example, only if they deliberately intend to harm to our Constitutionally protected freedoms with malicious legislation.   Without that narrow exception to keep their agenda on the level, we’ve placed too much on trust and hope and not enough in common sense.   The only other alternative is something our forefathers said ought to be the last resort… physical resistance to tyranny.   I believe that day has passed, and we’re not going to go there.  More likely is, we’re going to resist as best we can hoping for a miracle and we’re going to delay the liberal’s declaration of victory by a few more years, but in the end the outcome looks inevitable. 

We didn’t react strong enough when we had the chance years back, possibly because we couldn’t conceive of such a thing actually happening, yet here we are.   

Game over. . . or is it?


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10 Responses to Guns and Hunting – Outlawed in California

  1. Harold Ey says:

    Liberal anti gunners are slowly eroding the second Amendment, mostly in hopes that their plan to rewrite it as they see fit will be accepted, no matter who’s rights are violated, as long as their ideology prevails. Considering the magnitude of recent new Calif gun laws(we’ll will find out in court how they violated the Constitution))by a legislation that has no one to challenge their majority, so they can inflect their special interest plans. California is becoming one of the most gun unfriendly states, and if you will a gun free zone that will attract criminal types in droves. Private gun ownership kept Japan off our shores during WW ll (thankfully all wars or terrorist activity have been stopped or on the run, that is according to Obama of course) as well as helped protected us during these times of Police cutbacks. Older handguns and rifles currently on the state’s allowed firearms list (about 1200 models of firearms) are exempt from SOME of these new thoughtless laws. However, as no new guns will be added to the list that do not possess the technology the law is seen as an effective ban on new models of firearms as manufacturers aren’t likely to invest in the expensive technology required simply to sell guns in one state. So as Jack points out, for Liberal lawmakers ‘therefore it’s good’
    As to the argument that Liberals aren’t trying to take our guns, but only eliminate the possession of look alike weapons they call assault or erode our Second Amendment rights here are a few comments:
    Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky recently said; that an assault weapons ban is just the beginning. She also says that a complete ban on handguns could be possible through state and local action.
    NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a radio interview in late December (audio below), “Confiscation could be an option…mandatory sale to the state could be an option
    Senator Dianne Feinstein, the senior Senator from California, said in a 1995 interview, after getting her assault weapons ban passed then; “If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!” I believe she still has a concealed carry permit, but she is different then us!
    San Diego’s [police chief] Lansdowne, who plays an active role in the western region of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), said in the interview it may take a generation, but guns will eventually be taken off the streets through new laws.
    Former top Democratic mayor Ed Koch(deceased) said he wants to ban all guns for everyone except law enforcement
    The Obama administration’s Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t suggest banning or confiscating guns. He just thinks we should brainwash the American people into wanting to get rid of guns.
    This was a quick search of anti-gunners positions; make no mistake they will not quit until all guns are banned and confiscated, mostly by ignoring our Second Amendment rights.
    Wake Up America!

    • Post Scripts says:

      “Assault weapons” have no purpose other than to kill large numbers of people. The police need assault weapons. You do not.” Harry Reid

    • Post Scripts says:

      Hey Harold, I just thought of something that I’ve not considered before. This might be our best card yet too! The state of CA is about to release over 10,000 dangerous criminals because of an activist judge. Couple that to an all time low number of cops on the street and things could get very interesting. This might do more to educate voters than the NRA ever could.

  2. Princess says:

    The ammendments mean nothing. The second ammendment is disappearing and the fourth ammendment is already gone. What’s next.

  3. RHT447 says:

    Heh. As we used to say, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” From my experience, not too many liberals either.

  4. Harold Ey says:

    “This might do more to educate voters than the NRA ever could.”
    Maybe so, but if it does, that education is going to come from the school of HARD KNOCKS.

  5. Tina says:

    Here’s a “disarming reality” that should shake em up…Smith and Wesson recorded record sales, up 43% from the prior year!

    I keep reminding myself of the Hollywood liberals who went to Chuck Heston’s asking (begging?) for guns during the riots in LA. When guns are illegal….

  6. Harold Ey says:

    Tina ,Thank you for the reminder of Charlton Heston’s passage in his book:
    Charlton Heston’s final book, The Courage to Be Free (2000), offers remarkable insight into the very different personality of the man who played Ben Hur. He wrote about his experience during the L.A. Riots of 1992:

    Police couldn’t stop the riots in the wake of the Rodney King trial verdict in Los Angeles. I know. I was there. I was at home in the Los Angeles area when those riots broke out just a few miles away. And I was armed. Like everyone within a radius of fifty miles of those riots, I was concerned when I realized that the Los Angeles police Department could not, or would not, control the carnage and vandalism.
    The fear ran so quickly and so deeply throughout the Los Angeles basin that even my liberal friends were frightened. My phone rang day and night. As TV news choppers hacked through smoke-darkened skies over L.A., I got a phone calls from firmly anti-gun friend in clear conflict.
    “Umm Chuck, you have quite a few… ah guns, don’t you?”
    “Yes, I do.”
    “Shotguns and… like that?”
    “Could you lend me one for a day or so? I tried to buy one but they have this 15 waiting day period…” (p.73)
    One can only guess that many of those who called Heston asking for guns had been clients of Charlotte Parker.
    Like RHT447 said ‘There are no atheists in foxholes. From my experience, not too many liberals either.’

  7. Tina says:

    Thanks Harold, I enjoyed that story when I heard it some years ago. I was unaware that it was from his book. So glad you had his exact words.

    It sure does put things in perspective.

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