Mayor Resigns Under Fire

by Jack

Chico-CA  6 Aug 13, Mayor Mary Goloff lasted just two brief months before she called it quits.  Enter the new old Mayor Scott Gruendel for another try.  This time he has appointed a conservative to be his Vice Mayor.  Mark Sorensen replaces Ann Schwab.  Sorensentook the bold action of bringing his suspicions of financial misdoings before the Butte County Grand jury and after a year long probe, every suspicion was validated and Chico was determined to be 21.4 million dollars in the hole and would be unable to writes checks by the end of November.

This latest shakeup on the council was deemed a step in the right direction, but it fell short of what many would like to see…the departure of both Schwab and Goloff.  Both Councilors were part of the four council nay-sayers when Sorensen and a few concerned citizens, including the Butte Taxpayers Alliance, stepped forward to say something was seriously wrong with Chico’s financial picture and it needed to be investigated quickly.    A majority vote by these liberal prevented council from looking further and allowed the deficit spending to continue.     


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  1. Harold Ey says:

    This is a positive move in the right direction for Chico.

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