Bill Whittle Video; Why We Dropped the Bomb

Submitted by Peggy in comments:

Jon Stewart, “War Criminals; The True Story of the Atomic Bombs”

Jon Stewart gets his facts wrong about America’s use of the Atomic bomb in World War 2. Should Harry Truman have been prosecuted as a war criminal? Whittle takes you back to those fateful days and tells you the facts about the history altering decisions to drop two Atomic bombs on Japanese cities.

Originally broadcast on May 7, 2009, PJTV brings this classic Afterburner out of the vault for the anniversary of atomic bombings against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

(Edited by Tina for clarity…let me know if I got something wrong, Peggy)

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14 Responses to Bill Whittle Video; Why We Dropped the Bomb

  1. Tina says:

    Powerful, factual, and morally right on the money!

    Peggy thanks for sharing this. If education looked like this everyday in our classrooms our children would be much better prepared to take their places in the world as functioning, contributing adults.

    Sadly we have more that reflect the style and substance of the ill informed and weak kneed Jon Stewart.

  2. Post Scripts says:

    I knew all this from reading my history and I was in Japan several times. On occassion I was able to talk with a few Japanese about it and I completely agree with Bill Whittle because the people I talked with said he was the right. They agreed that given the circumstances and dropping the bomb prevented more deaths than it caused. So, as horrific as it was, it was still better than what awaited.

  3. Chris says:

    I don’t see how killing thousands of innocent people in a second could ever be considered “moral.” You people are sick.

  4. Peggy says:

    As Whittle pointed out it’s the rewriting of history that has changed people opinion’s about the past. They don’t know the truth because our history books have been altered to promote the progressive agenda. And it’s getting even worse with what is going on with the national push to get all of our k-12 schools to implement the “Core” curriculum educational plan. Some states are fighting Core, but it is either already in the schools or the promoters are finding ways around the school boards and into the classrooms. California has already adopted Core, per the below article.

    Common Core curriculum changes already under way in LO:

    The Case Against Common Core Curriculum: (Good article)

    Race to the Top?? Sounds more like continued slide to the bottom. You think the public schools are mediocre now? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Here is one researcher’s conclusion: the much ballyhooed Common Core Curriculum is merely new jargon and marketing for all the same old, same old we ought to avoid. Namely, diminished academic content and rigor, but now locked in place by federal control.

    It’s a sad spectacle, the government throwing money at the states by way of making them give up their own standards today and forego control in the future. Some say it’s the Chicago way.

    If you like pretty ironies, note that this story actually started in Chicago, in 1896, when John Dewey set up his Laboratory School at the University of Chicago to put progressive education ideas into practice. Those ideas are the bad dreams we can’t awake from.

    Even Salt Lake Police Will Root for Anti-Common Core Demonstration Friday at USOE: Teachers and Parents Against Common Core: (Must read #5)

    Rubio comes out against Common Core, putting him at odds with Jeb Bush:

    Sen. Marco Rubio has joined growing criticism of the education standards known as Common Core, putting him in conflict with Jeb Bush at a time when Rubio is sharpening his conservative credentials.

    “Common Core started out as a well-intentioned effort to develop more rigorous curriculum standards,” Rubio said in a statement to the Tampa Bay Times. “However, it is increasingly being used by the Obama Administration to turn the Department of Education into what is effectively a national school board. This effort to coerce states into adhering to national curriculum standards is not the best way to help our children attain the best education. Empowering parents, local communities and the individual states is the best approach.”

    How about a break for a good laugh?

  5. Tina says:

    Chris most young people are filled with inauthentic moral authority that derives from never having faced a difficult decision such as whether ’tis better to do a terrible thing that will end in many deaths but bring an end to war or, to not do that thing which will result in even more deaths and mean the war slogs on indefinitely. Two choices, neither of them good and you must make a decision.

    It takes an adult to make a horrific decision like that. It also takes a person who is willing to recognize and admit that there are people in the world who choose to do unspeakable, evil acts without conscience and that others must step up to stop them.

    You are not prepared for such responsibility and leadership. Neither are you ready to be fully educated. Most likely life itself will temper your outlook and opinions; I hope it won’t be too painful.

  6. Tina says:

    Peggy this quote is priceless referring to John Dewey who said: “‘There is no clear social gain’ in the acquisition of ‘mere learning.'”

    Modern curricula guidelines are the inspiration of the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and others of his ilk:

    Selous Foundation:

    Common Core was attached to millions of dollars in stimulus funds that were dangled by the feds before the states in a contest called “Race to the Top” during the 2009 economic crisis. The attached Common Core standards were not even written when states signed up. Writing the standards and attached tests are education “experts” whose philosophies align with Weatherman/terrorist-turned-education professor Bill Ayers. Ayers’ close colleague, Linda Darling-Hammond, was head of the education transition team during the 2008 campaign. Now she is overseeing the development of national tests.

    See Ayers here.

  7. RHT447 says:

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki for dummies:

    1. WWII ended.
    2. We won.
    3. No nukes have been fired in anger since (at least not yet).

  8. Peggy says:

    Tina, this Common Core plan has red flags every parent and grandparent with children in public schools should be aware of.

    Knowing it was developed in Chicago where the schools have the nation’s highest student failure rate should cause parents to ask why do I want my child involved in this abysmal plan. And knowing that terrorist Bill Ayers was instrumental in its development should have parents at school boards to stop it or pulling their children out to be home schooled. Just the thought that kids all across the country are being taught the mindset of a terrorist is frightening.

    The picture of Che Guevara hanging on the wall behind Ayers in the video and his reference to him and Marxism is a bright red flag warning.

    Another red flag is by contract educators are not allowed to discus Common Core with parents or provide them with any printed materials. Parents were to be kept completely in the dark as to what was going on in the classroom. How’s that for loosing total control of your child and putting their minds into the hands of a complete stranger. Not my child…never.

    Thank God there are at least some teachers who are refusing to participate and educators who are refusing to have their schools participate in the national takeover of our children’s education. Good for them.

    CSCOPE: Exposing the Nation’s Most Controversial Public School Curriculum System:

  9. Tina says:

    RHT447: “No nukes have been fired in anger since (at least not yet).”

    I doubt you meant to imply that we fired nukes “in anger” making it sound like an irrational act. It was, as you know, a calculated act to end the war and save lives.

    We even took the risk to test the first one on our own soil. Nobody knew what exactly would happen. We warned the Japanese as well so people could evacuate. It was all calculated down to the last horrific decision.

    God help us if anyone ever does use nukes in anger.

  10. Tina says:

    Peggy did you hear the one about the attorney who, after receiving a $200 bill for 25 minutes plumbing work and complaining that he was a famous trial lawyer and didn’t make that much, was told by the plumber, “Neither did I when I was a lawyer.”?

    You might enjoy this article on higher education…from which I stole the joke 🙂

  11. RHT447 says:

    “I doubt you meant to imply that we fired nukes “in anger” making it sound like an irrational act. It was, as you know, a calculated act to end the war and save lives. ”

    Tina, you are correct. My phrase was borrowed from the title of this book:

    I assure you none of the information in this thread in new to me. You may have seen some of my past references to my father’s service in WWII as a B-17 pilot. That, coupled with my own service during the “cold war” and my personal interest in history has given me a pretty thorough perspective. I’m sure you recall the “MAD” doctrine—

    –which did provide some stability between the super powers. The problem we have now is that with suicide bombers, be they intervals, nations, or religious faith, MAD no longer applies. As you said, “God help us”.

  12. RHT447 says:

    OK, I’m gonna blame spell check for this one. In my last, “intervals” should read “individuals”.

  13. Peggy says:

    No, hadn’t heard that one, but as the president of the classified employee’s union I represented the plumbers who made more than some of the faculty did. They would tell me they loved knowing their checks were more with their blue collard shirts while the faculty and administration treated them like lowly minions unworthy of going to lunch with.

    One plumber drove a Porche 911 Carrera and since he got to work at 7am he’d park it where everyone could see it just to rub a little salt in the wound. It was a fun car to go to lunch in.

    Teaching is a very noble profession for those who really want to work with and help kids learn. Hope more realize that their being used to promote the takeover of our country to promote the greedy elites in control.

    Will check out the article, forgot to before responding.

  14. Pie Guevara says:

    The notion that “we bombed Hiroshima in anger” is not only inaccurate, it is asinine. Such lunacy is the product of assorted fools, ignoramuses, and morons. The bombings were calculated and brought about desired strategic result to end the war.

    Another why reason we bombed Hiroshima is how this pal of mine spent the day memorializing Hiroshima. Check it out —

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