President Obama’s Speech at the U.N.

Posted by Tina

The White House has posted the complete text of the Presidents recent speech at the U.N.

The speech stands as a complete embarrassment for America from my perspective.

I post this link so that you may read it and comment if you are so inclined.

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10 Responses to President Obama’s Speech at the U.N.

  1. J. Soden says:

    The last time Obumble spoke at the UN a year ago, he was blaming a video for the deaths of 4 Americans. And we still don’t have any truth from him on that.

    This time his amateurish photo-op offer to Iran turned into another embarrassment. Obumble will be scraping more egg off his face in the coming weeks.

    Truly an Amateur/Incompetent-in-Chief.

    • Post Scripts says:

      J. his administration has been so bad that even a good share of the democrats have had enough and that’s a first. Hopefully, it will be a trend that will continue until we can get a Rand Paul type of president in this office.

  2. dewey says:

    hello, The CIA and FBI released documents as intel briefing to hide their covert actions of walking guns from Benghazi to the rebels. I think we all know that. I also think we know the CIA always has secrets. The FBI always has secrets. They do not communicate well together.

    Benghazi? CIA operatives were on the ground and they were walking guns. Classified info not available for the public.

    CIA and FBI are always up in the middle

  3. Libby says:

    “I must be honest, though. We’re far more likely to invest our energy in those countries that want to work with us, that invest in their people instead of a corrupt few; that embrace a vision of society where everyone can contribute — men and women, Shia or Sunni, Muslim, Christian or Jew. Because from Europe to Asia, from Africa to the Americas, nations that have persevered on a democratic path have emerged more prosperous, more peaceful, and more invested in upholding our common security and our common humanity. And I believe that the same will hold true for the Arab world.

    “This leads me to a final point. There will be times when the breakdown of societies is so great, the violence against civilians so substantial that the international community will be called upon to act. This will require new thinking and some very tough choices. While the United Nations was designed to prevent wars between states, increasingly we face the challenge of preventing slaughter within states. And these challenges will grow more pronounced as we are confronted with states that are fragile or failing — places where horrendous violence can put innocent men, women and children at risk, with no hope of protection from their national institutions.”

    On the contrary, my Emperor has got all his clothes on. What, for instance, would be your quarrel with the above referenced paragraphs?

  4. J. Soden says:

    The very BEST comments here on Post Scripts are those that are short, sweet, and to the point.
    Bloviators, please take note.

  5. Tina says:

    President Obama:

    As a result of this work, and cooperation with allies and partners, the world is more stable than it was five years ago.

    This is a lie as the President himself highlights in the remainder of the same paragraph:

    But even a glance at today’s headlines indicates that dangers remain. In Kenya, we’ve seen terrorists target innocent civilians in a crowded shopping mall, and our hearts go out to the families of those who have been affected. In Pakistan, nearly 100 people were recently killed by suicide bombers outside a church. In Iraq, killings and car bombs continue to be a terrible part of life. And meanwhile, al Qaeda has splintered into regional networks and militias, which doesn’t give them the capacity at this point to carry out attacks like 9/11, but does pose serious threats to governments and diplomats, businesses and civilians all across the globe.

    The president also fails to include the terror attacks that occurred on American soil, something his predecessor prevented for nearly eight years through strong leadership and a consistent, principled voice.

    There are other examples of this very poor and inconsistent showing.

  6. Chris says:

    Tina: “The president also fails to include the terror attacks that occurred on American soil, something his predecessor prevented for nearly eight years through strong leadership and a consistent, principled voice.”

    This is just…stunning. Why do conservatives constantly act as if 9/11 somehow doesn’t count?

  7. Jack says:

    5590 empty words…. He was condescending as he lectured. He told them what they already knew and dedicated 10% to substance, the rest was blather. Typical Obama.

  8. Libby says:

    Maybe the sentences are too long for you? That first one runs seven lines, and has a lot of stuff in it.

    But, you know, it’s not a simple problem, not a simple world. If you can’t deal with a seven line sentence, maybe you should just own that, and try hard to send people to your statehouse who can.

    Humility is a valuable trait in a republican (little “r” republican, that is).

  9. Tina says:

    911 counts…what was done after 911 to prevent attacks on our soil worked under the leadership of George Bush. The same cannot be said for Obama.

    Also 911 occurred after a less deadly but highly significant attack which occurred under Bill Clinton who treated it like a criminal act rather than an act of war providing effective permission for terror groups to crap on the USA. His administration also had put in place a “wall” between our intelligence departments that led to a “failure” to “connect the dots”. As if those types of failures weren’t bad enough the administration and Democrats chose to act like a bunch of adolescents erroneously disputing the Florida vote and spending weeks counting ballots with “hanging chads” and improperly handing over the presidency, so that GWB had to play catch up rather than experiencing a smooth transition.

    Your objection doesn’t hold water.

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