Our Dysfunctional Government

Posted by Tina

Post Scripts has been highlighting the failures of government for eight years. But failure in government under Obama has gone to extremes. The headlines today are filled with stories that describe what can only be called extremely dysfunctional government.

President Obama, the leader of our country, has failed to lead. As our nation slogs along with high unemployment, scarce opportunity, and massive debt the President does nothing but play the blame game. He thinks the bully pulpit is a billy club for bullies.

I can’t guess why President Obama decided to beat up on elderly WWII veterans yesterday. They were scheduled to visit the WWII Memorial yesterday an outdoor venue. The President said no.

(In an act of pure defiance the veterans proclaimed they had faced much tougher foes during the war and, with help from Rep. Steven Palazzo, they stormed the barricades to complete their tour)

Democrats deny veterans benefits. Republicans remain on the job, at the negotiating table, while the Democrats in the House voted against a new bill to fund the Veterans Administration, the District of Columbia and National Parks, including the Holocaust Memorial Museum and Smithsonian.

O’Bummer Care: It isn’t signing up that sucks, although the glitches make that difficult. The headache is choosing a plan in a law that includes 1,700 individual rules affecting eligibility.

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