Global Warming Expedition Stuck in Ice

by Jack Lee

You’ve all heard about the leased Russian research ship carrying passengers to explore Antarctic region of the South Pole, right?  It’s been stuck in the ice for a month.  Two more rescue ships have also become stuck.   The irony here is it started out as an expedition to survey the effects of global warming. The team wanted to compare their new data to that recorded by Australian Douglas Mawson in 1911. The survey began November 27th and barely lasted 15 days when the Russian ice breaker couldn’t make headway and became stuck. The thick ice took the team by surprise, they expected shrinking ice pack and easy going.  The lastest news is an American ice breaker is on the way to rescue the stranded ships.  All three ice breakers are stuck in ice up to 3 feet thick.

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6 Responses to Global Warming Expedition Stuck in Ice

  1. Steve says:

    Jack thank you for posting this. Anthony Watts has been blowing the horn on this monkey business, and I have actually seen it a couple times on national TV press, but not enough.
    When you consider the damage that our nation’s policy makers, driven by a quasi-religious environmental extremism, have done to our nation’s economy, the truth of this farce should be on the front page of every paper in the nation.
    Before Chris or Libby assert that this is just a “isolated incident of the weather”, lets not lose sight that if the ship had sailed through with no ice they would be claiming it as proof of global warming. Global warming has been used as a political bullhorn to force legislation on the people of this country, destroying jobs right here in California, all over the dubious premise that somehow my car is causing glaciers to melt.
    It’s a scam. The people need to see the truth and I applaud you for helping.

  2. Peggy says:

    It is on the front page and Yahoo news flashes. The problem is the word scientist and what they were studying is not mentioned. According to what is presented the ship was just full of a bunch of “passengers” who were on a joy ride in Antarctica when their ship got stuck by some very “old” ice.

    “Passengers” were also helicoptered off of the ship leaving the crew behind.

    According to the news, no scientists were even on that ship and one would never know what they were there to do.
    Chinese ship in Antarctica rescue stuck in ice:

    (CNN) — The Chinese icebreaker that sent out a helicopter on Thursday to airlift dozens of passengers from a ship stuck in the Antarctic ice is now beset by ice and unable to move, according to Australian Maritime Safety Agency (AMSA).

    The captain of the Xue Long told AMSA that his ship is safe, has plenty of food and supplies and will not need assistance at this time.

    The Australian icebreaker, the Aurora Australis, which is carrying the rescued passengers, was placed on standby in case the Xue Long needs help. But the captains of both the Xue Long and the Russian-flagged MV Akadmik Shokalskiy agreed they no longer need the Aurora Australis.

  3. Harriet says:

    I guess someone will take me to task but I laughed when I heard this story.

  4. J. Soden says:

    Poetic justice!

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