Washington and Colorado Pot Experiment

by Jack Lee

It’s going to be very interesting to see how these states handle legalizing marijuana.   In Butte County apparently you can only grow $500,000 worth (99 plants) for your own medicinal purposes.  That dollar amount is for full grown, high grade marijuana plants sold off by the cigarette.  It’s probably really worth about $50k, but still that’s a lot of cash and a lot of people are tempted to become growers because of the money.   

How will pot effect job performance, sick-time, health insurance costs, vehicle accidents or home accidents?   Won’t take much for a person to get really loaded with a drink and a joint.  Will that lead to more arrests for DUI?   What about the long term effects, such as birth defects, lung cancer and serious addictions?   We can speculate, but nobody knows for sure and finally we’re about to find out.   The bad part is once something is made legal it’s almost impossible to make it illegal.  They tried that with booz remember?  Didn’t work too well.  Of course it’s not working out too well with the status quo on pot laws either. 

And what about under age users?   The law states that only people over 21 will be able to purchase and use marijuana legally, but even before the legislation has take effect, teenagers are already “finding ways to get their hands on” the drug.

According to one high school senior, “9 out of 10″ of his classmates have smoked marijuana in the past. Another said, “Most of my friends use it” because “it’s not typically classified as, like, a harmful drug, like as meth or whatever.” A third added, “There’s a bunch of people who come to this school high.”

Cabrera reported that marijuana is now the number one thing getting Colorado teens kicked out school, which she said made it “a bigger problem than alcohol, disobedience or weapons violations.” She spoke with one 18-year-old “recovering addict” who has been in and out of jail 10 times in the past four years for marijuana-related offenses including possession of “paraphernalia.”  CNN

We’ll keep you posted on this, should be very interesting.    Meanwhile if I see you driving a new Porsche, we’ll know what you’ve been doing in your spare time. 




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4 Responses to Washington and Colorado Pot Experiment

    • Post Scripts says:

      RHT- Sure pot may be legal in Colorado, but you make a good point about how the feds view it. Thanks for the links.

      “Colorado’s pot legalization only goes so far. This is another instance where federal law preempts state law and an individual who mixes pot with a firearm in any form faces prison time in a federal penitentiary,” 9News Legal Analyst Scott Robinson said. “Marijuana and firearrms is not a legal combination in federal law and anyone who mixes the two could be charges in federal court.”

  1. Tina says:

    I’ll be interested to see how long it takes the the smoke Nazi’s to respond to this change in the law. When you consider what has happened to tobacco in terms of health issues and the air that others breathe it could lead to quite a conflict once the advertizing begins.

    Did you know that the powers that be are already eyeballing those alternative cigarettes that can deliver nicotine without the smoke? In New York (Where else?) they are looking at regulations and restrictions on “smoking” in public places. People inhale more steam in their own shower! Nobody ever said that the liberal mind was logical.
    What about the law and driving under the influence?

    Hey did you hear about the little kid in Colorado that found a cookie on the ground and ate it…turned out to be pot laced…woo hoo!

  2. Toby says:

    How soon do you think it will be before we see an up tick in gun violence because people didn’t want to pay for the pot? Or because the people growing the pot don’t want to “give” it away?
    Also has it been reported where the pot they are selling in Colorado is grown? Are you libtards smoking blood pot or Krugerrand pot? If the crap is grown in this Country are all the EPA and OSHA,FDA laws being followed or enforced?

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