Homeless Population Still Too Large for Chico

by Jack

Despite the creation of the Homeless Ambassadors (thanks to the liberals on the Homeless Task Force) now walking around downtown politely asking bums not to urinate and poop in public places, the bad behavior continues. They’ve also tried to reason with them not to scatter dumpster trash, don’t abandon clothing and junk wherever you feel like it. Don’t swipe our grocery shopping carts, they are not luggage carriers. Please don’t do drugs and alcohol until you can’t stand up. We don’t want you sleeping on the sidewalks. They ask them not to molest shoppers in the downtown…they ask a lot of things, but it’s still going on.

They walk into coffee shops bumming change or asking for a free cup of coffee, in most places this is against the house rules, but few will complain…our liberals think that’s uncool. These bums often look like walking petri dishes while hovering around the entrances to shops, smoking thier cigarettes and sipping their free coffee.

Sure isn’t very appealing to see a lice infested bum walk out of the bathroom as you enter. I’ve seen customers turn around and walk away..probably going to wait until they get home, but that’s sad. Customer’s shouldn’t be intimidated by these bums. And then I think about the poor kids that must clean to bathrooms at McDonald’s after the bums use it. This is one of the many haunts for bums and they’re always just hanging around and smoking or drinking…they always seem to have cigaretters and booz, theft I guess.

I was standing in line at Safeway when a bum walks up behind me and starts yelling at the cashier who was returning change to a customer, “Hey Sir! Sir! Sir! Where’s the nearest ATM machine? The cashier didn’t look his way and he started to ask again…then I turned around to him and said, “Hey he’s with a customer.” But, he didn’t wait. “Sir! Where’s the nearest ATM machine?” This time the clerk replied,”There’s a bank right outside, across the parking lot” and he pointed the direction. Obviously this guy wasn’t too observant or too bright or too polite. My guess, he was another new obnoxious arrival.

Welcome to Chico Mr. Bum, we love you to see you here. We’ve got plenty of citizens who will give you money, buy you food, buy you booze and we’ve got lots of free beds at the missions too. There’s more food and more clothes for you there. You can wear donated clothes and toss them away when the start to stink. Oh, and the ambulance service here is great too. You get a fast ride to the E-R every time you get drunk and nobody minds. Because we love you and we’re so happy you are here! We love you taking our money…using up our resources…peeing on our doorsteps, sleeping in the park…

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17 Responses to Homeless Population Still Too Large for Chico

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    A True Story by Pie Guevara.

    99.97% I hear “Sir … Sir!” I know it is going to be bad news. The last time this happened was on a moonless night outside a small convenience store. Only the dim light from the storefront kept me out of the inky blackness. A man (bum) came up out of the dark behind me approaching fast. I spun around assuming as best an aggressive and threatening posture as I could muster, tossed him the crazy evil eye, and literally screamed four simple words —

    “Back off or die!”

    (Every time I think of this incident I wonder what my decibel level was. Someday I’ll get a meter an measure it.)

    That did the trick and stopped him in his tracks about 6 feet away. Close enough so that I could detect that distinct aromatic melange of sweat, urine, tobacco, and booze. He did not back off but I was able to walk to my truck while continuing to toss him the crazy evil eye over my shoulder.

    After I got in, the door locked, and the truck started he came around and stood in front giving me *his* crazy evil eye. So there were were, exchanging crazy evil eyes until I broke out in laughter. At that he decided to move on and I drove away.

    The end.

  2. Tina says:

    Great story pie! I’ve seen how fast an experienced two wheeler can spin around…very impressive! I’m thankful my daughter has an alpha husband nearby for the strong decibels/evil eye though!

  3. bob says:

    The way this Obammie economy is going we are all going to be homeless.

  4. bob says:

    I think Andy Hokum ought to put them up in his house and while yer at it put ’em in Greundl’s house, too.

  5. bob says:

    And I’m sure Chris, Libby and Dewey will offer them a room, also.

  6. bob says:

    Never shake hands with a liberal…I suppose the liberal environmentalist wackos on our city council will outlaw toilet paper after they are done outlawing grocery bags.

    I Don’t Use Toilet Paper


  7. Pie Guevara says:

    Off topic heads up.

    Mark Levin reads a speech from a former liberal governor, Dick Lamb, who laid out the case for how, if he really hated America, he’d destroy it. (This speech may have appeared in these environs before, I forget.)


  8. Pie Guevara says:

    Ooops, the above should have read Dick Lamm.

  9. Pie Guevara says:

    Just so there is no misunderstanding, Dick Lamm’s speech was a criticism of multiculturalism, not a manifesto.

    You can read the text here —


  10. Pie Guevara says:

    Last addendum —

    That is not Dick Lamm’s manifesto, but it certainly works as a manifesto for the Democratic Party and Progressives.

  11. J. Soden says:

    If you build it – or PROVIDE it – they will come. As San Diego, Phoenix, and other cities found out to their dismay.

    Helping is one thing. Enabling is a totally different matter. Best idea is to let the homeless move in with some of those city council libbies.

  12. Libby says:

    “Best idea is to let the homeless move in with some of those city council libbies.”

    Now … what exempts you from this scheme? If you don’t want them on the streets, you should be willing to have them in your home, shouldn’t you? And if you are not willing to have them in your home, you should be perfectly content to see them on the street … right?

    This is not something that someone else is going to fix for you. And as us liberals believe that conservative economic policies have created the problem … we are quite content to let you wallow in it.

  13. Tina says:

    What conservative economic policies Libby?

    And don’t just throw out some vague opinion. I want the policy and how it worked to create the homeless.

  14. Libby says:

    “And don’t just throw out some vague opinion. I want the policy and how it worked to create the homeless.”

    Oh, geez … I don’t know … wasn’t there just recently some largish economic upheaval … resulting in a (true) unemployment figure in the 20 percents? Why … yes … I think there was!

    And I will not rehash the Gipper turning the mentally ill into the road. If you want to claim ignorance of that … again … fine with me.

  15. Tina says:

    And wasn’t it the Clinton administration that set up the whole thing with a stupid law that forced lenders to make bad loans…and then wasn’t it Clinton cronies at Fannie Mae that dreamed up the bundling scheme to hide the bad loans…and wasn’t it Barney Frank who refused to do anything about the situation, insisting there wasn’t a looming problem despite repeated warnings by GWB…why yes, I KNOW it was. a lot of Democrats got rich on the dirty little scheme too.

    You can’t rehash the “Gipper” mentally ill lie again only because we showed you that it was the result of an idea created and promoted by progressives of the era.

    Peddle the progressive BS and lies elsewhere….and answer the question for once….it’s easy…just tell us you don’t have a policy mush less an explanation.

  16. Libby says:

    “You can’t rehash the “Gipper” mentally ill lie again only because we showed you that it was the result of an idea created and promoted by progressives of the era.”

    Hmmmmm, yes, well … if the Gipper had, indeed, funded the community-based mental health facilities promoted by said progressives … he would not have gone down in history for turning the state’s mentally ill into the road.

    But he did not, and he has … and there it is.

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