Reasons Why People Leave Mean Comments Online

Contributed by Harold

Mean spirited comments are everywhere online since it is so easy for people to hide behind an anonymous persona and spew out their hate. Here are a few reasons as to why people leave mean comments online:

, One of the main reasons for people leaving mean comments online is sheer jealousy.

False Perceptions, Be aware that everyone has an online persona. Sometimes it is intentional other times it just organically forms itself. Chances are if they don’t like you they are going to fire their mean comments because they feel they know the complete circumstances.

The problem with the internet is that it can be very addictive and a complete time waster. People with too much time on their hands can waste a ridiculous amount of hours just browsing and surfing the internet. Eventually the individual is going to need some drama or stimulation. Hey why not randomly attack someone? See if I can get a rise out of them? These sort of people leave mean comments mostly for their own amusement.

Similarities, It may seem strange but sometimes people attack other people online because they share similarities with them. Readers or viewers of your online content may attack you or be mean simply because they see a quality in your personality that they may share. It may be a personality feature they personally dislike about themselves and they’ve decided to project their hostility towards you through mean comments. (This explanation cracks me up!, not part of post )

Keep in mind that the majority of the time nice comments will over power mean comments. Living in disheartenment of mean comments is no reason to prevent yourself from having an online outlet. It does not matter what you do or say there will always be “Negative Nancy’s” trolling the internet

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