The Latest in the NJ Bridgegate Scandal

Posted by Tina

According to an AP report posted in SF Gate the two staff members in the Bridgegate scandal are petitioning the judge through their lawyers not to force them to turn over emails because they might incriminate them…good luck with that!

According to the report five members of Christie’s staff have been fired. Thirty-two people or organizations have been subpoenaed and all are cooperating except for the two that Christie claims lied to him breaking his trust.

Stay tuned.

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One Response to The Latest in the NJ Bridgegate Scandal

  1. Harold says:

    So someone closed down a lane or two of highway during high traffic election time and the Governor fired 32 people just like that! WOW.

    But now, enter the DOJ and Dem’s pointing a finger at Governor Christie for this shameless and totally illegal and a direct disregard of Americans rights.

    Glad these Dem’s are on the job, heavens knows what would happen on American soil if those law bidding Liberals were not there, maybe things like unnecessary deaths in a place like Benghazi, or maybe a White House directed group like NSA listening in on our private conversations, or how about misusing the IRS to delay OR TAMPER with, say the Tea Party’s ability to raise funds for their people. Like I said, its nice to know those Liberal Dem’s are looking out for us………..
    Well actually, most likely themselves.

    Speaking of Fund raising ,good to know that recently Obama was able to raise over $800 thousand in New York for his party, and it only cost tax payers a little over 1.2 million to do it.

    More Liberal economics 101

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