Breaking News: Missing Malaysian Airplane – Two Clues Surface

Posted by Jack

What we know:

Flight MH370 was entering Vietnam’s airspace when someone turned off the transponder that tracks the aircraft. 14 minutes the second transponder was turned off as the plane assumed a new heading, almost reversing it’s course. Whoever was in control at this point had professional knowlege, suggesting at least one of the pilots was involved in some manner.

Satellite receivers were pinged by the aircraft’s engines that signalled the engines were functioning fine for almost 4 hours after the plane diverted from it’s course. This would place the aircraft over the Indian Ocean and a number of small, lightly populated islands. The engines automated transmissions could not be switched off, they were beyond the control of the pilots.

The clues:

The latest, best clues are now the pilots. Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and co-pilot, 27 year old, Fariq Abdul Hamid.

It has just been learned that Hamid was under an “intense investigation” for possible unprofessional conduct. He had allowed two teenage girls into the cockpit during a flight in 2011 and it had just come to light.

Malayian Air was investigating this incident and asking a lot of questions about Hamid. If the co-pilot learned he was being investigated, but unsure for what, this could have caused the young pilot to think the worst, and perhaps he had done worse.

Until his background is fully investigated we can’t know and even then we may never know what secrets he had. This investigation could have triggered a psychotic break. Why would they let a pilot continue to fly, while rumors about his background investigation circulated? This is just gross stupidity on the part of the airline. Malaysian Air should have suspended the co-pilot before investigating to avoid him going off the deep end with a plane full of passengers.

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