Too Many in High Office Don’t Respect America or the Constitution

This is a comment that was sent to one of our readers, Dewey.  It is so well done, and so on point, I had to put it on the font page so you would not miss it.  -Jack  PS, Dewey is welcome to respond, we value free speech. 


by Tina

Administrations, both republican and democrat, redact “important information” for good reason, including to protect the identity of people in vulnerable situations in the field or to keep a strategy from the eyes of an enemy. This is a specious accusation.

Lois-LernerIn my world the Democrat Party has been taken over by people that don’t respect the Constitution and want to “fundamentally transform” this nation to reflect the Marxist principles they prefer. They are wrong because their ideology brings greater inequality and misery and because they will do anything to achieve their destructive goal. In actuality it makes me sad to see what was once an American political party transformed into an vast activist organization. It makes me sad that so many in our media have joined with the activist party to provide cover for them, to promote them, and to destroy all opposition.

It is disgusting that the American people are not outraged that the IRS, a powerful arm of the government, could take action against individual citizens: to block participation prior to an election, to share private information with other agencies, to get other agencies to impose fines and harass families and business concerns without cause. it disgusts me that the American people are not interested in serious matters that step on our basic rights. The lack of appropriate response to this and other issues is a direct result of thirty years or more of propaganda that flows from the radical activist Democrat Party, the meBO0001dia and the entertainment industry. Talk about monied interests! Wise up! This party is rolling in big money; it is now the party of the rich and powerful.

Both republicans and democrats are capable of lying. The difference is that republicans are not protected by the media as Democrats are, as Hillary is and has been, as Bill Clinton has been.

If there was actual evidence of scandal in the GW war the democrats would pursue it just as they pursued Richard Nixon and the media would make sure they succeeded. As it is they did their best for seven long years to destroy GW and the Republican administration even though Hillary Clinton, who voted to go to war, was privy to all of that “redacted” HillaryClinton44information having served as co-president in the Bill Clinton era.

In the Nixon scandal the difference, once again, was that the media, the democrats, AND THE REPUBLICANS, took the matter seriously. Politics WAS set aside. Republicans asked Nixon to step down for the good of the country.

The Benghazi situation has gotten nothing but a political response from most democrats and the media. You’re all a bunch of phonies!

The last Republican administration under GWB did a fabulous job compared to the failures of the current democrat activist administration whose legacy includes but is not limited to:

1. Continuing WAR incompetently to the effect that the enemy has spread throughout the world. Lying to the American people about al Qaeda <a href=”″>being decimated</a>, the events surrounding Benghazi, and the Iran deal.

2. Making the US weak and inadequately responsive…the laughing stock of the world.

3. Giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies while turning away from and betraying  our allies.

4. Creating the longest period of economic depression since the Great Depression, decimating the middle class and growing the poverty class.

5. Enacting policies that allow the rich to get richer but provide little opportunity for anyone else.

6. Growing the size and power of the federal government and using government to politically oppress and harass individual citizens and journalists.

7. Foisting another big expensive entitlement program, Obamacare, on the American people that does not deliver as promised and is failing.

8. Creating division by pitting groups of people against each another.

9. Purposely using bias in the Attorney Generals office to decide which cases to litigate based on race.

10. Refusing to prosecute when clearly the law has been broken.

11. Turned our military into a vulnerable unit with ridiculous rules of engagement and using the military as a social experiment.

12. Pushing expensive, unreasonable regulations through the EPA that destroy or minimize sources of energy that are important to a thriving economy and warmth in the homes of citizens and that destroy jobs.

13. Engaging in crony capitalism and clandestine investing, Solyndra being the most obvious example but certainly not the only example.

14. Embraced an open borders policy that puts undue pressure on local services and budgets and opens the door wide to criminals, drug dealers, and terrorists.

15. Engaged in running guns across the border and putting guns in the hands of dangerous drug cartels, likely as a means of pushing (through a complicit media) a gun control agenda.

16. Aligning with the United Nations agenda.

alcaponeThat’s for starters. A Republican, any Republican, would provide a welcome change and greatly improve conditions for people in America and the world.

Bernie Sanders would not act as the leader of our nation. He would not improve conditions at home or in the world. He would act in the same activist fashion that is the calling card of the radical socialist loving Democrat Party.

You can call republicans all of the silly names you wish. Hypocrite!!!

Name calling won’t change the fact that Democrats are not committed to freedom,bergdahl45 individual equality, or our Constitution. They are committed to redistribution of wealth, special rights for special groups, division by group, economic policy that favors the wealthy and kills opportunity for the middle and lower classes, laws written by the courts, chaos in the world, and greater power for the elites in government.

It is you who are wrong Dewey. Like most people that favor the activist Democrats you are an ignorant man. You have no appreciation for the republican form of government we were given nor the superiority of capitalism in terms of the opportunity they afford all people to live in freedom and pursue their dreams.

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3 Responses to Too Many in High Office Don’t Respect America or the Constitution

  1. J. Soden says:

    Honest folks who are still registered Democrats need to clean out the vermin that currently infest their party – as do the Republicans.
    Don’t see any changes in the politics-as-usual crowd until another Constitutional Convention is convened. First item on the agenda, will be Term Limits!

  2. Dewey says:

    First Mistake is grouping into 2 parties. Second Mistake is saying one is a Democrat or Republican. The Post Citizens United Money buys out both.

    Second the cronie capitalism is practiced by both parties. The Constitution? The Tea party is the worst abuser although all are guilty. They take cases to the SCOTUS to change law for corporate control. Whether it is the DNC or RNC bankers have a free pass to rip off Americans. The Operating system of this country is Wall Street and their casino.

    Fact is the last real Republican was Gen Eisenhower and Dem was JFK. The murder of JFK was the turning point. While we all know the murder was a coup of sorts we do not yet know whether they just allowed the murder or took part. That was the fascism warning shot. Nevermind the 1934 coup to overthrow FDR. They finally have the country by infiltration from inside.

    Eisenhower warned us of the military Complex. JFK warned us of the secret societies. JFK also took us to the silver cert which was reversed after his death. Fact is the banks run everything and bigger than ever now. The Fed reserve is a scam.

    Richard Nixon – Preformed Treason to win an election. The tapes are released. It is his own voice. Do your homework. I can see why he is a Tea Party Hero. But Bottom Line he was a criminal. The Protege of Prescott Bush of Course! Why did Johnson cover for Nixon? Listen to all their tapes. Corruption continues today because it was not dealt with. In fact Johnson admits Nixon was preforming Treason on the tapes. Treason is Constitutional ?

    marxist? try again. The Constitution was not written for corporate control. I find both parties break the Constitution at times. The Patriot act is a gross violation for instance. The fact people do not support fascism and corporate rule is not Marxist.

    The GW Admin created the depression. But why bother you at least say you think GW Bush did great! Wars, stock market crashes and losing 750,000 jobs a month is success. Got it. Clinton reversing Glass Stegal contributed as well. Set up the casino.

    Faux news protects Democrats? Media protects whoever has the most ad money. Media is far from protecting democrats. They fire anyone who speaks truth that is not on the side of their corporate profits. Who watches mainstream media? One should be smart enough to turn the crap off. It is Propaganda for superpac money. Elections are a 24/7 Multi billion dollar business for media. That alone is the fascism warning sign.

    Your comments on Sanders are not fact they are your opinion. Bottom Line you do not get the movement. It is the start of a Political Revolution. A Revolution to remove the cronie capitalism and oligarchy from running the country. It is about having real conversation with all people. It is not about party Lines. It is about trying to stop Citizens United Sale of America to the highest bidder.

    The people have to rise together, throw out corrupt bought out politicians from either party and get back to rebuilding the Middle Class and America. To stop the Koch brothers and their friends from buying out Politicians is more along the lines of why the Constitution was written than supporting this New World Corporate order of profits before humans, life, and liberty.

    The Boston Tea Party was a revolt against the monopoly of the east Indian tea company. The Tea Act actually placed no new tax on tea. Instead it simply gave a tax break to the East India Tea company. The Tea party is the exact opposite today.

  3. Dewey says:

    One more comment on the IRS. They are not a gov agency. They rail the average citizen and that needs to be stopped.

    The failure to follow the actual Law passed by Congress that Non Profit means exclusively for the good. It is unconstitutional to not follow the wording of the law passed by congress.

    To be tax-exempt as a social welfare organization described in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(4), an organization must not be organized for profit and must be operated exclusively to promote social welfare. The earnings of a section 501(c)(4) organization may not inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. If the organization engages in an excess benefit transaction with a person having substantial influence over the organization, an excise tax may be imposed on the person and any managers agreeing to the transaction

    You also exclude they had the right to look at all political non profits and did in fact look at more Democrat org’s than Republican. Bottom Line the Dems wanted to break the law too and did not go after this.

    Instead of fighting them on their railing against real people you protect fake political non profits which were formed to hide the names of the actual donors trying to buy out elections. All of these Political org’s need to pay tax Dem or Rep. They are not for the social good.

    Hypocrisy at best. The Constitution was not written to protect corporations at the expense of Humans.

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