Hopeful News on the IRS Targeting Scandal Front

Posted by Tina

After the bad news on Friday that Lois Lerner will not be prosecuted for her alleged possible criminal activity in targeting conservative individuals and groups it’s good to read the issue isn’t completely over:

The IRS is still holding up the nonprofit applications of tea party groups, including one that has been waiting nearly six years for approval, as conservatives panned the Justice Department’s announcement last week that it had cleared the tax agency, and former senior executive Lois G. Lerner, of any wrongdoing. …

…the decision does not end the legal jeopardy for the tax agency, nor does it quell the political battle in which the IRS has lost billions of dollars in funding from a Congress that remains troubled by employees’ behavior.

Several lawsuits, including one seeking to be certified as a class action, are still pending against the IRS. …

…Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin Republican and Ways and Means Committee chairman, called the Friday letter “deeply disappointing” but said it wasn’t a surprise given the bent of the Obama administration.

He said his committee’s probe did find “serious and unprecedented actions” by Ms. Lerner that deprived tea party groups of their rights.

“The American people deserve better than this. Despite the DOJ closing its investigation, the Ways and Means Committee will continue to find answers and hold the IRS accountable for its actions,” said Mr. Ryan, who likely will become the next House speaker. (emphasis mine)

Good people continue to fight the good fight…candles in the darkness.

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2 Responses to Hopeful News on the IRS Targeting Scandal Front

  1. J. Soden says:

    Would like to be a fly on the wall when some enterprising individual undergoing an IRS audit uses the same excuses IRS has made during the targeting shenanigans . . .
    Sauce for the goose . . . . .

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