Hillary Clinton will be Indicted!

by Jack

Hillary will be indicted, or Obama will for obstruction of justice. Of course Obama has a legacy to protect, (whoosh sound) and there goes Hillary under the Obama bus.

hillary-clintonYes, boys and girls, I am saying right here, right now, that before too long Mrs. C is going to be in whole lot of hot water with the Justice Dept. The Obama Administration really doesn’t have much of choice, the case is too clear cut. They will be forced to hand down an indictment against Hillary or you will see mass resignations at the FBI. What are the charges? Reckless mishandling of classified documents, a misdemeanor, similar to what was brought against Gen. David Petraeus, who pleaded guilty this week for keeping classified documents in an unsecured location. The next charge is much more serious, a conspiracy to “conceal documents from government computers,” which carries a penalty of three years in jail per document. A conviction on that charge would disqualify her from holding public office again. Then there is perjury, but chances are it will all be handled with a plea deal and then she’s gone from politics forever.

According the Wall Street Journal, “Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state was supposed to be an asset in the presidential race. On the contrary, her use of a private email system on which classified information was transmitted is under FBI investigation. And the State Department has been forced to release a monthly stream of her emails. On CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, she was asked if she has been interviewed yet by FBI agents. Her terse answer: “No.” That may change. On Tuesday Fox News published a Jan. 14 letter from the inspector general of the intelligence community to senior lawmakers stating that a review by intelligence agencies found “several dozen emails” containing “classified” and “top secret” information in Mrs. Clinton’s unsecured server.

The new movie “13 Hours” is another detriment. The film depicts the hours in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012 when American Ambassador Chris Stevens, a foreign-service officer, and two CIA contract employees were killed by terrorists. Mrs. Clinton is not mentioned by name. It is clear, however, that security for Mr. Stevens was woefully inadequate (despite his many requests for more guards) and that no help was dispatched when he and the American consulate were under attack.”

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18 Responses to Hillary Clinton will be Indicted!

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Hillary should be indicted and convicted, but I am so cynical that I think that she will not even be indicted.

    I hope I am wrong.

    • Tina says:

      Excellent article Pie.

      It ties in nicely with the other post about social democracy. We owe this sad state of affairs to the progressive left which is strong in European nations.

  2. Peggy says:

    It’s a head shaker Jack why Obama and his administration let her have the private server when they knew from the very beginning she had a private email address. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they would have allowed her to keep it while putting our nation’s security at risk.

    It makes no sense why Obama didn’t have the FBI or whatever the appropriate agency is go out the Clinton home in 2010 and remove the server and force her and her aids to comply with the rules.

  3. Peggy says:

    Forgot the article.

    Clinton emails: Obama aides knew of private address:


  4. Tina says:

    Catherine Herridge of Fox reported yesterday that at least two of Hillary’s emails contained information that was considered above Top Secret, an even more egregious breach that had the potential to get people killed. Today the NYT has picked up the story.

    Hillary’s latest excuse, a “vast right-wing conspiracy!” She’s claiming/blaming the GOP for working with the Intelligence IG. The woman knows no shame.

  5. Tina says:

    Judge Napolitano listed the possible charges that could be brought against Hillary. “We know the emails contained classified information. The emails contained the name of a CIA officer operating under deep cover; the travel schedule of Ambassador Stevens; intercepts of foreign agents in the Middle East; and satellite coordinates, photos of North Korean nuclear sites, and more.

    Now contributions the Clinton Foundations received are being investigated which opens her up to even more charges. (See video screens at link)

    The penalties for some of these charges would accumulate for each instance as well.

    This is serious.

  6. Post Scripts says:

    I heard today there are at least 16 charges that could be lodged against Hillary. Several are felonies that carry prison time up to 3 years. Peggy, I agree with you, it is incomprehensible why the Obama administration allowed her to keep that private server.

    • Peggy says:

      And with Huma by her side as her top aide it’s impossible to believe she too didn’t see all of the emails filled with confidential and SAP information. Hillary keeps saying she didn’t receive and send confidential emails. She was Sec. of State and it would be a part of her job to receive them. She can’t possibly expect people to believe what she’s saying unless to protect herself she from the very beginning set it up so all emails went to Huma and other aids who then forwarded them to her with the classified rating removed.

      Bottom line she put our nation’s security at risk. It’s known the Pentagon has reported receiving 100,000 hack attempts a day. Hillary’s personal server had to have as many if not more. Is she why the ME is falling apart? Bet Russia, China and others knew what was being planned and gave them the advantage they needed to defeat us in Libya and Iraq. Yes, even Chris Stevens’ schedule was exposed telling the terrorist attackers when he’d be in Benghazi, how many security guards he’d have and the number of times he requested more security that had been turned down.

  7. Tina says:

    16 different charges with penalties for each instance…that cold add up to a lot of time.

    She should at the very least have to serve as much time as Martha Stewert did for far less!

  8. J. Soden says:

    Obumble and State knew from the first about $hrilLIARy’s private server. Why else would State have urged her to use goofernment emails? And if anyone in the white house had the ability to read, all they had to do is look at her email header.

    Story yesterday came out that the investigating IG had to get his security clearance raised even before he could read some of her more recent emails. And those “right wing conspiracy theories” didn’t work then and won’t work now. Both Clintons are past due some jail time.

    • Tina says:

      “the investigating IG had to get his security clearance raised even before he could read some of her more recent emails.”

      People in Congress whose job it is to review national security concerns couldn’t even look at the materials for the same reason. This material is normally viewed by a handful of people only and Hillary made it possible for our enemies…anyone…to view this material. Gross dereliction of duty!

  9. Harold says:

    Should this Hillary indictment come about, and with it a MAJOR message that even one of politics most elite (sad to say) “cant touch me” types causes a real awakening amongst the rest of politicians. A message so strong that they begin to realize and understand that voters and non voters alike are actively seeking representatives that will attempt put a stop to political inside maneuvering, and corrupt actions.

    Compromise is one thing, lobbyist compensation for personal gain totally another.

    Trump’s current success could be one of those realizations, he isn’t leading polls just because he a great campaigner, he is saying what people who have otherwise stopped voting are thinking and invigorating supporters with the possibility of a new direction in politics.

    I wonder how fast we could actually turn this country’s current divided attitude around, by replacing those currently seated with someone that would be dedicated to creating legislation that encourages us to unite and build a strong economy and a even stronger America, a working country that benefits all capable of contributing, and not just sit around hoping for more entitlements.


    • Tina says:

      Harold in very general terms you’ve described what makes Hillary’s alleged crimes so important. The crimes are serious…very serious. The justice system must work for all the people or our nation is nothing more than a third world
      nation with power groups struggling in a verbal might makes right war. The people, including our elected leaders, must be held accountable to send a message that in America justice is blind and no one is above the law. If this doesn’t occur at the top the standard is eroded at every level.

      It would be wonderful to experience a “working country.” I’m with you on that point…we must elect the best possible candidate who will serve the people, stand up to special interests from all sides and set a high standard for those who serve. Ted Cruz has shown he will stand on principle. If Congress sends him a bill full of pork he might just have the courage to tell them to go back to the drawing board because their main purpose has been cluttered up by irresponsible spending. In Washington this would be an Herculean fight with both parties…but it is exactly what is needed to get America back on track.

  10. bob says:

    Never happen.

    Chillary is the chosen one.

    Foreign gooberments, banksters, the MIC and all sorts of other criminals have given her and Bill through their “foundation” hundreds of millions.

    They got too much invested in her for her to get indicted now.

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