Need a Good Friend? How About a Golden Retriever?

by Jack

The Golden Retriever is intelligent, confident, playful, loyal, eager to please, and patient.  Goldens are great with kids and just about anyone who would like to have a good friend.
The only thing they need is a safe, loving home. Oh, and a  little exercise.   These dogs love to run, explore and they have an excellent nose for hunting.  They’re not aggressive animals, but they are not timid either.  They have near perfect qualities for a family pet.   Check your local Animal Rescue Shelter,  it would be a crime to let one of these lovable dogs be put down just because they were abandoned.   In Chico call 894-5630.




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One Response to Need a Good Friend? How About a Golden Retriever?

  1. Harold says:

    They are a great breed. We picked one up from the shelter and had her for over 16 years. Honestly she was the best dog I ever had in my life, we still miss her.

    I agree there are many animals in shelters that need a home, please if your considering a pet, go there first as Jack suggests, chances are you will find a great companion.

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