Joe Montes verses Doug LaMalfa (Part II)

by Jack


Who is doing the mudslinging against candidate Joe Montes, candidate for Congress, and making wild, unsupported accusations of fraud and wrong-doing?

This is not coming from anyone who knows him, that’s for sure!  Nobody in law enforcement is saying this.  Not the even the local leaders in conservative or progressive politics are troubled by Mr. Montes’ record.

So, who is doing this character assassination?  Just one person is behind all this mudslinging and coincidentally, he is the one person who has the most to lose if Joe Montes is elected.   This would be the incumbent Congressman, Mr. Doug LaMalfa.  Yes, he has a lot to lose, namely his $175,000 a year, plus benefits job, not to mention a ton of special interest money donated to his re-election over the past 4 years.

Up until this point, LaMalfa was known for being one of us, but the mudslinging has exposed a darker side we’ve not seen before and it’s drawn attention to his own dismal record while in Congress.

If LaMalfa’s re-election is in jeopardy then it’s his own fault, because he just hasn’t done much and now his campaign smacks of desperation.  He looks like just another common politician who is willing to do whatever it takes to win.  This  is incredibly disappointing and it makes me wonder, is the corrupting influence of Washington behind this or was Mr. LaMalfa really never up to the challenges of this job?

Now even his own party, the Republican Central Committee of Butte County is backing his challenger.   And so county supervisor, Larry Wahl, an outstanding conservative leader and there is long list of others who feel Mr. Montes would be the better choice to represent us.



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11 Responses to Joe Montes verses Doug LaMalfa (Part II)

  1. J. Soden says:

    Gonna be snowing in Hades before I ever vote for an Incumbent again – of either party! And that’s the only way the voters can activate Term Limits since that idea would never make it through Clowngress.
    However, there are now 9 states that are calling for a Constitutional Convention, with the main items being Term Limits and requiring a balanced budget. Louisiana just became #9. Stay tuned folks . . .

  2. J. Soden says:

    Larry Kudlow and Steven Moore have done it again! Off topic but well worth the time to read.

  3. Dewster says:


    I told you when LA Malfa first ran he was in it for himself and his farm subsidies. Brand means nothing. He got on the farm committee. He accomplished his goal.

    That said all they really do is dial for dollars. When you guys get that through your heads you will see why nothing gets done. They spend up to 75% of a day dialing for dollars. #CitizensUnited

    Congress works for donations period. Legislation is written for those who pay.

    • Tina says:

      He was probably assigned to that committee because it was within his area of expertise…lawyers end up on committees having to do with legal issues…doctors, healthcare.

      ” When you guys get that through your heads you will see why nothing gets done. ”

      Shut the he77 up, Dewey. There isn’t a person here that doesn’t know this. Most of us have known it for decades, which is why we have pushed for term limits. Your left wing buddies always resist that just like they do reform of any kind that would mean less government control and less opportunity for corruption. Your guys ARE the big government guys!

      The Democrats that held control of Congress for fifty years (Until 1984) made all kinds of deals with unions, farmers, oil men, education, bankers…and media. This is nothing new.

      Money is speech…get over it.

      Until YOU put the responsibility on the politician to make decisions based on the good of the nation, regardless of donations, you’re letting the one person with the power OFF THE HOOK!

      La Malfa didn’t invent subsidies. As a farmer he has every legal right to accept the subsidy until the law changes, his competitors certainly will (Jimmy Carter’s been getting them for decades for his peanut farm). You would too if you had the opportunity.

  4. bob says:

    I can only recall seeing a couple of Doug’s signs.

    Montes signs are all over the place.

  5. Peggy says:

    Joe Montes has bigger endorsements than Larry Wahl and Butte County. There’s a long impressive list beginning with Lars Larson, very conservative talk radio host who knew Montes in Washington state and the Calif. CRA.


    Lars Larson, National Radio Talk Show Host
    Endorsement 3/23/2016

    California Republican Assembly
    Endorses Joe Montes for Congress

    Senator Aanestad
    Endorses Joe Montes for Congress
    3/18/16 Chico, CA


    Hope this is a lesson for Montes and others we entrust to represent us. Don’t lie to us and sell your souls to the establishment in DC as Doug apparently did, IMHO.

  6. Libby says:

    “Money is speech…get over it.”

    So you’re ok with Wayne Cook and Cronies picking your next representative?

  7. Libby says:

    “Money is speech…get over it.”

    So you’re ok with Wayne Cook and Cronies picking your next representative?

  8. Tina says:

    A few thoughts…I’m still struggling, regardless the endorsements.

    Freshmen representatives have little power. La Malfa has only served a short time, yet in that time he did push language to protect Northern California water shed and agriculture water rights in a bill that was fought by Dianne Feinstein and other powerful democrats. More on his record here.

    Montes seems to have come out of nowhere. I’d be interested in who is behind this challenge to La Malfa. My concern flows from the fact that Democrat activists have a stated goal of replacing conservatives in the House and Senate. Are they playing divide and concur to get the democrat elected…or replacing a conservative with someone who, once elected, will be more moderate?

    I know, politics makes you paranoid at times, still, this is a nagging question.

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