Crooked Hillary – Not Right for America

by Jack

She’s running on the fact she has the experience and a proven track record. So, this should be easy, name a significant political accomplishment by Hillary, either as a
Senator or Secretary of State? Endorsing Obama for president is not an acceptable answer; but it does call into question her judgement. She once said, “He’s an excellent choice for President!” Green Party Writer David Macaray wrote, “Clinton lacks more than anything is a sense of vision—a Big Picture plan for the future, a rock-solid, overarching ideology that informs every element of her politics. But not only is that rock-solid ideology conspicuously absent, it has been withered and made irrelevant by a near-predatory ambition, one that can be expressed in three words: “It’s my turn.” He later goes on to call her money grubbing and of bad character, a dangerous combination.

Doesn’t character matter to you? Hillary Clinton isn’t honest and by now you should know she will do or say whatever she feels will advance her agenda or give her some personal advantage. She lied about the Irish peace process, her vote in favor of the Iraq war, her reason for illegally using a personal email server, that her family was dead broke when they left the White House, about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia, where Chelsea was on 9/11, who she was named after (Sir Edmund Hillary) and the list goes on. Her husband played fast and loose with the truth, we don’t need another con-artist Clinton back in the White House. She’s lied to make a point, lied to refute an accusation, lied to hide a lapse of memory, lied to attack an opponent (which she did when she ridiculed Bernie Sanders’ health care plan). Enough! We don’t need a liar-in-Chief, we tried that with Bill and it was embarrassing.

Has big money bought Hillary? It is a provable fact that Hillary Clinton has accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments. While serving as Secretary of State, The Clinton Foundation accepted millions from countries that fund Hamas, harbor terrorists, suppress women’s rights, and regularly execute gays and lesbians. In one case while Hillary ran the State Dept. the huge cell phone company, Eriksson of Sweden, was looking for a way to get around the US imposed trade sanctions with Iran. They paid Bill over $700,000 in speaking fees and suddenly the State Dept., found an exception for Eriksson to do business in Iran. Perhaps this was barely legal? I’m not sure, but ethically it was way out of bounds.

Progressives have a lot of issues with Hillary too, “Hillary Clinton is not a champion of the middle class and she’s not just like you and me. Hillary Clinton has always surrounded herself with power and money. “She’s had a personal chef, flies in a environment-polluting personal jet, has sent her daughter exclusively to private schools, and makes about $200K for every speaking engagement. That’s so you, right? And your middle-class neighbors – they’ve got a private jet out back, yeah?” Counterpunch, the fearless voice of the American left since 1993.

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30 Responses to Crooked Hillary – Not Right for America

  1. J. Soden says:

    Almost funny that $hrilLIARy is running on her track record when her supporters have been asked numerous times to name any accomplishment’s she’s done and they can’t come up with a single item!
    A track record of theft, lying, selling out to the highest bidder, her active participation in the Blame-the-Video coverup and possible treason with her emails is NOT a track record that belongs in the white house

  2. Libby says:

    This election is gonna be remembered forever for the most blizzaro thing: the first major party candidate in American history that the big money won’t touch with a ten foot pole. Wild.

  3. Pie Guevara says:

    Jack gets it nailed down pat about Hillary and progressives.

    Just wondering, does anyone else besides me think this is pure Chris? —

    Elite K-8 school teaches white students they’re born racist

    • Chris says:

      Do I presume to know how you run your Brony-themed prostitution ring, Pie? No. So don’t presume to know how I teach my classroom, pr*ck.

    • Tina says:

      Pie the offensiveness of this is unbearable. Tells us that bigotry, racism, has nothing to do with color or privilege. This is nothing more than a bullying tactic to give some students power over others as payback or revenge. These kids don;t deserve this treatment no matter which room they are assigned. This proaganda exercise will scar both.

      I’m disgusted.

      • Libby says:

        You’re disgusting by the inflammatory language of the “news” story. The teacher is right. Racism is endemic to the species. Fear of the “other”, tribal prejudices can only be subdued by a sturdy intellect, and not everybody has one.

        It’s possible the teacher put it badly.

        Just this morning I caught my Middle Eastern 7-11 clerk giving some poor young black man the dirty look. The fact that poor young black men will, on occasion, stick up a 7-11 does not justify giving all of them the dirty look.

        This is not a rhetorical question: Are you ever going to get this?

  4. Chris says:

    Jack: “Doesn’t character matter to you?”

    Yes. Clinton’s character is superior to that of her opponent, Donald Trump. She also lies less frequently. This is obvious to anyone who has heard Trump speak for more than two seconds. Clinton has many flaws, but Trump has those same flaws as well as many others that Clinton does not share. His open misogyny, narcissism, bigotry, vindictiveness, pettiness, and ignorance are disqualifying. While Clinton is accused of many of these faults, Trump wears them openly, on his sleeve.

    As for her accomplishments, as First Lady Clinton helped create SCHIP, which insured millions of children; played a key role in negotiating a lengthy ceasefire between Israel and Hamas; was a leader in securing healthcare for 9/11 first responders; and has worked to increase healthcare to veterans.

    Trump lacks this history of public service. He has even been accused of using his own charities as slush funds to enrich himself.

    Your claims about Eriksson of Sweden have been debunked by numerous fact checkers.

    Trump has also lied about his support for the Iraq War, among many other issues. I’m not sure if Clinton did; she voted for the resolution to give war powers to Bush, but explained at the time that she meant this only as a strategy to put more pressure on Iraq, with the expectation that Bush would give the UN more time to complete their inspections. Other senators who voted for this also said they were mislead by the Bush administration. Has Clinton lied about this?

    • Tina says:

      “He has even been accused of using his own charities as slush funds to enrich himself”

      Inside Philanthropy, “A Quick Look at Donald Trumps Philanthropy”

      Trump Charities

      Look to the Stars list some of the charities Trump has given money:

      Arnold Palmer Foundation, Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, Children with AIDS, David Foster Foundation,, Friends of Scotland, Jimmy Fund, Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation, Make A Child Smile Appeal, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Mississippi Animal Rescue League, Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, Neurofibromatosis, Inc., Operation Smile, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Pediatric Epilepsy Project, Raising Malawi, Reef Relief, Smile Train, St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters, The Doe Fund, UNICEF, Wounded Warrior Project

      On the other hand there’s Hillary and Bill:

      The Federalist:

      After a week of being attacked for shady bookkeeping and questionable expenditures, the Clinton Foundation is fighting back. In a tweet posted last week, the Clinton Foundation claimed that 88 percent of its expenditures went “directly to [the foundation’s] life-changing work.”

      There’s only one problem: that claim is demonstrably false. And it is false not according to some partisan spin on the numbers, but because the organization’s own tax filings contradict the claim.

      In order for the 88 percent claim to be even remotely close to the truth, the words “directly” and “life-changing” have to mean something other than “directly” and “life-changing.” For example, the Clinton Foundation spent nearly $8.5 million–10 percent of all 2013 expenditures–on travel. Do plane tickets and hotel accommodations directly change lives? Nearly $4.8 million–5.6 percent of all expenditures–was spent on office supplies. Are ink cartridges and staplers “life-changing” commodities?

      Those two categories alone comprise over 15 percent of all Clinton Foundation expenses in 2013, and we haven’t even examined other spending categories like employee fringe benefits ($3.7 million), IT costs ($2.1 million), rent ($4 million) or conferences and conventions ($9.2 million). Yet, the tax-exempt organization claimed in its tweet that no more than 12 percent of its expenditures went to these overhead expenses.

      How can both claims be true? Easy: they’re not. The claim from the Clinton Foundation that 88 percent of all expenditures go directly to life-changing work is demonstrably false. Office chairs do not directly save lives. The internet connection for the group’s headquarters does not directly change lives. … In 2013, for example, only 10 percent of the Clinton Foundation’s expenditures were for direct charitable grants. The amount it spent on charitable grants–$8.8 million–was dwarfed by the $17.2 million it cumulatively spent on travel, rent, and office supplies. Between 2011 and 2013, the organization spent only 9.9 percent of the $252 million it collected on direct charitable grants.

      After being caught up with the Clinton Foundation had to refile corrected returns for several years.

      National Review:

      Form 990 provides an overview of a nonprofit organization’s activities, along with detailed financial information about revenues and donors. The form is needed to justify an organization’s maintaining its tax-exempt status. It must be filed annually. The Clinton Foundation’s revised 990s should provide details about the exact amount of funds that foreign governments contributed to the foundation while Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state. Amazingly, this information about the breakdown of foreign-government funding was omitted from the 990s for the three years in question.

      Another question for Mrs. Clinton, as a foundation director: When will Form 990 be filed for the year 2014? On the Clinton Foundation website, the original 990s stop at 2013. Since this IRS form is supposed to be filed annually, one would think that the 990 for 2014 would be available by September 2015, especially since one of the foundation’s directors happens to be running for president and would want to set an example for all Americans by following IRS rules.

      Given that Hillary was laying the groundwork for her presidential run in 2014, Form 990 for that year should be chock-full of interesting donor information for the media and her political opponents to dissect. A related question that Mrs. Clinton should be asked is: What will become of the Clinton Foundation if she should be elected? For example, will Bill Clinton, while living in the White House, be soliciting contributions from high-net-worth individuals, corporations, and governments that conceivably could be paying to do business with the Clinton administration?

      Finally, in the five months that have elapsed since the foundation said it was going to refile its 990s, has the IRS been pressuring the foundation for the revised forms and asking when they plan on filing the 990 for 2014? We do not know what kind of relationship the foundation has with the IRS, but it was Reuters, a foreign news organization, that found the problems with past years’ 990s. With the Clintons’ history, we know that rules are only for “little people.” Now, do the rules for honest and timely filings of IRS Form 990 apply only to “little organizations”?

      The Clinton’s live a lavish lifestyle by using their foundation as a piggy bank (Some pigs are more equal than others). Talk about a giant loop hole…pretending you’re a charity is right up there in my book!

      This lifestyle would have been possible without the con game and deviousness…do they get off on the con? Or are they just pathological?

  5. Harold says:

    “Doesn’t character matter to you? Hillary Clinton isn’t honest and by now you should know she will do or say whatever she feels will advance her agenda or give her some personal advantage.”

    Jack, you have nailed it with just that sentence, good job.

    Well, sure she has, and as such this would be a fitting theme song for the DNC Convention as they introduce her:

    Come on baby, let’s do the twist
    Come on baby, let’s do the twist
    Take me by my little hand and go like this
    Eh ah twist baby, baby twist
    Ooh yeah just like this
    Come on little miss and do the twist

    and as she leaves the stage they could play this as well:

  6. dewster says:


    They Both need to Go.

    As Bad as Hillary is Trump is the worst.

    This election fraud and the scam of lessor of 3 evils has to go. The winner between those 2 will be who cheated the best the DNC or the GOP.

    The people loose. They both will prop up corruption, continue the evasion of our constitutional rights, and pass trade deals that threaten the sovernighty of our country.

    I will not vote for either. Something has to give. What the media is not reporting is the largest block of voters Rep, Dem, or indie are against both. They are both negative polling in the real polls.

    It’s Crooked Trump vs Crooked Hillary

  7. Chris says:

    This just in: Trump is apparently also an anti-Semite:

    How many more white supremacist-tinged tweets must Trump tweet before people acknowledge that he is, in fact, a white supremacist?

    • Tina says:

      Trump Has Strongest Jewish Ties of all GOP Candidates, by Uriel Heilman:

      (JTA) — Among the expansive field of Republican presidential candidates on display in the party’s first debates Thursday night, Donald Trump may be the most closely connected to the Jewish people.

      Trump is from New York, works in professions saturated with Jews and long has been a vocal supporter of Israel. His daughter and two grandchildren are Jewish, the executive vice president of his organization is Jewish — and Trump certainly has chutzpah. (Chutzpah is the quality of audacity, for good or for bad. The Yiddish word derives from the Hebrew word ḥutspâ, meaning “insolence”, “cheek” or “audacity”) ….

      …Given his myriad Jewish associations, Trump is not an unfamiliar face in Jewish circles. He has served as a grand marshal at New York’s annual Salute to Israel Parade. After Hurricane Katrina, he was among a group of celebrities who decorated Jewish federation tzedakah boxes to be auctioned off to support hurricane disaster relief. And in February, he was honored with an award at the annual gala for the Algemeiner, a right-wing Jewish news organization.

      “I have a Jewish daughter. This wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened,” Trump said at the event, held in Manhattan. On Israel, he said, “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.”

      Before the 2013 Israeli election, Trump recorded a video message endorsing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

      “You truly have a great prime minister in Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s a winner, he’s highly respected, he’s highly thought of by all,” Trump said in the 30-second spot. “Vote for Benjamin – terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”

      By the same token, Trump has made clear he believes President Barack Obama is bad for Israel and has questioned how American Jews could support the president.

      “I have many Jewish friends that support Obama and I say, ‘Why?’ and they can’t explain why. They support him, they give him money, they give him campaign contributions,” Trump told radio host Michael Savage in February. “This is the worst enemy of Israel.”

      And it’s true…look at the state of the Middle East and tell me Obama has been good for Israel.

      Trump does enjoy pushing all of the buttons…it will take that kind of chutzpah to stand up to the PC bullies.

      • Dewster says:


        Why are my tax dollars going to ISRAEL while they Bomb the heck out of an Occupied Territory? Ya know they bombed them just 2 days ago?

        You know they turn off the water and electricity for days?

        The state of the Middle East? The quagmire was started with GW’s Iraq war and Obama’s Drones are fueling the fire.

        You need to get your history straightened out. We have created all these problems there for decades.

        Why is ISRAEL a voting Issue?

        How about the Hurting 99% of the American Population?

        ISRAEL? Man do you follow the propaganda…. I will not Vote for Israel’s Lobby Wishes

    • Libby says:

      Unhappily, I expect the explanation is simply that Trump campaign media is being produced by people who do not know what the Star of David is, or the import thereof.


      • Libby says:

        I was wrong. Per CNN:

        But 10 days earlier, the same graphic appeared on an Internet message board loaded with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and neo-Nazi ideology.

        The Trump campaign lifts media from …


        I don’t know how you people can hold yer heads up … I just don’t.

      • Chris says:

        I read today the image originated on a white supremacist site.

        Why does Trump keep retweeting white supremacists? Even if it’s accidental, how does he find these things? Why is his campaign so closely intertwined with white supremacists? And why does this not bother anyone here?

  8. Dewey says:

    Both Parties are so bought out by foreign and domestic dark money this whole deal is a sham. Our elections have been an illusion for years!

    We all knew this but went along through the decades. The bubble created great financial times for Americans. We were complacent.

    After the crash the dynamics changed. The increase in shipping our jobs overseas and de-industrializing our nation went at warp speed.

    They all lie. This country is ran by the powerful elite. They no longer even hide it. They are brainwashing us it is the norm.

    Something has got to give here. A Trump or Clinton presidency is bad for all of us.

    Again please get up to par on these trade deals. TPP can never be undone. It is not about trade. It is a corporate coup. Both candidates will pass it in spite of what they say now. They both have taken up with pro TPP lobbyists.

    Take the fact Trans Canada is suing the USA under NAFTA in the WTO trade courts. The basis? Projected lost profits. TPP is NAFTA on steroids. Projected profits over the will of the people and our sovernighty?

    We lost the right to label country origin on our meat in the Trade Courts recently. We were subject to fines in the billions because of it. I do not want to eat Chinese meat personally without knowing it. It was US companies behind it. It was Mexico and Canada they used to sue us.

    A Blast from the past is a good reminder. Perot was wrong on many things. On trade he was 100% correct. Watch him slam Gore in this debate.

    Ross Perot vs. Al Gore NAFTA Debate FULL! 1993

    We have gone down the Rabbit Hole folks. Both Candidates are bad bad bad.

    • Tina says:


      • Dewster says:

        You name your own alternative Candidate. I am Not a Member of the GOP.

        Are you saying the White supremacists are a larger voting block in your party? I do not think so. All Media Hype on Trump

        Both Candidates were negative polling. More People disliked both than Liked. Grow some, Find a candidate

        If People vote for either one of these candidates than they can not complain because they were to weak to do something about it.

        I will never ever allow myself to vote for a corrupt Candidate again. And yes I am doing something about these problems. It takes time

  9. bob says:

    U.N. Official ‘Accidentally’ Crushes Own Throat Right Before Testifying Against Hillary Clinton

  10. Harold says:

    For me, Snopes, is never a good source of unbiased fact checking. My opinion!

    You write, “I literally have no idea what these two sentences are supposed to mean; they aren’t written in any comprehensible grammatical structure, and they don’t make sense.”

    Ok, if you don’t understand just say so, I could rephrase it for you. But what’s with your judgmental attitude?

    At this point there really is no purpose to discuss this further, as you have to realize that the Snopes fact check was confirmed from a undisclosed source (I always love that line) that there was “no testimony ” scheduled at the time of Ashes death pertaining to the Clintons.

    So here’s the “mostly false” point of the Snopes link. Ashes wasn’t scheduled to testify in 5 days against the Clintons, and that he was only scheduled to testify in’ discovery’ about possible corruption from Chinese businessman named Ng. OK, that may be so

    Any reference to what was to take place or the limits to the questions now becomes pure speculation , Snopes nor you do not know where the questions would lead.

    However it is clear in your response to Bob’s post of your desire to protect Clinton, you implied that there was no connection between his death and anything to do with the Clintons. You can not say that with certainty.

    So because Ashe wasn’t scheduled to testify in 5 days against the Clintons, and that he was only scheduled to testify in a discovery mode about corruption of a corrupt Chinese businessman by the name of Ng.

    Snopes then gives the article about the possibility of testimony from Ashe about the Clintons a ‘mostly false’ rating. and now you take from that nothing was ever to be discussed about possible Clinton involvement.
    Honestly, all that needed to happen at discovery was for Ashe to imply a connection between Ng and Clinton, and one more scandal is in the making. Hasn’t there already been more enough implications of corruption for your parties’ candidate, I think so, so do over half of American voters. That’s one more thing the Clintons cannot afford to defend against at this time.

  11. Harold says:

    “are you really going to stick with “You can’t prove that he wasn’t going to?”
    YEP, I am!

    Can you prove it would not have been part of discovery?, no you cant either, even considering the total credibility you base your statements on from the “undisclosed source”, or would that be covered by Plausible deniability?

    Give it a rest, I am!

  12. Dewster says:

    Hey there is more than enough true stuff to bury both of these candidates. Also Note Hillary has not won anything. SHe still has to have her coronation at the convention.

    Trump did win enough delegates. Hillary assumed the win a day before you even voted. They planned on the AP breaking through at 5PM while Californians were still at the polls to announce Hillary won. Leaked it, than did it. She still has not won yet.

    California is still being counted and the election shenanigans at the polls were some of the worst in the country.

    It saddens me to see so much untrue propaganda take over the media on both sides. There is enough true facts to show they are both liars and corrupt.

    Can we please get together and work on this election fraud… It affects everybody.

    2.5 Million ballots were uncounted when Hillary says she won CA by 400,000 or so?

    They cancelled exit polls for CA election …why because they were off this whole primary pointing to corruption

    Poll workers were told not to offer a crossover ballot to Independents. They were to get Provisional ballots? That is not true they get a cross over ballot to the party they want to vote for. So much more was done than just this crap

    Think about that……. #CorruptElections

    I have friends who’s vote by mail ballot still has not been counted. Was your vote counted?

    The huge Rise in registrations reflected a low voter turnout? Yea Right they did not all stay home. We all know who the majority were voting for.

    UNCOUNTED – The Story of the California Election

    The General is Rigged.

  13. Dewster says:

    if you voted by mail check here to see if your vote was counted

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