Racial Equity Ideology Lead to Mayhem, Riots, and Severe Injuries In St Paul Schools

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Racial Equity is a concept that grew out of the notion that racism and bigotry cause disparity in the number of black children referred for disciplinary action in schools. Starting in 2010 schools in St Paul were structured under the racial equity concept. By the end of the last school year Superintendent Valeria Silva, who implemented the new practice, faced ousting by angry parents, teachers and school board members. Why? Utter mayhem:

On Silva’s watch, the city’s high schools have become menacing places where gangs of out-of-control teens prowl the halls, and “classroom invasions” by students settling private disputes are commonplace.

Tumultuous brawls are a fact of life. Today, fights that “might have been between two individuals” can grow into “melees involving up to 40 or 50 people,” according to Steve Linders, a St. Paul police spokesman. Roving packs often attack individuals, and police have had to use chemical irritants to break up what they call “riots.”

Teachers fear for their safety. In the last school year, a vicious student assault landed one in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury. Another was punched repeatedly in the chest, while another required staples for a head wound. One high school has issued emergency whistles to teachers and assigned a guard to every floor. A teacher who was crushed into a shelf in a classroom invasion now instructs her students to use a “secret knock” to enter her classroom, according to City Pages.

Anarchy also reigns at many elementary schools. A teacher caught between two fighting fifth-grade girls was knocked to the ground with a concussion. In the St. Paul Pioneer Press, former fourth-grade teacher Aaron Benner described young kids running screaming through the halls, cussing out teachers, and attacking classmates. “Safety was my number one concern, not teaching,” he wrote.

Racism is the scapegoat being blamed for a problem totally unrelated to race. The problem is one of character and civility, and it’s endemic in many poor black communities. Blacks murdering blacks in the inner cities, the knockout game, cop killings, and school mayhem all point to a problem that cannot be denied any longer. It is a problem of mind and soul and it is destroying the lives of countless people.

Children become unruly animals when they are not given boundaries and when they are not given positive roll models early in life. They become unruly animals when they are not taught right from wrong, when humility, respect for authority, or self-control is absent in their lives. Children become animals when the adults around them are angry, undisciplined, and brutal. This basic problem is exacerbated when children are subjected to the rantings of political surrogate father figures and roll models who preach/teach resentment, militancy, and a sense of entitlement.

In America there have been many black families that have managed to raise their children in the midst of the dysfunction described above and seen them rise to become successful, well-functioning, happy adults. These amazing parents and grandparents are heroes to be praised, studied, and emulated within their communities. This is a problem that only the strong can address. God be with them.

Outside the black community the rest of us must wake up to failed policies that have encouraged dependency and dysfunction. One thing that has been set on the shelf and neglected is individual equality. We abandoned that basic truth n an attempt to right old wrongs but in the process we have created special groups, and separation of groups, and group rights, and group guilt. This is no way to run a classroom, a nation or a family and it must stop.

Story source: The Federalist

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2 Responses to Racial Equity Ideology Lead to Mayhem, Riots, and Severe Injuries In St Paul Schools

  1. Libby says:

    Decoded: “I don’t want to pay for after-school programs for poor children.”

    Which is not to say there is not a problem. By my reckoning, there are three “progressive” education policies of the last thirty years that have been total failures. Unhappily, the establishment is not yet ready to admit it. But I’m telling you, spouting code as per above is not going to help them see the error of their ways.

    Bi-lingual education … nix. Especially in elementary school. There is a wealth of evidence at this point that bilingual ed slows learning and all but prevents proficiency.

    The abandonment of tracking by IQ … bring it back. Inclusiveness is all well and good, except when it isn’t … and it isn’t when you are trying to get kids to make the most progress they can. You can’t pretend that there are not smart kids and medium kids and dumb kids. We do not all have the same capabilities. You put them all together in the same classroom and they just hold each other up, one way and another.

    Mainstreaming … ditto. The “behavioral issues” whatever the source of the difficulty, have to be removed from the mainstream, if the object is to educate the most children to their greatest capacity. But the behavioral issues do get something better than a holding cell, no matter what it costs.

    And … you STILL have to pay for the after-school programs and summer camp for the poor children.

  2. Tina says:

    Libby you are such a broken record. The above is not code. It is insane to deny actual bad behavior that endangers the health and well being of students and teachers as a means of lowering a statistic…INSANE! And it has NOTHING to do with funding or the willingess to fund schools. I pay my taxes as do others.

    “The “behavioral issues” whatever the source of the difficulty, have to be removed from the mainstream, if the object is to educate the most children to their greatest capacity. But the behavioral issues do get something better than a holding cell, no matter what it costs.”

    I have suggested as much but I disagree it should happen “no matter what it costs,” that’s ridiculous! These trouble makers shouldn’t be rewarded for bad behavior.

    School districts are paid on a per student basis presently. The money to educate should already be there. Cost for buildings and materials should be held to the minimum. Computers, used tables and chairs, and other items could be refurbished from donated or resell items. A used quantset hut and a few good ex-military to run the program, which should include hard core boot camp style training, would do nicely!

    Why should anyone agree to extra funding when the money we’ve given is so poorly managed and spent and scores have fallen so drastically?

    Camp and after school programs are local issues that should be funded, or not, as the people decide. Not every communit fits your one size fits all solutions.

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