Rally Attendance: Trump vs Hillary

Posted by Tina

Attendance at campaign events is one way to measure enthusiasm for the candidate. In this respect, Trump appears to be outpacing Hillary by a good margin. The chart below shows estimated attendance at the two candidates rallies between August 1 and August 14:


hillary-clinton-email-scandal-george-costanza-defenseAs you can see enthusiasm for Hillary is pretty low. The highest attendance for Hillary, 4,000, occurred in Washington DC. That was a special event for members of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed the NABJ/NAHJ joint convention on Friday, Aug. 5, 2016 in Washington, D.C. The convention attracted nearly 4,000 attendees and about 1,500 were present for Clinton’s appearance. (emphasis mine)

So that 4,000 figure is questionable. Hillary’s second highest attendance was in Omaha, Nebraska with 3,300 people. Notably, Warren Buffet joined her at this event which could account for some of those in attendance.

NEW YORK - MAY 10: Donald Trump attends "The Celebrity Apprentice" season finale at the at American Museum of Natural History on May 10, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

NEW YORK – MAY 10: Donald Trump attends “The Celebrity Apprentice” season finale at the at American Museum of Natural History on May 10, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

In contrast Trumps highest attendance came in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where 20,000 people showed up. In some venues His overflow support remained outside due to capacity limitations. Trumps rally supporters are fired up and committed, but that’s not the end of his story of support. Joe Hoft at Gateway Pundit also notes that “social media patterns” show Trump should win in a “landslide.” On Facebook Trump has 10,174,358 “Likes” to Clinton’s 5,385,959 “Likes”. On Twitter Trump has 10.6 million followers while Hillary has 8.1 million followers. (See link for similar stats on You Tube, Reddit, and Instagram.)

This pointed yet much ignored bit of information could explain stories in the media suggesting Trump isn’t suitable and should just give up.

Simple common sense tells us that the elites in media and politics have aligned and work daily to defeat Donald Trump and award Hillary Clinton with the presidency. We can’t let that happen.

One more thing. Another point to be taken from the chart is the number of days Hillary doesn’t even schedule a rally. She took 7 off days in a 14 day period compared to just 2 for Trump. This raises questions about Hillary’s health issues and stamina levels. Is anyone asking serious questions about this?

It’s difficult to endure the daily barrage of negative coverage on Trump when we know there’s plenty of material to garner similarly negative headlines for Hillary. Keep in mind it’s all done to discourage Trump voters and sway undecided voters. Hillary represents everything that has gone wrong over the past eight years. That all to obvious fact explains the big crowds coming out for Trump…don’t be discourage, be determined!

The elites do not own us so let’s keep our chins up and let’s stay on course. At stake is the state of our economy; a return to law and order; safety for the American people and defeat of terrorists; an end to divisive policy and politics; and Supreme Court nominees.

When good people in any country cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail. ~ Pearl S. Buck

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20 Responses to Rally Attendance: Trump vs Hillary

  1. J. Soden says:



    Sooner or later, the fingerprints of the white house were sure to appear!

  2. J. Soden says:

    The “Clinton Cash” video link on Breitbart has already had over 3 million views! And today :

    Also gotta give a big THANX to Wikileaks for performing a public service in exposing the DNC for their hypocrisy and getting Wasserman-Schutz fired!

  3. Jim says:

    Democrats have jobs and families and often don’t have time to attend political rally’s.

    • Tina says:

      Jim that’s true for Republicans too. Big crowds attended Obama rallies in both of his elections. So I don’t see how your argument makes much sense, unless you apply it to both parties and compare election to election, which is what I was doing.

      • Lee says:

        I think Jim was being facetious, and playing off of the old chestnut of “You lazy hippie protesters, don’t you have JOBS to go too?” which is a really common thing Republicans say about Democrat protesters. At least, that was my interpretation. I thought it was a pretty solid joke.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      It takes a special effort Jim. Republicans who have jobs and families make that effort. Some Democrats do too, just much less of them make the effort to attend a Queen of Sleaze rally.

    • Steven Garrad says:

      Retrospect that wasn’t the case

  4. Libby says:

    Why do you bother with all this? Nobody is arguing you. By all the polls, Hillary is the second most unpopular presidential candidate in American history.

    Guess who the first most unpopular is?

    • Tina says:

      I know Libby. But the polls were wrong. The elections showed that.

      • Libby says:

        These are not “were” polls, these are “now” polls. Trump got the nomination with 30-some percent of the vote, Republican and otherwise. His chances of carrying the nation are not good.

        I’ve heard stories of a new voter block arising in the hinterlands, among the evangelicals Trump hoped to win. They’re calling themselves the “common decency” vote. They are not going with The Donald … obviously.

        • Tina says:

          Yeah, your comment was so snarky I misread it. I thought you were referring to the Reagan years when polls showed him losing and media were working to defeat him for the democrats…won in a landslide.

          Hillary’s little bounce has gone flat. Some polling has them neck and neck. Some polling has been exposed as crooked, by someone at the NYT no less!

          While that’s bad enough, there are also some deep, fundamental problems which plague any attempts to conduct accurate polling in 2016. Cliff Zukin, professor of public policy and political science at Rutgers University and a past president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, wrote about many of these issues in a 2015 New York Times opinion piece titled, What’s the Matter With Polling?

          Here are a few excerpts:

          Over the past two years, election polling has had some spectacular disasters. Several organizations tracking the 2014 midterm elections did not catch the Republican wave that led to strong majorities in both houses; polls in Israel badly underestimated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s strength, and pollsters in Britain predicted a close election only to see the Conservatives win easily. What’s going on here? How much can we trust the polls as we head toward the 2016 elections?

          Election polling is in near crisis, and we pollsters know. Two trends are driving the increasing unreliability of election and other polling in the United States: the growth of cellphones and the decline in people willing to answer surveys. Coupled, they have made high-quality research much more expensive to do, so there is less of it. This has opened the door for less scientifically based, less well-tested techniques. To top it off, a perennial election polling problem, how to identify “likely voters,” has become even thornier. (continues)

          ” They are not going with The Donald … obviously.”

          Well if it’s “decency” they care about they sure aren’t going to vote for crooked, deceitful, elitist, Wall Street, banking, and big education money Hillary! Her top of the list wealthy donors are Emily’s List, University of California, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase. And that’s just the tip of the rich elite iceberg.

          Hillary is a train wreck and her baggage is spilling out all over the tracks.

          Have you noticed the way she has to be propped up with pillows and always has a stool nearby so she can sit at events? The lady does not appear to be well.

          • Lee says:

            Since when do conservatives not like Wall Street?

            I saw Clinton speak a while back. She didn’t use a stool.

            The “Trump is like Reagan” thing is a myth. By this point in the campaign he was not leading in the polls.

            The article you link to does not expose “crooked” polling, but general flaws in polling, and comes from 2015.

            Tyler Durden is the name of a character from Fight Club, and Zero Hedge is not a reliable source.

            There are currently no polls with Trump in the lead.

          • Lee says:

            Sorry, I meant to say that Reagan was not trailing in the polls at this point.

            One of the great myths of the 1980 campaign is that Reagan somehow came from behind at the last moment to defeat Carter. That narrative is based primarily on Gallup polling. But the average of polls, as John Sides has pointed out, gave Reagan an edge by early summer that he never relinquished. Carter’s lead over Reagan had been dropping throughout the early part of the year, as Carter’s hostage-crisis bounce disappeared. By the end of March, a local regression estimate of all the polls had Carter’s lead under 3 percentage points. In fact, Reagan led Carter in a late March 1980 Time/Yankelovich, Skelly & White poll.

            In 2016, Trump has not led in any recent polls. Clinton has led in the last 26 of them. When we apply the local regression we did to the 1980 polls to the surveys conducted this campaign, Clinton’s lead is expanding, and she is now up by a little more than 10 percentage points over Trump. This makes sense: Obama is becoming more popular, and Trump’s favorable ratings have been dropping since the beginning of the year.

            This doesn’t mean that Clinton would blow out Trump by 10 points, or even that Trump can’t come back. General election polls at this point are not a reliable indicator of the outcome. But Trump would have to climb a far steeper hill than Reagan did. Indeed, Reagan barely had any hill at all. He was far more popular than Trump is, and the incumbent president, Carter, was far less popular than Obama.


          • Lee says:

            …And it looks like you’re being taken by the Russians again.

            Economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman describes Zero Hedge as a scaremongering outlet that promotes fears of hyperinflation and an “obviously ridiculous” form of “monetary permahawkery.”[12]
            Krugman notes that Bill McBride of Calculated Risk, an economics blog, has treated Zero Hedge with “appropriate contempt.”[13]

            Lokey, a former paid Zero Hedge writer who left the website in 2016 over disagreements in editorial direction, characterizes the site’s political content as “disingenuous,” summarizing its political stances as “Russia=good. Obama=idiot. Bashar al-Assad=benevolent leader. John Kerry=dunce. Vladimir Putin=greatest leader in the history of statecraft.”[1]

            Dr. Craig Pirrong, professor at the Bauer College of Business points “I have frequently written that Zero Hedge has the MO of a Soviet agitprop operation, that it reliably peddles Russian propaganda: my first post on this, almost exactly three years ago, noted the parallels between Zero Hedge and Russia Today.”[18][19]


            What is it conservatives call liberals for buying communist propaganda? “Useful idiots?”

        • Steven Garrad says:

          In retrospect these are funny to read. Trump again 2020 2024 2028

  5. dewster says:

    Both Clinton and Trump often negative poll. The election is on big sham. Themajority of Americans want neither.

    Bottom line it is rigged. Will Soros or Rove win? or are they working together for Clinton?

    Tina the Clinton camp is Republicans who are running over to the neo liberal for profit.

    You really should follow the money

  6. Pam says:

    Will you please do a current update of this 8/15/2016 to now. I am sure you will see the numbers are even crazier now. I went the 8/22 Trump rally in Akron, Oh. The media was still trying to say only middle aged rich white men were attending them in small numbers. The rally I attended had people of all ages, sexes, and colors and was packed to capacity inside and more outside. Thank you

    • Tina says:

      Thank you Pam. It probably is good to update support information for Trump. I hope you’ll agree the best place to do that is at the top of the blog…that’s where it will get the most attention.

  7. DOGON says:

    ya you’ll totally win with 100,000 votes that’s just 100,000 people we know wish women still cound’t vote and want to keep John in the cotton field

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