For the Record, Hillary Was Wrong

by Jack

One of the more outrageous errors that caught my attention during the debate, was Hillary’s claim that “Stop and Frisk” was made unconstitutional in part because if was ineffective. Not true. Here’s the case law on stop and frisk. Terry v. Ohio, U.S. Supreme Court decision, issued on June 10, 1968, which held that police encounters known as stop-and-frisks, in which members of the public are stopped for questioning and patted down for weapons and drugs without probable cause, do not constitute a violation of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure.

This case law is still valid and this is why stop and frisk is still practiced by most law enforcement agencies, but perhaps not as vigorously as it once was due to politics in certain big cities like New York or Chicago, but not because it is unconstitutional. Clinton is a lawyer and the landmark case of Terry v. Ohio should be quite familiar to her, it is virtually every law school graduate in the last 40 plus years. And further, since when has the Supreme Court applied the standard of something being “ineffective” as a litmus test for Constitutionality? If you said NEVER, you would be 100% correct, unlike Mrs. Clinton who is 100% wrong.

Mrs. Clinton told a whopper when Trump called her on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which was much like the old NAFTA deal. Trump said, “You want to approve Trans-Pacific Partnership. You were totally in favor of it, then you heard what I was saying – how bad it is – and you said, I can’t win that debate. But you know that if you did win, you would approve that, and that will be almost as bad as NAFTA. Nothing will ever top NAFTA.”

Hillary replied: That is just not accurate. I was against it once it was finally negotiated and the terms were laid out. I wrote about in — Trump interjected, “You called it the gold standard. You call it the gold standard of trade deals.” And yes… she did. Clinton wrote in her book Hard Choices that the TPP was the “gold standard” of trade deals, and she appeared very much in favor of it as President Obama’s secretary of state. She said it “would link markets throughout Asia and the Americas, lowering trade barriers while raising standards on labor, the environment, and intellectual property.” She called it “important for American workers, who would benefit from competing on a more level playing field.” She also called it “a strategic initiative that would strengthen the position of the United States in Asia.” Facing a serious populist primary challenge from Bernie Sanders, however, Clinton shifted her position left. Mrs. Clinton lied.

Mrs. C said something next that I took strong exception too. “Lester, I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. I think unfortunately too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other. And therefore I think we need all of us to be asking hard questions about, you know, why am I feeling this way? Stop and risk was found to be unconstitutional. And in part because it was ineffective. It did not do what it needed to do.” So everyone in America, including the cops are racist? What a whopper that one is!

Mrs. Clinton was wrong about this too… “Now I believe in community policing and in fact violent crime is one half of what it was in 1991; property crime is down 40 percent. We just don’t want to see it creep back up.” HUH, where has she been? The current FBI data report says that violent crime increased by nearly 4 percent between 2014 and 2015, with murders rising by nearly 11 percent. Then Hillary followed up that whopper with another, “Well, it’s also fair to say, if we’re going to talk about mayors that under the current mayor crime has continued to drop, including murders.” Nope, again murders are up.

Trump called her on this one. “You’re wrong.” “No, I’m not!” Hillary replied. “Murders murders are up.” Trump countered and he was right.

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16 Responses to For the Record, Hillary Was Wrong

  1. Deplorable J Soden says:

    The next time some Lefty spouts the gun control issue, the simple answer is “Chicago” – a city with strict gun control yet tops the Western world in daily shootings.

    And nobody promoting gun control has been able to explain just exactly why CRIMINALS who use guns for illegal purposes will follow a law banning guns.

  2. Libby says:

    “And yes… she did. Clinton wrote in her book Hard Choices that the TPP was the “gold standard” of trade deals, and she appeared very much in favor of it as President Obama’s secretary of state.”

    And what did she call the book? Try to remember back a little. This whole free trade thing got going because, many years ago, it came to be accepted that this business where we (America) are rich and everybody else is poor is not sustainable. We was gonna have to move out into the world with our capital and get things going in other places.

    On the labor side of this, there was just no getting around the fact that American wages would have to come down, as world wages rose. And that’s about how it’s working out. An American fit only for factory work is having a very hard time. A Mexican doing factory work is unionizing. In another couple generations the playing field will be about level.

    Long-term … this is a good thing. Short-term, it ain’t no fun at all.

    Which is where serious social spending comes in … which, since Reagan, we have not been doing.

    Hillary understands this. The Donald may or may not; we cannot tell, because he is lying about it.

    • Tina says:

      “…this business where we (America) are rich and everybody else is poor is not sustainable.”

      What you really mean is it’s not “fair.”

      I guess progressives think the answer is for America to redistribute the (collective) wealth whenever and wherever they can even if it means making it impossible for American workers (middle class) to work, right?

      Isn’t that exactly the result of your economic policy here as well over the past eight years? Solar panels are made in China not only because our pay scales are different but because our taxes are higher, our regulation is very costly, and Obamacare has thrown a wrench into the works. Similar conditions exist in ever Democrat run state and large city in America.

      The bottom line is progressives don’t get how markets and the economy work. They strangle the golden goose. The irony in all of this is that they end up killing the thing that would give them plenty of cash for good deeds and without killing jobs (and businesses) in America.

      Stoopid! And incredibly frustrating.

      Socialism just doesn’t work well. Dictating and meddling just doesn’t work well. e already been oppressed/depressed.
      Sadly by the time the people figure it out they’v

      Japan became one of the premiere innovators and manufacturers after we defeated them during WWII. Before the war they were famous for those little umbrella’s in fancy drinks at the bar and such. How did they transition from making umbrellas to automobiles, cameras and electronic equipment? They chose to learn and compete.

      Trade deals, like regulations, should facilitate trade without compromising or blunting fair competition. Hard work, sacrifice, and risk taking allowed Japan to challenge the auto industry.

      “In another couple generations the playing field will be about level. ”

      Tell that to Gen-X-ers and the millenialls who want a good paying job in America. There is no reason that they should have to put up with a situation created by trade deals that purposely disadvantage them.

      • Libby says:

        Tina … China … socialist. If their universal healthcare system puts them in a competitively advantageous position … well … that would be on you … wouldn’t it?

        Someday you are going to learn to think this stuff ALL the way through, for yourself, and that will be a great day.

        • Post Scripts says:

          Libby how is it that you do you know that a number of times the peasants have formed into mobs and turned violent in China because of inadequate healthcare? Their “free healthcare” was not accessible and on the rare occasion when they could get to actually see a doctor the care was so substandard and pitifully marginal that people died needlessly. Check this report out if you want to be informed:

          “Much of the recent highly-publicised violence against doctors by patients has been triggered by resentment and mistrust of the medical profession, especially in relation to their earnings.

          In theory, doctors have only a modest salary, but everyone in China knows that many doctors make a lot of money through the so-called ‘grey channels’. This week the People’s Daily mounted an investigation to discover the true earnings of a typical doctor and the sources of their income.

          After speaking to doctors off the record and also to other people working at senior levels in hospital management and in industry, it soon became clear that doctors have many additional and unofficial (but often legal) sources of income. The phrase “drug-dependent doctors” describes the reliance of doctors on prescribing for their income. Another well know rhyming phrase in hospitals is ‘physicians rely on commissions, surgeons rely on operations’ (it sounds better in Chinese – ‘Neike kao huikou, waike kao shoushu’).
          A typical doctor at a large tertiary level hospital in Beijing will officially earn about 46,000 yuan (US$7500) a year. In reality, doctors earn more than three times that – about 180,000 yuan ($29,000) a year. The additional income comes from four areas:

          1. Bonuses – from hospital, for meeting patient number and performance quotas
          2. Commissions for prescribing drugs and ordering tests
          3. Red envelopes – from patients to get preferential treatment
          4. Moonlighting – doing ‘outside clinics’ at weekends – often in regional cities and towns

          One orthopaedic surgeon said that without the 10,000 yuan ($1600) monthly bonus from his hospital, most doctors in his department would leave. The basic monthly income of a doctor is only about 2-3000 yuan ($320-480), and no-one would work for that. The surgeon said all doctors depend on their monthly bonus for much of their income, and also the annual bonus, which can be several thousand yuan. The real income for a hospital specialist is about 180,000 yuan ($29,000) a year, and for a head of a department as much as 250-300,000 yuan ($40,000-48,000) a year. The income varies between departments and specialities. Some areas such as orthopaedics, surgery and cardiology are the highest paying. Others, such as paediatrics, have a lower income because doctors in these specialities prescribe fewer drugs and use fewer tests. A doctor in a regional hospital would also earn less – maybe only 10,000 yuan ($1600) a month.

          Doctors also get commissions from the sales of drugs. It is well known that hospitals rely on commissions on drug sales, which make up 50-60% of their income. Doctors also individually benefit from drug sales, says a drug company representative. Whether they agree or not, doctor’s income is related to how many drugs they prescribe. Companies reckon that 10-30% of drug sales income goes to doctor.s for choosing them and prescribing them. Surgeons do not prescribe as many drugs but they make money from ‘red envelopes’ in prioritising patients. Surgeons along with anaesthetists and theatre nurses also make commissions on the use of disposable medical items and the use of medical devices and tests.

          Another overlooked source of doctors’ income is moonlighting. At weekends, Beijing Airport is said to be a social meeting place for the medical profession as doctors fly off to do their ‘outside clinics’ in other parts of the country. For the top specialists in any field this is a lucrative source of additional income and they can make tens of thousands of yuan from just a single session – and millions of yuan a year. However the junior and low level doctors make much less than the top specialists. A doctor at a community clinic, for example, would get only 4-5000 yuan ($640-800) as a basic salary and would not get much income from prescribing or surgical work.

          These kinds of grey income are a contradiction in the health system and are the underlying reason for doctor-patient tensions – it is all to easy for misunderstandings to occur and to flare up into trouble – like ‘a minor incident sparking a war’ as the Chinese saying goes.

          One of the fundamental underlying problems is that the doctor’s time is undervalued. Take a knee replacement operation, for example. Such an operation will require two surgeons, two theatre nurses and two anaesthetist and last at least an hour – possibly three hours of their time. And yet the ‘doctor’s fee’ for the operation is only a few hundred yuan – where is all the money to come for the doctor’s expertise – let alone for the equipment, drugs, gas and blood and dressings? There are doctors with a conscience who will add a reasonable and standard markup for their time – and yet there are other ‘business minded’ doctors who add a lot more. And there are some doctors who use foreign disposable equipment which might cost 200 yuan ($32) to buy, but is billed to the patient at several times that amount.

          “There are some bold doctors who when it comes to prescribing always choose the most expensive, not the most appropriate drugs,” says one pharmaceutical supplier. “And when a new drug comes out they all rush for it in a show of excessive and unnecessary prescribing,” he says. It is the same with tests – patients are told they must have numerous complex and expensive tests that they don’t need, because the doctor gets a commission, he says.

          The situation in hospitals also has a rhyming slogan: “Getting to see the a doctor is hard (kanbing nan): registering is hard (guahao nan), waiting is long (houzhen chang), time with the doctor is brief (kanbing duan), doctor’s fee is expensive (kanbing gui), tests are many (jiancha duo), prescriptions are many (chufang duo) and drug costs high (yaofei duo). All in all it is a volcano waiting to explode – no wonder 70% of doctors have experienced violent disputes with patients.”

  3. Pie Guevara says:

    Re: “Which is where serious social spending comes in … which, since Reagan, we have not been doing.”

    That is so idiotic it bears mention. Lunatic Libby lives on her own little planet.

    • Libby says:

      Then why did you mention it?

      Don’t call it idiotic. Tell us why it isn’t so.

    • Tina says:

      Budgets always go up. Look at the record. So-called cuts are simply increases at a slightly lesser amount…it’s still an increase. Libby buys the political trick that funding for programs are actually “cut” when our leaders negotiate. Democrats use the trick to demonize Republicans and since so many people don’t bother to check, they believe the lie.


  4. Pie Guevara says:

    Off Topic: The university PC gestapo of the left.

    A Crucifix was reported for representing “oppression and hate of the LGBT+ community.

    Two other students turned in one of their peers for publishing a blog post about life as a white student, calling his post offensive to students of color, and even saying that the proximity of the author’s off-campus residence made them feel unsafe living on campus.

    A university cannot be a place of free and open debate when it actively encourages students to report on each other’s perceived wrong-speak in classrooms and living spaces. That is Big Brother at his finest.

    Sound like anyone you know?

  5. Dewster says:

    LOL yes she was a bit wrong on Stop and frisk ruling. He also had her on trade. Bill did just say they were for it. He also got her to defend NAFTA…LOL

    But Trump then backed down. They are all friends. They are the New York elite club and have hung out for years. Their daughters are very close friends. yet you fall for all this theater crap.

    Trump let Hillary win, He is in it to make money and Branding, Now the tool could win? We loose with either but Trump is out of his league. He has not the temperament nor skill to have his finger on the nukes.

    Both candidates will pass TPP, Mark my words it takes away sovernighty to international corporations and can never be changed. It is not a “Trade Deal” It is an Illegal treaty being passed as a trade Deal. The people can not see it for years and it can never be undone.

    The deal was started by GW Bush and became the TPP under Obama. Obama made it even more extreme.

    NAFTA is the same started under Pappy Bush, Bill Passed it under fast Track. We are sitting ducks who are about to loose our rights as a country.

    The Clinton’s and the Bush’s are on the same team and are very good friends. The Clinton’s are not Democrats they took over the democrat party. Henry Kissinger is a Role Model for Hillary? She was a Goldwater Girl and is proud of her conservative roots? You really do not get it do you?

    This is the Battle of the Donors and Both Candidates are 100% Corrupt.

    Truth is Stop and frisk was carried out in an unconstitutional way several times. We are not going to become a Nazi Germany where people are stopped on the street because of how they look. The purpose of stop and frisk in New York was profit. A Joint was a misdemeanor in their pocket. It became a felony after they had to empty their pockets cause it was in public.

    Stop and Frisk did not do as Trump claims either. I say maybe we need to stop and frisk some White men for walking down the street. We could say you have to stop a white man for every Black man you stop and see how long that lasts! LOL

    In the end Stop and Frisk is Unconstitutional. No one needs a Judge to rule that. American History and the Constitution haters can bite me on that one. You can not stop a person just because. Anybody who supports that is Anti American Period.

    You support a Stassi Nazi America? Really? What shall we call it “TrumpInc”?

  6. Tina says:

    Have a nice night Dewey.

  7. Tina says:

    And by the way, Stop and Frisk does not exclude white men. Dewey, you aren’t a bigot are you?

  8. RHT447 says:

    How many here could do the job, day in and day out, knowing that every traffic stop could be the one—-

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