Russian Jets Bomb Humanitarian Aide Convoy

Posted by Jack

WSJ – Pursuant to the “cease fire” arrangement, notification of the convoy was provided to all parties to the conflict and the convoy was clearly marked as humanitarian, according to the U.N emergency relief coordinator. Yet, fighter jets swooped in as the trucks were being unloaded and the killing commenced. The notification provided the Russians with a road map to a massacre.

The attack on the convoy is “a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law,” in the words of Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Both the Red Cross and U.N. officials have demanded an investigation.

What about the Obama administration? The “logical response” — to borrow the Washington Post’s phrase — would have been to ask for an immediate meeting of the U.N. Security Council. This is what Russia did after the mistaken bombing of a Syrian army camp by planes from the U.S.-backed coalition fighting ISIS.”

But the Obama administration has made no such request. Instead, John Kerry, declared that the alleged cease fire is “not dead.” He called for more talks with Russia. This was met with laughter by a number of our allies.

The Syrian government, by contrast, has declared the cease fire over, while Russia says the prospects for it are “very weak.” Let’s call this a self-fulfilling prophesy.

There have been rumors that Kerry is growing frustrated with Obama’s lack of a response to incidents like the above. Kerry was heard to say that if we don’t back up our threats with the use of force they mean nothing.

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4 Responses to Russian Jets Bomb Humanitarian Aide Convoy

  1. Tina says:

    “Kerry was heard to say that if we don’t back up our threats with the use of force they mean nothing.”

    Ya don’t say.

    What a mess the progressives have made, militarily and diplomatically.

    What a mess will be left for the next leader to clean up once Obama leaves the stage.

  2. Deplorable J Soden says:

    Obumble’s color was never in question. Except now, you can add Yellow.

    • Libby says:

      And doesn’t this speak volumes … contradicting your denials of racism.

      Let me explain it to you … neither you, nor, apparently, Kerry … understand about humans. The Syrian Civil War will, as WWI did, proceed until both sides are exhausted. We and Russia are forestalling the exhaustion. Obama is attempting to find out just how stupid Pooty is. Pooty is not reputed to be stupid … other things … but not stupid.

      We shall see. Well, we will … you never will.

  3. RHT447 says:

    Here is one opinion that the Russians didn’t do it—
    “Nothing more for the US and Russia to talk about”

    Washington has “suspended” bilateral contacts with Moscow over the Syrian crisis, the US State Department said. Russian Foreign Ministry said it was “disappointed” by the decision and accused the US of seeking to shift blame for its own failure in Syria.

    US officials had threatened for a week to withdraw from the Syrian peace process, after the latest ceasefire negotiated by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Secretary of State John Kerry collapsed amid bloody fighting.

    While contacts between US and Russian military to “deconflict” encounters between their aircraft in Syrian skies will continue, the US is withdrawing personnel that was dispatched for the purpose of setting up the Joint Implementation Center (JIC) for the ceasefire, agencies reported citing the State Department.

    There is “nothing more for the US and Russia to talk about” in Syria, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Monday.

    Russia has made efforts to preserve the September 9 ceasefire agreement, while repeatedly urging Washington to live up to its obligations, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said on Monday.

    “It turns out that Washington has failed to fulfill the key condition of the agreement to ease humanitarian situation for the residents of Aleppo” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. “And now, apparently, having failed to honor these agreements that they themselves worked out, [the US] is trying to shift the blame.” (


    On top of this, Gospodin Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin suspended Russia’s participation in the program for disposing of plutonium from excess nuclear weapons.

    Well, if there’s nothing left to talk about, what’s next? I can hear the voice of my old friend, Master Sergeant Albert H. Rivers, “The shit’s on, good buddy.”



    Closer and closer to war …

    “Chief of the Directorate of Media service and Information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major General Igor Konashenkov promised that no U.S. aircraft would be immune from the threat the S-300 and S-400 air defense batteries pose in case of military strikes on the government-controlled areas. Konashenkov pointed to the airstrikes against Syrian government forces in Der ez-Zor as one of the primary motivating factors in importing the potent weapon systems.” southfront


    This could not be more clear. If the US and its allies attack government forces in Syria the forces involved will be engaged by Russian forces. pl


    So, what say you here? Will we be in a shooting war with Russia before November 8?

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