Trump Said Something Naughty in Private 11 Years Ago! OMG, Stop the Presses!

by Jack

What could get NPR to repeat a story from different (negative) angles three times in the scope of a 5 minutes news break and then repeat the story every hour for 3 days?  Would it be a cure for cancer was just discovered?  Nope.   North Korea declares war on USA?  Nope.  A UFO lands on White House lawn?  Nope, actually it was a silly story about Donald Trump saying some off color stuff 11 years ago in private with George W. Bush’s cousin.

Now I have to admit, that was some investigation effort that brought us this breaking news story of absolutely no value.   The democrat operatives must have been real pit bulls!  They knew if they only looked long and hard enough they would eventually find something on the Trumpster, because he is not Saint Donald, he’s just Donald.

The super sleuths searched all throughout 2016, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11… nothing, not a thing.  They searched in 2010, 09, 08, 07,…drat, still nothing!  Maybe he is Saint Donald?  2006 can’t find a thing, but in 2005, finally they found one little thing that could embarrass the Trump campaign.

Yes, old Donald Trump had engaged in some “locker room” talk and to his chagrin it was secretly recorded.

Oh, those wascally democrats finally scored one, for all their massive effort.  Of course if they had devoted that same effort fighting ISIS, those jihadi guys would be shaking hands with their friends in Gitmo right about now.

What this trumped up Trump story really is saying, is not so much about the Donald, but how far the democrats will go to destroy the opposition.  Now that’s what is truly obscene.




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9 Responses to Trump Said Something Naughty in Private 11 Years Ago! OMG, Stop the Presses!

  1. Deplorable J Soden says:

    Suddenly, after over a year of TheDonald campaigning, along comes a surprise video with locker-room talk.
    Anybody else wanna bet that the video was delivered to the WP by $hriLlARY? And what of the other player in the video – Billy Bush – who coincidentally just happens to work for the Nothing But Clinton Network?
    Doubt if TheDonald will attack Bubba for his sexual assaults, but he certainly can go after $hrilLIARy for her vicious treatment of the ladies who had the courage to come forward and expose Bubba for the predator that he is!
    Not excusing what TheDonald said, but there’s a big difference between off color remarks and DEEDS of lying, cheating, thieving, and selling herself and her country all for a bag of ca$h!

    • Deplorable J Soden says:

      Update on Billy Bush: The Nothing But Clinton network has suspended him as of Sunday. Not fired, just suspended. Soon to be reinstated with full honors and a possible promotion after November 8th.

  2. Tina says:

    Republicans are bailing on Trump…as if that were the smart thing to do. Pride is at the bottom of the decision they fear being tainted. But this elections is an Alamo moment for our nation. Party and personal concers must give way to the greater morality in seeing to it that the Clintons are rejected once and for all.

    The woulda, coulda, shoulda arguments are mute at this point. Trump was chosen fair and square by the people. I understand the ickey feeling…but the alternative is ickey and guilty of egregious wrongs while holding public office and married to a man whose ick factor exceeds anything Trump has said or done.

    Standing on morals and principles will amount to helping to elect the most disgusting, criminal act to ever come down the pike, handing them the keys to the White House for a third time!

    What should be said about the party that would put this couple up as their standard bearer? Why are we not talking about that?

    Trump became the standard bearer for the Republican Party because a lot of Americans are sick and tired of the hypocrisy, the double standard, the lies, and the countless failures to hold our leaders accountable. An outsider, even an outsider with a checkered past, is preferable to the those in the DC club.

  3. Tina says:

    Ha! Just read another blogger, Ruth King, who concluded:

    Dumping on Trump is stumping for Hillary and that is truly deplorable.

    This after highlighting years of “deplorable” Democrat activity by Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Lyndon Johnson, and yes, Barack Obama. Take a short trip down memory lane and tell me one good reason to help elect the shrew.

  4. Tina says:

    Double Ha!

    Today at Paul Ryan’s event the assembled GOP voters chanted, “What about Trump?” and “You turned your back on him!” As he left the stage they chanted “Shame on you.” See video here

  5. Libby says:

    It’s yer own freakin’ mess you’ve made … trying to make some positive distinction between The Bubba and The Donald. The Donald himself said it … they is all pigs together.

    Tina … they are all pigs together.

    Accept this, and we can make some progress.

  6. dewster says:

    If People demanded intelligent conversation on the issues?

    If people did not tune into this fake MSM news Media?

    If news Programs still had to be for “Public Service” by law?

    Oh yea that is that stupid lefty stuff. Facts and Truth is so yesterday

    So Donald is a Pig like Bill. We already knew that. The reason it got traction is because it is an example to shove in the faces of those religious zealots who pretend the Republican Party is so above everyone else.

    I have watched Trump for years. He had some real Whoopers on the Howard Stern show to which they have scrubbed most of off the internet.

    In the end all that Matters to Republicans and Democrats is they win the election even if it is not in the interest of America.

    The people will end democracy all by themselves. Follow the Media to the gates Of Hexx.

    Can not say those who want to control everything do not know what they are doing.

    What is precious is making the GOP admit they are not some higher than thou bunch.

  7. Tina says:

    If news Programs still had to be for “Public Service” by law?

    Ha! You get Pravda, you twit!

    “The reason it got traction is because it is an example to shove in the faces of those religious zealots who pretend the Republican Party is so above everyone else. ”

    This is an ignorant lie. The Republican Party KNOWS that people are damaged goods…ALL people are capable of both good and evil. So we believe that it’s a good idea to have some general standards that we can all live by and foster in our children: Honesty, respect for authority, respect for the Constitution and the rule of law, treating our neighbor as ourselves, keeping our private business private, respect and courtesy for others in public spaces…our homes are our castles.

    Do you disagree or object to those ideals?

    Still complaining…what is it that you want?

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