Across America the Protests Continue, Some Grow More Violent

by Jack

A group claiming to number over 5000, marched around the capitol in Sacramento  protesting, demanding California leave the Union.   They were joined with Anti-Trump protesters.  News flash to protesters, California left the Union years ago. We’re only tied to the rest of the nation through our taxes and federal funding, as for the Constitution and apparently some federal laws, they matter very little here in CA.

Gun rights are regularly trampled on by our state legislature.  They have a fetish for passing do-nothing gun laws, it’s almost like a religion for them!  This State also regularly indulges in restraint of trade when it comes to guns manufacturers.  This is also prohibited by the Constitution, and if they can get away with it with this item, they can do it to all other things.

The populations of large cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco and Berkeley dominate the California legislature.   Now this bunch wishes to medicate you with recreational pot, guess it will make taking away your guns less painful.

What is scary is so far, they’ve had an amazing amount of success doing that too.  They have been trampling on your rights via a socialist bureaucracy.

One of these days, these kooks are going to get some serious blow back from us angry citizens who pay most of the taxes and get little to no representation.   Oh, wait a second, that day is already here!  It arrived Tuesday.  Trump’s election is the beginning of a lot of woes for the rabid left.  I’m gonna love watching them squirm.

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7 Responses to Across America the Protests Continue, Some Grow More Violent

  1. Steve says:

    One of the worst freedoms CA has taken away is economic liberty. We pay so much in taxes to a corrupt government that there is little left to spend on our families and our communities, or even give to charity. We are not a free state and it looks like it will get worse.
    If CA does decide to secede, I hope they will cut off our northern, Trump voting counties and let us have our own northern state, one that respects our nation and our fundamental liberties that come from the creator, not from government.
    In a few years it won’t matter so much though. America is bound for economic rebirth now, and more voters will flock to the right. We may even convince some Californians that liberty is a good thing….

  2. Libby says:

    So leave … why don’t you?

    Just kidding. Just thought you should know what it feels like.

    And I’m glad that my reminding you of your minority status has caused you to think … nothing very constructive … so, R, you gonna invade? … and liberate poor Jack and Tina?

  3. No Longer Deplorable J Soden says:

    You folks still stuck in Taxifornia might wanna take a serious look at moving to another state. Since Demwits control the Legislature – and have for over 30 years – freedoms are dwindling as fast as taxes and fees are rising.
    Perhaps OR, NV and AZ should consider a wall along their border with Taxifornia as well!

    • Libby says:

      So, J, how come you’re still hanging around here? Does not your new domicile provide you with, shall we call it “cultural,” stimulation?

      Nevada, for instance, is all very well … if one’s needs may be met by the TV and the mall (your Trump voter incarnate), otherwise … I mean, we’ll let your attendance speak for itself.

  4. Pie Guevara says:

    Must view… at least the first five minutes…

    The Greg Gutfeld Show November 12, 2016

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