Recount to Destroy Trump Indicative of Rot in Democrat Party

Posted by Tina

By now I’m sure you’re aware of the radical left’s decision to force recounts in three states. As I’ve always said, they never stop. Thankfully we have people like Richard Baehr at The American Thinker to bring a bit of common sense reality to the recount situation:

The recount in Wisconsin, and the coming ones in Michigan and Pennsylvania will not change the outcomes in any of the states. No recount ever changes thousands of votes. I do not think that is the purpose.

The recounts, if done by hand, which can be demanded, may take longer than the last day for completing the official counts in a state and directing Electoral College voters. If all 3 states miss the deadline, Trump is at 260, Hillary at 232. No one hits 270.

Then this goes to Congress, where the House voting 1 vote per state elects Trump, and Senate selects Pence. This would be first time this happened since 1824, but in that case, John Quincy Adams won in the House, though he had fewer electoral college votes than Andrew Jackson.

Baehr thinks the purpose is not to find a Hillary Presidency in a garage filled with fake missing votes but to create a sense of illegitimacy for the Trump presidency. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve pulled this stunt. They did the same in Florida with George W. Bush and later in Minnesota with Al Franken. Trump has not even taken the oath of office and they are working to destroy his authority. Their purpose is evident; the fundamental transformation of America is still the goal. In Trump they have lost the central planning authority required to destroy the system of checks and balances that is and has been in their way.

This move is indicative of the decay, the long standing decay, that has finally shown up as rot in the Democrat Party. This is a party that no longer represents American values and ideals and that dishonors our constitution. The rot starts in the leadership and flows to a cadre of corrupt foot soldiers willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to demoralize and destroy our nation from within and to remake it in another form (Obama’s “fundamental transformation”).

This recount business is just the latest of many such staged events: Department Czars, corrupted justice department, corrupted state department, corrupted IRS, EPA, FBI, Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson, Black Lives Matter, the war on cops, the war on Christians, the war on our military, the war against the war that then became a war waged to lose and create world wide chaos under Obama…death threats to electors, which the corrupt and rotting media downplay, and the recount. All of this is by design. It is the way the radical left operates. It is not the traditional American way. We Americans believe in open competition and we hold honesty in high regard!

Be warned good citizens of America, there is nothing honest or legitimately competitive about this sore loser recount. Jill Stein knew when she entered the race how the game is played and so did her phony-feminist bud, Hillary Clinton. This garbage is annoying but more than that it marks the path to destruction. We Americans have suffered and given legitimacy to similar paths the radicals that now occupy the Democrat Party offer.

The Democrat Party is rotten. the people should step up and reject it. I make a strong appeal: It’s time the radicalized Democrat Party was thrown on the burn pile, the ash heap of history, along with Fidel and Hugo.

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40 Responses to Recount to Destroy Trump Indicative of Rot in Democrat Party

  1. No Longer Deplorable J Soden says:

    Since officials in WI have discovered “no evidence of hacking,” WI could refuse Stein$cam’s request for a recount as a waste of time and resources since Stein$cam waited too long to request the recount, thereby placing the certification prior to the Electoral College vote in jeopardy.
    And $hrilLIARy’s intrusion into the recount request will do nothing more than anger honest Democrats (yes, there are some) especially after her concession to TheDonald and her appeal (now phony?) that TheDonald won and we should “move forward.”

  2. Libby says:

    Blah, blah, blah ….

    If the citizens want to pay for a recount, there will be one. What’s your problem?

    If this recount were to uncover widespread electoral fraud under Mr. Walker’s voter-suppressing administration, that would of course be embarrassing. But there would be nothing for it but to … suck it up.

    • Pie Geuavara says:

      What about all the citizens who do not wish to be forced into paying for a recount that is nothing more than a fund raising scam for Jill Stein, eh Lippy?

      Suck it up? You suck.

      • Jeremy says:

        Trump says that millions of people voted illegally. He has no evidence for this accusation, but he made it. Why isn’t he supporting a recount to uncover this fraud and prove he won the popular vote?

        I think you know the answer.

      • Dewster says:

        Then do not donate.

        Clueless as usual. The result of the election will not be changed that is not the point.

        But unfortunately the GOP Crosscheck scam is not being investigated. Also Bannon trying to go back to only property owners voting? can Ya say Old White Men Authoritarian country worse than Russia?

        LOL But the funniest is Heir Trump believing the infowars group that millions of people voted illegally ect ect

        The man is not very bright,

        Now explain the new swamp of crooks being placed in his cab. They are about to drain the taxpayers.

        Get a clue
        You are no better than any other American.

  3. Harold says:

    Yeh! Blah Blah Blah , only it’s coming from Lippy Left.

    News today “Trump makes statement without evidence about voter fraud”, only thing is Jill Steins recount is based on much the same, a statement without evidence. No hacking, fraud or anything what so ever other than the innuendo of Government failure to properly conduct business as needed for the public

    (hummmmmm has a familiar ring to it)

    But it does have the underlying purpose of a fund raiser for her next run for office, or paying off (Steins) current campaigns debts.

    Estimates of $550K needed to do the recall in WI (before Lawyers inflated fees) is what I read,(and they need to be paid on time) and no assurances that those approx. 7 million raised to date will be used exclusively for a recount in the 3 states names.

    So call it what you will, it to me is just Steins shill game being played on and using Hillary supporters who refuse to understand why America is fed up with the political parties practices of the past 8 years.

    • Peggy says:

      She said she needed a million for the recall. When she got that donated she raised it to $3million. When she got that she raised it to $5million and when she gets that she’ll raise it again.

      Dumb suckers is right. She’s picking their pockets and they’re holding them open for her. LOL LOL LOL

      • Dewster says:


        Accusations made, your proof?


        Just mean mean people who love to hate

        WHy do you care?

        • Peggy says:

          You want proof Dewey? Here it is.

          Jill Stein’s recount fundraising: What happens to leftover money?:

          “First, Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s campaign said it needed $2.5 million to fund its three-state recount effort in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Then it was $4.5 million. Then it was $7 million. Now it’s $9.5 million.

          As Stein brings in millions of dollars in campaign contributions — in the last week, she’s already raised almost twice what she raised during the entire 2016 campaign — her fundraising success raises a big question: where is that money going, and what happens to it if there are leftover funds after the recount?

          What happens to leftover funds?

          When the fundraising plea was first posted to Stein’s website, it included a short message to say the campaign was “raising money to demand recounts in Wisconsin, MIchigan, and Pennsylvania.” That language was updated late last week to include a line about what would happen to unused funds.

          “If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform,” the new line on the website said.
          At this point, Stein’s campaign does not anticipate that it’ll have money leftover. However, Brueckner said unused funds would either be returned to donors or put toward “voting reform.” She did not specify exactly what form the reform efforts would take.

          “It’s very highly unlikely that there will be any left over,” Brueckner said. “But if the case there is, we will consult with FEC guidelines we will either return the donations according to those guidelines, or put it toward voting reform.”

          What do campaign finance rules say about this?

          Technically, recount funds are supposed to be used solely for expenses related to a recount — including the things like lawyers’ fees and recount observers that Stein’s campaign has described.

          But as for where the additional money can go, FEC guidelines are unclear — if Stein’s campaign wants to use the money for yet-to-be-determined voting integrity or “voting reform” efforts, it would likely need to transfer that to another fund or account.

          “There haven’t been that many instances where this has really come up and the FEC has really looked” at the issue, said Brendan Fischer, an associate counsel at the Campaign Legal Center.

          Usually, FEC guidelines say campaigns need to go back to their donors and ask if they would be willing to have their donations transferred to a different fund. In this case, since Stein’s campaign has indicated on its site that it planned to use the additional funds for “election integrity efforts,” that could give them more of an argument to transfer funds without going back to donors and asking for permission.

          “There’s limited guidance from the FEC on how these funds need to be spent,” Fischer said. “What the FEC has said very clearly is if the campaign has leftover funds in its recount account after the recount is done, they are allowed to refund those contributions to donors. They can also … go back to the donors and ask that the contributions be redesignated to their general election fund or to remain for future recounts.”

  4. am says:

    Jill the Schill pitched a good part of her campaign against Clinton, in what seemed to be an attempt to peel of Sanders’ supporters. Now she’s tag teaming with Clinton to try and disrupt the transition…

  5. Pie Guevara says:

    Hillary Clinton once tweeted Donald Trump refused to say that he’d respect the results of this election. That’s a direct threat to our democracy.

    She also made a speech on the same: Clinton Calls Trump Threat to Democracy

    So, Lippy, now that Hillary Clinton has joined Jill Stein, who is a “direct threat to our democracy” now, eh?

  6. Pie Guevara says:

    Leftists are so easy to demolish, including Lippy. (Some coarse language.)

    Jill Stein is a Complete Idiot

  7. Libby says:

    Again, any recount is no skin off your nose, fiscal or otherwise, … unless, of course, it does turn up some quantity of electoral fraud. We’ll just have to see.

    Initially, I thought Stein & Co. was just spinning their wheels, but as more and more of this sort of thing comes to pass:

    I’m thinking every effort to de-legitimized the in-coming administration should be exploited to the max.

  8. Tina says:

    After the record of the last eight years you should be hanging your heads in shame, Libby. Your party has done a lot of damage. It figures that the party of KKK would come full circle to create such massive division and all on the same sort of ugly “other” lies. Christians, whites, cops, males, Trump you stack up the list of “others.” You’re a bunch of mean, nasty, underhanded, bigoted liars…and you’ve been found out. You are all Bill Ayers, only you use lies instead of bombs now…lies and agitation…rub our society until it bleeds. You are pathetic.

    Yes you should be hanging your heads in shame. But that would require your feet to be firmly planted in reality…and it would require a conscience!

    So, you are excused. Run along and play in that agitator’s sandbox, Libby, the rest of us have an economy to restore, a terrorist enemy to defeat, a healthcare system to restore, an education system to rescue, law and order to restore, and a sense of belonging to reaffirm. That we are all part of the American family was never really in question. We are all joined together as a nation of Americans despite your divisive thinking. Only the Democrat Party agitator’s propaganda makes it otherwise and for it’s own gain. Shameful.

    • Jeremy says:

      Which party does the KKK support currently?

      • Tina says:

        Support from the KKK is not irrelevant; they have been relegated to the ash heap, thank God.

        The relevant point is that the Republican Party has NEVER supported the KKK. The Republican Party was formed in response to the evils of slavery and has boldly fought for civil rights for more than a century.

        Your accusation is grounded in propaganda from the party that formed the KKK and embraced slavery and segregation. It is a lie formed and promulgated to destroy the reputations of any who call themselves republican for political reasons. Shame on you for joining in this monstrous strategy.

        Your statement is offensive and dishonest but more importantly, it makes you look ridiculous. Get a grip man! Learn some actual history. The Alinsky (radical Democrat) path is an ugly path to travel.

        • Libby says:

          “Support from the KKK is not irrelevant; they have been relegated to the ash heap, thank God.”

          No, those Stormers have been energized, legitimized by Trump, and given a seat at the big table in the scruffy person of Mr. Bannon. That you should choose not to face it is understandable, but it is one great big ugly that will not be ignored.

        • Libby says:

          As opposed to the Alex Jones route? Why are you even denying it … when every other post confirms a decidedly racist worldview?

          The Republican Party won over the Crackers, back in the 60s, by telling them they should not have to sit in the waiting room with brown people. It has, seemingly, just dawned on the the Crackers that this would be because there will be no waiting room at all. The Crackers, being Crackers, and subject to assorted other prejudices, have now seen to it that anything like a waiting room is a good four more years off.

          What are ya gonna do?

    • Dewster says:

      LOL The Party of KKK in 2016 is the GOP.

      Epic Fail!

      Ya miss the Heil Trump meetings on Video? Hail is the English language version ya know

      ‘Hail Trump!’: Richard Spencer Speech Excerpts

      I think those are Republicans dear

      Just admit your affiliation and the white nationalists have taken over the GOP

  9. Peggy says:

    The facts are side-splitting laughable.

    Hillary lost by the number of the votes Stein got. Now isn’t that just sweet justice.

    • Dewster says:

      Sorry your facts are not correct.

      More people did not vote.

      yes we boycotted Hillary, but Stein Votes are not the same number dear.

    • Libby says:

      Peggy has never been too good with statistics. Peggy, as a matter of “votes” … Hillary did not lose.

      • Peggy says:

        And Libs isn’t good at basic math. Hillary would have won the electoral college votes in the states that Trump did if the votes hadn’t gone to Stein. Add the voter’s votes for Stein to Hillary’s and she would have won the states. Duh!!!

        Krauthammer: Stein Is the ‘Ralph Nader of 2016 Now Cashing in on Her Sabotage of Clinton Campaign’:

        “Given that Stein came in fourth in the general election, a recount will not change the outcome for her. Her presence in the race did, however, affect the results for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

        “Look if she really cared about the outcome of Wisconsin and Michigan she wouldn’t have campaigned there, siphoned away votes that obviously would’ve gone to Hillary and have given her the state,” Krauthammer noted. “She caused Hillary to lose Wisconsin and lose Michigan. If 1/15th of the people who supported her in the election had gone to Hillary in Michigan Hillary would’ve won the state. If one quarter of those [that] had gone to her in Wisconsin had gone to Hillary, she would’ve won.”

        For this reason, Krauthammer made comparisons to the 2000 election, when Ralph Nader drew enough votes away from Al Gore in Florida to tip the state in George W. Bush’s favor.

        “This is the Ralph Nader of 2016 now cashing in on her sabotage, there’s no other word, of the Clinton campaign,” he said. 

  10. Harold says:

    I think this is where Jill Stein got her idea about worthless donations and those that would contribute to anything even a pointless political stunt!

    “People Knowingly Donated $100,000 To Dig A Big, Pointless Hole In The Ground

    Originally published on November 28, 2016 10:23 am

    When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.
    Cards Against Humanity, the maker of the game of the same name, announced last week it would be celebrating Black Friday by digging a giant, pointless hole in the ground. The company named it the Holiday Hole, and said it would dig the hole for as long as people were willing to pay for it. The dig lasted for days and ended on Sunday.
    Before the dig was stopped, donations began to dwindle, but for more than a week the money piled up, as has all the displaced dirt next to the hole — the location of which Cards Against Humanity has not disclosed. According to the website, the initiative has brought in $100,573. “

  11. No Longer Deplorable J Soden says:

    Off topic, but just a bit . . . .
    We didn’t hear from Linda Tripp prior to Election Day, but she has a great article today regarding $hrilLIARy . . . .
    And she should know!

  12. Tina says:

    Nicolas Fondacaro over at NewsBusters explains discomfort with Trumps claim of millions of illegal votes and sums up the absurdity of comments from folk like Jeremy (Chris):

    The liberal media threw a proverbial hissy fit Monday in response to President-Elect Donald Trump’s dubious claim that millions of votes were cast illegally. While seeming pretend that Trump would be the first president ever to tell a lie, public radio host Bob Garfield went on a long winded tirade, on MSNBC’s All In, railing against the “Right wing media.” “The people who get it and we at the mainstream media, you know, get the straight dope but about half the electorate is getting their information from other sources, none credible,” he whined.

    The ranting Garfield blamed the success of “right wing media” on what he called “330 million individual echo chambers,” which he claimed helped to insulate people from news they don’t want to hear. He didn’t seem to realize that his belief works both ways, especially when it’s evident that left does not want to consider another perspective on nearly everything. …

    … “The humiliation that I think is strikingly parallel to the humiliation of the German people after World War I and the treaty of Versailles,” he argued, basically smearing the right as the pre-World War II Germany that allowed Adolf Hitler to rise to power. Such an original leftist attack.

    The host of On The Media, produced by WNYC in New York and distributed to over 400 public-radio stations across America, continued his prattling by listing off what he claimed “humiliated” the right, including “civil rights” passing and the “Miranda warning.” Garfield accusation perpetuates the liberal media lie that conservatives tried to block Civil Rights laws, when in fact it was Democrats. His belief that conservatives what people to be ignorant of their rights shows that he probably doesn’t socialize with them very often.

    Additionally, it’s quite possible that Trump is accurate, or at least in the ball park, according to True the Vote:

    HOUSTON, TX. – November 27, 2016: True the Vote (TTV), the nation’s leading voters’ rights and election integrity organization, today released a statement with respect to President-Elect Donald Trump’s claim that “millions” of individuals illegally voted in the 2016 Election.

    “True the Vote absolutely supports President-elect Trump’s recent comment about the impact of illegal voting, as reflected in the national popular vote. We are still collecting data and will be for several months, but our intent is to publish a comprehensive study on the significant impact of illegal voting in all of its many forms and begin a national discussion on how voters, states, and the Trump Administration can best address this growing problem.”

    True the Vote (TTV) is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) voters’ rights organization, founded to inspire and equip voters for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. TTV empowers organizations and individuals across the nation to actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation. For more information, please visit

    True the Vote has long been a lightning rod for criticism from the left, and was among the organizations targeted for abuse in the IRS scandal.

    The point is that YOU don’t know whether Trumps statement is true. In fact you are assuming he is wrong simply because of your distaste for him…or because you believe the left media is always right and simply parrot what they say.

    • Libby says:

      “The point is that YOU don’t know whether Trumps statement is true.”

      Tina, what is wrong with you? If I say the earth is flat, are you required to consider the possibility … just because I said it ??????

      No, unless I offer some proof of this assertion, you are entitled to dismiss my statement out of hand. Think of it … our very first bald-assed liar in the Presidency. We’ve had any number of liars, but this is our first bald-assed.

  13. Dewster says:


    Where is the Proof millions of People voted Illegally. I’ll Offer 10K reward on that because it is not true.

    Millions were illegally thrown off the rolls by GOP interstate cross check.

    But you know that. Truth is not on the Menu right?

    Trump has lied way more than Hillary. They are both crooks

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Re Looney:

      “Millions were illegally thrown off the rolls by GOP interstate cross check.”

      Oh really? Where is your proof of that?

      Put up or shut up you incoherent lunatic.

  14. No Longer Deplorable J Soden says:

    Jill Stein isn’t getting the reaction she wanted. Latest on The Greenies and Stein$cam:

  15. Pie Guevara says:

    SHOCKER! Guess who’s calling for ‘all hands on deck’ to help Jill Stein’s Michigan recount
    Taxpayers in Michigan could also be on the hook for a lot of money as a result, because officials are reviewing Stein’s recount request in that state:

    Selected bits —

    Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said Stein’s request is “highly unusual” coming from somebody receiving about one percent of the vote, and could cost taxpayers plenty:

    MORE: MI Sec. of State calls @DrJillStein’s recount request “unusual,” says cost “could easily reach into the millions of dollars.”

    — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) November 30, 2016

    .@MichSoS says it’s “unusual” Stein wants a recount – “no evidence of hacking or fraud, or even a credible allegation of any tampering.”

    INBOX: Clinton campaign calling for “all hands on deck” for volunteers to help in the #Michigan recount.

    — Chad Livengood (@ChadLivengood) November 30, 2016

    Clinton campaign asking for help with the recount in Michigan after the “heartbreak” on Election Day.

    — Ryan Struyk (@ryanstruyk) November 30, 2016

  16. Peggy says:

    The Latest: 5 Nevada counties to recount presidential race:

    “LANSING, Mich. — The Latest on presidential recount efforts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nevada (all times local):
    3:30 p.m.

    Nevada election officials will recount ballots in five counties after independent presidential candidate Roque De La Fuente requested and paid about $14,000 for the effort.
    De La Fuente finished last in the state but this week requested a recount in Nevada, a state Democrat Hillary Clinton won. De La Fuente says he wants to counterbalance a recount Green Party candidate Jill Stein requested in Wisconsin, which President-elect Donald Trump won. Stein also has requested recounts in Trump-won states of Michigan and Pennsylvania.
    Nevada Deputy Secretary of State for Elections Wayne Thorley said Wednesday that state law requires the five counties — Carson City, Douglas, Mineral, Nye and Clark — to begin the recount within five days and to complete it within five additional days.

    Thorley says if recount results show a discrepancy of at least 1 percent for De La Fuente or Clinton, a full state recount will be launched.

    1:25 p.m.
    Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is pushing back against charges from Wisconsin Republicans that she illegally coordinated with Democrat Hillary Clinton to raise money for recounts in three states.

    Stein campaign manager David Cobb said in a statement Wednesday that “The recount effort is non-partisan and Stein is not coordinating with any other campaign.”
    Cobb says, “Any allegations to the contrary are fabrications.” He says the Wisconsin Republican Party’s complaint to the Federal Elections Commission “is nothing but a PR stunt to push a false narrative that will ultimately have no impact on the recount in Wisconsin.”

    The complaint contends that Clinton is the only person who could benefit from a recount and that she appears to have illegally helped Stein raise nearly $7 million for the recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.”

  17. Peggy says:

    LOL – That Trump is smarter than Obama on his best day.

    Trump May Appoint Dem To Cabinet And Give The GOP An Extra Senate Seat

  18. RHT447 says:

    Uniquely Talented: Only the Democrats Could Have Lost to Trump

    Posted on November 24, 2016 by Fred Reed

    A great uproar goes forth from the enemies of the Trump Beast, with much gnashing of hair and pulling of teeth. He will be a terrible President, they say, and they may well be right. There are ominous signs, particularly as regards foreign policy, and he seems radically incoherent and contradictory. Interestingly, his critics have no slight idea why he won. The reason is obvious: He won because everybody was campaigning for him, in particular the media, Hillary, Black Lives Matter, Obama, Democrats, and far leftists. Everybody worked for Trump. He couldn’t lose.

    The election was a referendum on Marie Antoinette’s court. It was the revolt of the unnoticed downtrodden, the financially sinking, the working classes rising against privileged snots–but it was engineered by the elites. The glittering elect of course did not say “working class,” this being a loaded phrase redolent of Marxism and of the Democratic Party of five decades back before it became a royal court. They spoke instead of disgruntled white men, racists, homophobes, sexists, and the Islamonauseated–phobic, I meant.

    The rich and powerful are on display in Washington, white, well paid, secure, above average in intelligence, often from Oberlin, Amherst, Swarthmore, Yale. The better sorts of schools, you know. They cluster in Washington’s posh barrios of Bethesda, Upper Connecticut, Cap Hill, and Great Falls. They drink together and talk to each other and believe that they must be right because everyone they know agrees with them.

    Theirs is not a personal arrogance–they are nice people and you would like them–but an arrogance of class. Since nobody tells them they they are either arrogant or a class, they do not know. Since everybody around them lives at a high standard, it does not occur to them that they they live at a high standard. They exist in a small mental box.

    They do not know that that in the bleak down-scale strip development of Jeff Davis Highway, a half-hour away, reeking of exhaust and blowing with trash, an aged veteran on crutches lives in a dismal residential motel. Every mourning he hobbles to Dixie Lee’s Diner–I forget its actual name–for a cheap breakfast because it is all he has. Or ever will. He is waiting to die. The elite don’t know, and wouldn’t care.

    The upper crust are also moral frauds, though they do not know this either. Nice liberals to the roots of their teeth, in principle they believe that we should all love each other, and they hate anyone who doesn’t. In practice they approximate George Wallace. Ask when they last went to the ghetto for dinner, whether they have ever been in a restaurant with a majority black clientele, whether they would send their precious children to the public schools of New York. Ask whether they have a blue-collar friend.

    The privileged worked hard for Trump. Every time they described his people as uneducated white males, implicit dregs, they drove votes to Donald. And they so described the working class unceasingly.

    It made him President. Good, bad, or indifferent, it is how he got in.

    The privileged denigrated all whites unlike themselves. Then Hillary made her “deplorables” speech, confirming her contempt for half of America–those uneducated, shapeless, dull-witted proles in Flyover Land, obese, farting and belching, swilling Bud, watching NASCAR for god’s sake in awful trailers. And why not not sneer at them? Why did Hillary need their votes? Did not Rachel Maddow love her?

    For Trump it was gold, pure gold. If he had written her speech, he could not have come up with a better line to destroy her. It was the purest product of the establishment’s hubris. She did it to herself. Sweet.

    It made him President.

    Black Lives Matter also did yeoman work for the Donald. As they and snowflake Brown Shirts and excited millennials blocked highways and beat Trump’s supporters and shut down rallies, and vandalized cars, and of course looted, they presumably thought they were working against the Trump Monster. Not a chance. Out there in the uncharted barbarian lands between Manhattan and Hollywood, in dark primeval forests where Cro-Magnons are still a rarity, people were sick of lawlessness, and of an establishment that tolerated it. It produced more votes, perhaps not for Trump or even against Hillary but against the class that she represented.

    Immigration. Here Hillary and Obama did great work for Donald. As Obama frantically brought in as many “refugees” as possible from everywhere, anywhere that might not be compatible with the people upon whom he would force them, Hillary promised to import huge numbers of Muslims. It was luminously stupid politics, but politically she was luminously stupid, so it fit.

    It is why she is not President.

    She knew that the backward peoples of Flyover Land ought to want hundreds of thousands of Somalis and Pakistanis and who-knew-what to live with, and if they didn’t, she would force them and it didn’t matter because she had big donors and everybody in the media loved her.

    However incoherent and ignorant Trump was, the Establishment was determined to elect him. Elect him it did.

    Then there is the insularity of the privileged. Its extent is hard to grasp. It worked mightily for the new President. Hillary has probably never been in a Legion hall with, god, that kind of people; if she had, she might be President. Instead she set a trotline for big donors and hung with the rich. They told her, didn’t they, that she couldn’t lose.

    These, like her, knew nothing of the lives of most Americans. Has Bill Kristol hitchhiked in the chill of three a.m. on a secondary road in Appalachia, total wealth twenty-five dollars, hoping sparse traffic would get him to Roanoke? I am accepting bets. I doubt that Katie Couric, or any of the babbling bubble heads, has ever worked in a truck stop or gas station for minimum wage, if that. How many have ever baited a hook, had a paper route, or had to decide between a warm coat with winter coming on or paying the cable?

    This is why Trump took them by such surprise. They were dealing with a country they had never seen. And didn’t like. Lord only knows what kind of President Trump will make (unless God also is wondering, which I find plausible) but he had the country figured out. Which is positively weird, given that he is a filthy rich New Yorker.

    And the media. These too did great work for our new President. All the corporate outlets were furiously against him, apparently assuming that their opprobrium would crush the upstart. Were they not CBS and NBC and the Washington Post, respected news outlets that people would believe and trust?

    Well, no, actually.

    And so the talking heads chuckled and sneered and utterly underestimated and got handed their ass. They should have registered as lobbyists for the Donald.

    The newsies did not understand that they were widely hated. Their obvious slant, often approaching verticality, looked like (and was) hostility to anyone who was willing to consider Trump. The common sentiment in Flyover Land became, “If these bastards don’t like Donald, he must be OK.”

    They made him President.

    It reminds me of when Bob Brown started Soldier of Fortune magazine, purporting to be a rag for, oh horror, squeak, mercenary soldiers. The media fell into convulsions denouncing him, cough, splutter, how could…. And with every denunciation, circulation went up. Ol’ Bob, he just smile.

    But the talking heads couldn’t figure it out. Did they not all agree with each other? Did not all of America hate what they hated?

    Well, ah…heh. Urg.

    So when he slapped down Megyn Kelly of Fox News, the talking heads exploded with delighted horror. Trump had just screwed himself with women, who would vote en bloc for Hillary. Whatever minute chance he might have had was now dead. Chortle, chortle.

    Actual results: 42% of women, and 53% of white women, voted for…oops, ah…Trump.

    Why? An obvious hypothesis is that women think for themselves, and did. Perhaps they thought Megyn, an abrasive plastic Barbie who probably gets more daily maintenance than a 747, was…an abrasive Baribie….

    Trump could say to them, to Hillary, the media, the Insular Good, to BLM and the Snowflakes, “Thank you, thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.”


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