Eye Opening Report on Obamacare

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Democrats keep telling us that Obamacare added 20,000 uninsured to the insurance rolls. But there’s strong evidence to suggest that number is greatly inflated. Research by the Heritage Foundation paints a much different picture:

As soon as Donald Trump won the election, left-wing groups were busy predicting that, should he succeed in repealing ObamaCare as promised, anywhere from 20 million to 37 million would lose coverage.

An analysis by the Heritage Foundation shows that these claims are largely based on phony numbers coming out of the White House.

While the White House derived its number using survey data, which it then adjusted, Heritage instead went directly to the sources for enrollment data — Medicaid and private insurers — to see what’s really happened.

What they found is that the Obama administration has inflated the ObamaCare coverage number by almost 42%. The actual gain in coverage between 2013 and 2015 was 14 million, Heritage found. That’s close to the Census Bureau’s estimate that the number of uninsured declined by 12.8 million over these years. And of that, only 2.2 million gained private coverage, Heritage figures. The other 11.8 million went on Medicaid. (Heritage only has hard data through 2015, but enrollment in the exchanges was basically flat in 2016.) …

…ObamaCare has caused massive disruptions of the individual market, forced millions to drop health plans they like, caused huge price spikes and mounting insurance losses, created monopoly markets around the country, and resulted in the virtual takeover of the individual market by HMO plans.

That’s to say nothing of the enormous costs of setting up and running the ObamaCare exchanges and the trillion dollars in subsidies to offset the cost of premiums for lower-income families.

All to increase the number of privately insured by a meager 1%.

As for the nearly 12 million added to Medicaid, this cannot be called a victory, given that Medicaid is a bloated, fraud-ridden program that leaves many unable to get to a doctor.

Democrats also insist that republicans have no plan but that’s just fake news. In reality they have had plans to reform healthcare for decades that included removing restrictions for preexisting conditions. Some of the other elements they plan to include are: Health savings accounts, the ability to buy insurance across state lines, efficient tax credits to offset costs of insurance, and separate high risk pools. Obama’s expansion of Medicaid will remain intact for two years to give our legislators time to reform and create a better method for getting healthcare to our nations poor. They will end the massive and expensive over regulation to save time, money and many a doctors health and sanity.

Good news…health insurance relief is on the way!

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5 Responses to Eye Opening Report on Obamacare

  1. No Longer Deplorable J Soden says:

    ANY report from this white house should be immediately suspect given the repeated tweaking of unemployment numbers and the multiple times da prez has been caught in outright lies.
    An Obumblecare repeal would go a LONG way toward increasing jobs!

  2. Libby says:

    There is no such thing as “research by the Heritage Foundation.” From the Heritage Foundation there is only propaganda furthering the conservative, capitalist agenda.

    Nobody’s claiming the ACA is working well, but it’s a start. And all your objections to it are premised in the belief that only people who can afford to pay for it should have access to healthcare. This is inhumane, immoral, and wrong.

    Nobody’s insisting that you abandon this belief, but it is inhumane, immoral, and wrong.

  3. Tina. says:

    Wrong. The Heritage Foundation is a think tank and deserves the same respect as any liberal think tank. The method behind their findings is clearly spelled out in the article as are the sources.

    “And all your objections to it are premised in the belief that only people who can afford to pay for it should have access to healthcare.”

    That is simply not true. It is indicative of your hateful attitude and opinion, however.

    Obamacare attempted to bring healthcare to the poor (applause for this one thing)…but it was at best a partial fix made at the expense of the middle class, the doctors, small health insurers, and the young who are forced to buy or pay a fine/tax. Ultimately it is unsustainable as are all cnetrally planned programs. It’s not a good start at all. Saying it is, is to deny reality.

  4. Dewster says:


    Think! How many were uninsured? The number is not inflated.

    So You ready for your voucher? I want all old people affected. No phase out. I want those who follow Propaganda to have it happen to them.

    Koch Boys have the Gov 100% now give up your entitlements and pull yourselves up by your Ayn Rand Bootstraps. Do not be a Hypocrite! No gov medical for anybody!

    Pay the Insurance ripoff companies like everybody else for no real coverage and high deductibles. Insurance is for profit not healthcare

    • Tina says:

      Dewey you are one of the biggest propaganda stooges on this blog…a fake news fanatic…an accusation maniac.

      You don’t want insurance…don’t get insurance!

      At least have the smarts to see how this plays out before you go off on a stooopid tangent!

      I may have asked before, but the more you rant on about profits the more curious I become, do you own anything that you actually bought? Also did you work for free or were you paid a wage (profit)?

      Also please explain a world without profits. How exactly does that work?

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