North Korea Threatens USA with Nuclear War

by Jack

The threat:  North Korea loves to make the headlines threatening us, South Korea or Japan.  This has been an ongoing pattern of misconduct that spans three generations of leaders from the same family.   However, the most recent threats, such as, “we will not miss a chance to sweep the imperialist (navy task force) group with a nuclear fire of justice,” are alarming and must taken seriously.

Nuclear testing: North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests, two of them last year, and is working to develop nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach the United States. The PRNK currently have accurate medium range missiles that are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and they have been working overtime to develop an ICBM.

A history of WMD’s: During the 1960s the Soviet Union began to provide unguided rockets, surface-to-air missiles and coastal defense anti-ship missiles. This started the groundwork for PRNK rocket propulsion, guidance, and related missile systems. In 1965, North Korea founded the Hamhŭng Military Academy to train North Korean defense personnel in rocket and missile research and development. By 1970, North Korea had procured surface-to-ship missiles and surface-to-air missiles from China. Pyongyang also sought assistance to establish its own independent sovereign missile defense development program. Fast forward to today and the PRNK has the KN-11 missile with a range over 2000 KM, and they are developing the KN-14 expected to be an ICBM capable of reaching the USA with a nuclear warhead.

Psychotic behavior: If all this wasn’t bad enough, there is also a plethora of evidence to suggest the current leader, Kim Jong-un, who took over from his deceased father in 2011, is unbalanced. In 2013 his girlfriend was executed by machine gunned for trivial reasons never fully disclosed. He also has executed several family members for so-called treason. Some of his top generals have been blown in half by anti-aircraft guns for alleged misconduct. The boy dictator seems to have all the traits of a modern day Caligula.

What is it like to be a citizen of North Korea?

1.You have no internet connection unless you are a rich elite or a government official.

2. If you want to own a laptop or a desktop or a television , u have to have special permission from the government.

3. If you are caught watching south Korean movies or romantic movies , then you are sentenced to minimum 5 years of Labor camps.

4. You do not have proper supply of water , food and electricity unless you live in the capital city of Pyongyang , in which only elite group of people can live that too with special permissions.

5.If you try to oppose North Korean government or Kim Jong Un, u are almost dead.

6. If you try to escape north Korea and you are caught, then you are sentenced to death (if you are lucky enough),  if not, you are sent to concentration camps and whole of your family is brutally punished . Nearly 3 generations of your family have to live in the

PACIFIC OCEAN (Jan. 18, 2017) The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) transits the Pacific Ocean. Carl Vinson is on a scheduled western Pacific deployment with the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group as part of the U.S. Pacific Fleet-led initiative to extend the command and control functions of the U.S. 3rd Fleet in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Nathan K. Serpico/Released)

concentration camps. The food given is just “few grains of rice”. If u are lucky enough you would die of starvation ,if not, your stomach would force your mind to find and eat rats . If you are caught eating rats , you and your family is savagely beaten up and even the ladies and girls of your family are sexually molested and raped.

This is the country of 25 million people with one of the most cruel leaders the world have seen.

I wrote this so you can better appreciate what President Trump must deal with and why our carrier, the Carl Vinson, is headed towards North Korean waters.

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10 Responses to North Korea Threatens USA with Nuclear War

  1. RHT447 says:

    Yup. Google ‘North Korea at night’. And it probably just got darker—

    China rejects North Korean coal shipments, opts for US supplies instead

  2. RHT447 says:

    Forgot to mention I have actually been on board the Carl Vinson. A family friend had joined the Navy and she was his first duty station. We went aboard as his guest while she was in home port in Bremerton. I got to walk the length of the flight deck and then the hanger deck. Most impressive. Makes one proud to have worn the uniform. If I had it to do over, yeah, I’d still go Army (sorry Jack). I’m just not cut out for life in a floating metal box.

    • Post Scripts says:

      RHT the Carl Vinson pulled into Honolulu one day while I happened to be there and I had a chance to look at her from the pier, but never had a chance to go aboard. That’s one big ship! I did have a chance to go aboard the USS Enterprise. Now that was a treat!

  3. Dewster says:

    Kim JU is a dangerous man who has been working to nuke the world.

    That said never forget Trumps campaign. He said nukes were on the table. He was escalating dangerous ideas. “WHy not use Nukes?”

    The planet can not take a nuclear war folks. The pacific Ocean is highly contaminated from the continuous nuclear waste leaking from FUKU. That is still happening.

    That said I really see the WW3 wanted by the MIC/McCain/Hillary types as a nuclear war. Too many signs.

    I am not kidding. One needs to look back at the 7 wars in 5 year plan to see we are progressing along that plan.

    Forget political parties, nothing changes when it come to war plans. Collecting evidence vs instant reaction on false intel is a weak thing now. Just follow the plan.

    They can feed Trump propaganda like any other president.

    I am not trying to bag Trump when I say he does not understand the Geopolitical Agenda. He watches too much MSM Propaganda and I fear he is playing into their hands.

    • Tina says:

      Nobody in America or any other civilized nation wants nuclear war. The idea is ridiculous.

      Nukes are “on the table” because there are dangerous people who feel big and bold when their threats are not challenged. If a fanatic thinks he can get away with tossing a nuke at the US they just might do it. However, if we make it clear that should they fire on the US the next time a nuke is launched it will target them personally…they will back off. Nukes are on the table as a deterrent.

      Trump is showing strength and leadership and the world is responding. Yesterday Putin wasn’t going to meet with Tillerson. All of a sudden today he will. Putin’s face saving statement is that relations with Russia have deteriorated…watch it improve. China wants a peaceful solution with North Korea and will assist Trump in dealing with Jong-un. Egypt and Jordan have met with Trump and expressed support and gratitude for his leadership. Trump will meet with the leaders of NATO soon. Watch them do a better job of meeting their obligations…Trump has made them look bad by pointing out their failures but he does want to work with them. He simply has raised the bar in terms of what is expected from allies and enemies alike. The leaders of the free world appreciate that.

      Trump was elected at a time when the world is in great distress, much of it brought about because of the failure of the former administration to lead. We should at the very least give him and his administration an opportunity over a couple of years to see what develops. Judging his performance in such negative terms at this juncture is politically driven and hateful.

  4. Dewster says:

    When you see Hillary Clinton out Cheering her friend Trump you must take notice. She is as crooked as they come. Something is up.

    • Tina says:

      I haven’t seen Hillary “cheering” Trump.

      If she “cheered” it’s because SHE called for action in Syria herself the day before. She’s “cheering” herself! She’s posturing with something she believes would be popular with the people who’s votes she lost because she wants to run for office again. If things change, count on her to shift positions and deny she ever called for action in Syria.

      That is ALL that id up.

  5. Dewster says:


    I am aware that you do not see very much of the real news. That does not mean it did not happen. The clips were shared widely.

    Hillary is a neoliberal and very much on the inside of the warmonger crowds. Clinton’s are friends with the Bush’s and the Trump friendship still exists in some form.

    Hillary actually called for strikes just hours before. …… interesting that was an option presented to Tman Eh? She is an insider. She is on the Pnac Plan.

    What people missed is she said take out his air fields knowing the Russians are camped out and using those airfields. You hit them. You are hitting the Russians.

    Make no mistake there were several clues during the election she is all in for WW3 and wants war with Russia.

    Millions of dollars later on a wasted attack that did nothing……….. the stock went up and taxpayers are on the hook for more deficit growth. But hey we are going to reduce revenue too! Those corporations experiencing some of the highest profits ever need a tax break!

    I despise Hillary but that is because I took the time to bone up on who and what she is over the years. I watch these people closely. I do not watch cable news propaganda that is repeated all day I monitor it for lies

    The US Media has been lying about Syria for decades. There are Protests against the USA in other parts of the world now. Find the real news and wake up to the Geopolitical Realities

    • Post Scripts says:

      Well, geez Dewey, we’ve got all those Tomahawk missiles laying around getting old, what would you rather us do with them? They don’t last forever you know, especially around salt water, so I say throw a few at Syria. Heck, we need the practice and they (Assad and his cronies) needed a spanking for using WMD’s on their people, including their helpless little kids. I would not want to use ground forces of course, but lobbing a few missiles is ok.

  6. Dewster says:

    The nuclear clock is almost at midnight This is no joke

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