Worst Cyber Attack in History

by Jack

“The Shadow Brokers—the mysterious person or group that over the past eight months has leaked a gigabyte worth of the National Security Agency’s weaponized software exploits—just published its most significant release yet. Friday’s dump contains potent exploits and hacking tools that target most versions of Microsoft Windows and evidence of sophisticated hacks on the SWIFT banking system of several banks across the world. (57,000 known attacks)

Group claims to hack NSA-tied hackers, posts exploits as proof. Friday’s release—which came as much of the computing world was planning a long weekend to observe the Easter holiday—contains close to 300 megabytes of materials the leakers said were stolen from the NSA.”

The damage done by this latest attack was horrendous. I can’t believe that we have not been able to locate any of the persons involved? There is a strong indication that government contractors stole the information and either deliberately or thru reckless handling, got it released on the dark net.

There are plenty of clues in this case and if we can’t solve something this simple, you have to question the resources of DOJ, FBI, NSA and CIA. And you have to wonder, was it the last 8 years of the Obama Administration that weakened them?

Looking at this case from the perspective of a criminal investigator I can guarantee you it’s not that tough. You only have a handful of possible suspects and the main suspects worked within the government. In their case, they signed all the necessary releases to investigate them. There is nothing about these people that is off limits and they must take a polygraph upon demand. See what I mean? This should be a slam dunk investigation, at least as far as the original leakers, and heads should roll!

The investigation into the mishandling of NSA technology has been ongoing since 2016… and so far we’ve got zip.

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8 Responses to Worst Cyber Attack in History

  1. J. Soden says:

    So many “investigations” going on these days. . . . .
    Looks like things aren’t gonna get serious about stopping cybercrime until it causes some kind of disaster where lives are lost.
    Or possibly when the Demwits get hacked again!

    Backing up your critical info frequently to a source OUTSIDE of your computer or server is a good way to keep from getting ransom notes. Same goes for info on a phone or tablet.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Oh great….well I kinda knew that nothing is safe. Ever since I learned that we could hack virtually anything, anywhere, that 2 step confirmation was not much of an obstacle.

  2. TruthToPower says:

    I posted on previous story

    one word NSA

    Obama? Really you miss him that much?

    Trump is the stupidest ever it just keeps getting bad

    wake up!

    He is an idiot! Dangerous one

    Forget Politics

  3. Peggy says:

    I even got hit with the Ransom virus on Saturday. It froze my computer and posted a window saying it was Microsoft and to call a 844 number. They said I had to pay $300 for a one year protection plan and various amounts for each additional year up to $1500 for a lifetime plan,

    Agreed to the $300 to get my computer unlocked, then called my son who came over and helped me notify Microsoft, contact Visa to dispute the charge which appeared on my statement as “Internet Buddy” and get a new card. Checked with my bank and other credit cards make sure no activity had taken place. None had. Then he did both Norton and AVG protection scans while I using my iPhone changed all of my passwords.

    My computer has Microsoft 10 Edge with an update done on the 9th. Plus, I have AVG protection. I have no idea how I got hit since I rarely use email anymore and haven’t opened anything from someone I don’t know. The only thing I can think of is a couple of popups I inadvertently opened when trying to scroll down the screen when reading an article. They’re hidden since they haven’t finished downloading. I thought I was clicking on a blank space, but the space was the ad.

    Looks like I’ll get to keep my money, my computer is still good or will be when it finishes it’s Window’s Defender scan. I was lucky enough to have a son who could help me out of the mess I found myself in. But, what about those who don’t? They had my computer locked up and no amount of shutting it off or rebooting would work. Hopefully, Microsoft will be able to track them down with the info. I gave them, which included their phone number.

    I don’t have files on my computer, just pictures and they’re all there, so I was lucky. Hear people aren’t getting their files back even after paying the ransom. I wonder how many other individuals have been hit since the news is saying it’s only hit businesses and gov’t agencies. I sure didn’t expect to be a victim of this scam, but I was.

    The icon they left on my desk top was the brick wall with the yellow padlock, that is the same on all of the news reports.

  4. TruthToPower says:

    No the intel Mr T leaked was Isralei intel on ISIS or someone building laptops to blow up International Flights. That is the reported version anyway.

    As usual the truth will find it’s way out

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