Attn Honorably Discharged Veterans

Submitted by RHT447

Starting today, all honorably discharged Veteran Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, Sailors and Coast Guard members are invited to visit to confirm eligibility to access the Veterans online shopping benefit.

The Army & Air Force Exchange Service, along with the Marine Corps Exchange, Navy Exchange and Coast Guard Exchange are honored to offer this benefit to recognize our Veterans’ time in uniform. Confirming Veterans’ eligibility to shop in advance of the Nov. 11 launch date is critical to properly welcoming them back to their military family.

Please join me in letting your loved ones who served our great Nation know about this lifelong online military exchange shopping benefit and how logging on to will help ensure quick and convenient access when the Veterans online shopping benefit formally launches this Veterans Day.

Please let them know how this TAX FREE benefit will save them money and help the military community by generating earnings in support of critical military Quality-of-Life programs including Army Child Development Centers, Youth Programs and Fitness Centers, Air Force Outdoor Recreation and affordable school lunches for Warfighters’ children overseas.

Beginning today, our Social Media team is sharing posts and videos on our official Facebook page to welcome Veterans back to their military family and invite them to logon to Please “like” and “share” these posts with your friends and family to help maximize exposure of the new benefit.

Your help in getting the word out about the Veterans online shopping benefit is deeply appreciated—please invite a Veteran to visit today.

Soldier for Life!


Tom Shull
Army & Air Force Exchange Service

Visit our online store!

We at Post Scripts are always happy and honored to do anything that will help our vets.

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2 Responses to Attn Honorably Discharged Veterans

  1. Libby says:

    Never pass up the opportunity to prostrate yourselves to those digital capitalists.

  2. Libby says:

    Goodness, R, … you didn’t really send your DOB and Social off to the Ukraine, did you?

    That is damage irreparable.

    I know you guys like to think of yourselves as the very last word in military sophistication, but I’m afraid that your unwarranted hubris makes you way to easy to
    snooker. Witness the Huckster in the Oval Office.

    If he really had your interests at heart, he be whipping the Congress into a frenzy of funding to totally upgrade the SSA’s IT, so the poor oblivious amongst us could get their SS accounts/numbers changed out in something under six months.

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