Would He Do That?

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I saw this headline in a side bar at a web site yesterday:

Joy Behar to Christian baker: C’mon, Jesus would have made a wedding cake for a gay couple

I didn’t read the article immediately to discover how the discussion went from there. I do know how I would have reacted to the question/declaration. I would have agreed that Jesus exemplifies love and forgiveness like no other who ever walked the earth. But I’m not sure baking a cake for a gay couple is something Jesus would do. Jesus was filled with compassion but He was a stickler for the rules. When He encountered the woman at the well He confronted her about her sin of adultery and told her to “go and sin no more.” Jesus forgives sin if we are truly repentant; enabling and encouraging sin was not his bag.

People often ascribe human qualities to God. We struggle with the idea of rules without exceptions. We struggle with our own human failings. We are often troubled by the conflicts that can make life challenging and confusing. We can’t quite grasp the mystery.

Joy and her panel members thought that the baker was judging the customer. That may or may not be true, we all judge others. The Christian woman had a different perspective:

Two other panelists press Jack Phillips, the baker, on the idea that he’s being judgey with gay couples, with one imagining that Christ might disapprove of their wedding but would tell them “I’m going to love you anyways.” Well … yes, that’s how Christianity works. But the issue, of course, isn’t whether Phillips is “judging” his customers or whether he loves his gay neighbors, it’s whether he should be conscripted by the state into participating in an event which his faith doesn’t condone. The guy’s not claiming that gay couples are less moral than any other variety of sinners, only that the act of marriage between them is a sin which he doesn’t want to be made complicit in. Jedediah Bila asks him at one point if he’d refuse to make cakes for other sinners, like adulterers. She doesn’t get a square answer, but I’m guessing if you asked Phillips to make you a torte for a weekend tryst with your mistress (inscription: “Here’s to Cheating!”), yeah, he’d probably turn you down.

I tend to agree.

Find the article, “Joy Behar to Christian baker: C’mon, Jesus would have made a wedding cake for a gay couple at Hot Air

Be safe out there this holiday weekend and God bless.

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6 Responses to Would He Do That?

  1. Chris says:

    Thankfully, more and more Christians every day are realizing that gay marriage is not a sin. In twenty years we’ll be over the silly arguments about cakes.

  2. Truth To Power says:

    Jesus gave freewill.

    End of story

    • Tina says:

      God gave us free will. He also gave us the Ten Commandments and a book, The Bible, filled with truth, wisdom, advice, warnings and blessings for interested. Jesus fulfilled the promise of salvation.

      Free will is more like the beginning. The choices we make are important.

  3. Tina says:

    It’s a Brave New World that the left envisions, “Within 30 years we will no longer use sex to procreate, says Stanford professor – Hank Greely believes the reproductive process will commence with parents choosing from a range of embryos created in a lab with their DNA”

    I saw or read somewhere recently that science would free women from the “burden” of carrying their children. That children will soon be created in a lab. Humans treated as machines.

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