USA’s Meanest Cities for the Homeless

by Jack

This is going to surprise some folks, but here is the list of the top 10 meanest cities for the homeless, take note of 7 and 10:

The 191-page report praises some cities’ initiatives to address issues surrounding homelessness, such as donation meters that allow people to give without supporting panhandling and efforts to provide permanent supportive housing. Measures that criminalize behavior associated with homelessness, the study notes, often run afoul of the Constitution.

The top ten meanest cities:

1. Los Angeles, CA

2. St. Petersburg. FL

3. Orlando, FL

4. Atlanta, GA

5. Gainesville, FL

6. Kalamazoo

7. San Francisco

8. Honolulu

9. Bradenton

10. Berkeley


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14 Responses to USA’s Meanest Cities for the Homeless

  1. TruthToPower says:

    Kill jobs, Take away freedom, Fake corporate media to divide,

    Homeless will grow in numbers, Food and water will dissapper the Pentagon has a training video on how to handle Hungry, thirsty US Citizens in Urban cities? Round them up? That is the Pentagon folks.

    Look we need to Unite.

    We are giving Trump a chance but his actions look more like a NWO Trojan Horse than an outsider. But I remain neutral.

    It is up to the People to unite and ignore the media.

    So why are you not concerned about the possibility state secrets have been sold or given away for over a decade?

    it is even a Clinton that we are after……. it will involve Republicans too but for now we have the Clinton’s…..

    Jack and Tina can you set aside this Party crap for a moment and look at the trouble we are in? Politics is futile right now.

    Why are you silent on the Espionage probability?

    We have the Awans but that is just a crack of an open door. Who are the real Players? Who brought them here?

    2 navy ships were rendered useless and hit by cargo ships?

    A navy seal team is caught in fire saying it is like as though they knew we were coming?

    The USS Donal Cook gets a Russian Plane over it without warning?

    Is the US Military rendered useless because they can jam the radar?

    Wikileaks leaked the CIA vaults that were already on the dark web for all our enemies to have?

    Again do you care enough about this country to drop Party Politics and get serious?

    The evidence is there…….. This is no conspiracy theory…

    We start with the Clinton and we move on to both party’s players –

    The acting Question right now is Was there a Spy ring in congress. How many were there? Why does Congress hire Foreign people to handle the IT? Especially Pakistani?

    • Post Scripts says:

      Dewey, this post of yours about the Pentagon rounding up the homeless is simply not true and it’s ludicrous besides being wrong. Let’s take a little walk down Logic Lane shall we?

      First of all, exactly who is going to do all this rounding up? Your sons or daughters or mine? No way. Do you think America’s son’s and daughters, who were raised with liberty and respect for life, inalienable rights and the Constitution would jump on this bandwagon? No way. Maybe you think it will be the leftists sons and daughters, extremist wackos who want to fundamentally transform America into their version of a socialist utopia? No, rounding up the homeless doesn’t fit with their agenda! Dewey, I can’t think of one group of people large enough to even begin to implement such massive and offensive, illegal, travesty against humanity, can you? Alright, now that was the first exercise in common sense. And I hope you are still with me? The next part is a little more focused.

      We all know people in serving America in high places, they have family, confidants, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, and we also have the thousands of people recently released from service in high places, including the Pentagon, then we have inside leakers, investigative reporters, elected officials in high places that come and go all the time, and out of all these tens of thousands of independent minds not one of them has come forward to say anything about some big government conspiracy to round up the homeless? Who could keep such a large secret and why is it that only you seem to know it? Where does it come from Dewey? I can only guess, that it comes from irresponsible sources on the web who thrive on publishing BS daily to the extremely gullible, those predisposed to believe crazy stories because they have some mental disorder to believe in such nonsense.

      Dewey, if this isn’t sinking in now… about how absurd and paranoid you’re being, may I at least respectfully suggest, seek out mental health counselling? I do not say that to be mean! I honestly think you’ve lost your ability to think rationally and that you may have some kind mental health issue going on. And if you do, you will likely instantly reject this, because mentally ill people are always the last to know it.

      Dewey, I think you are probably a nice guy who means well or I would not waste my time with you now. So, if this post is to mean anything I hope you will take a moment to consider the possibility you are irrationally paranoid and there is some underlying pathology driving your flights of fantasies. Please, for your sake, at least consider this and seek out a professional mental health counselor and tell them about your conspiracy theories and what’ve just said. Good luck my friend.

  2. TruthToPower says:

    Here are some off topic links.

    You will like them because it is on the Clinton corruption. You see I am not a partisan person only Truth to Power but it will be right up your alley.

    This opens eyes. And sooner or later we have to start taking these players down. Financial is the way to shut down the Clinton’s.

    I do not advocate the channels as all good but these videos were excellent work.

    Sunday with Charles – Exploring the Clinton Business Model
    This series is the one good thing this weasel Jason does

    Here is the guy who is causing all the Trouble – They hate him – His working theories are not perfect but over time he has found the goods. One has to be open and vet everything – to get at the truth – people are risking their lives in the search = info changes but working theories are excellent

    Judicial Watch – is publishing their FOIA’s they got more emails into the FBI vault

    The Dylania Files unpacked for research – Weapon smuggling to ISIS Real Bills of laden on there Point Blank Docs – She got fired for putting story out – Anon Bulgaria leaked these files

    Why not help to save this country rather than complain?

    Read the docs not the Propaganda – I am not a RW’er but I interface with many in the search for truth

  3. Libby says:

    Look at you … hanging out on HuffPo. You’re a better man than me. I’d eat worms and die before I would peruse the Daily Caller.

    In San Francisco, there’s a city-written notice you can print out and put in your business doorway, that references the appropriate city ordinance, and authorizes the cops to roust doorway sleepers without a request … that is, the notice is the request. Hospitality, or lack thereof, really isn’t the problem.

    If you are done for the day, and curl up in a posted doorway, and get rousted … you go find an unposted doorway. What else are you gonna do at 4:00 in the morning? Maybe walk over to St. Anthony’s and sit in the breakfast line?

    I’m still seeing a remarkable reluctance to get into the nuts and bolts of the thing. It’s not going to get any better until you do.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby, I think we agree on something! (My lucky day) Yep, we need to get into the nuts and bolts of this homeless issue alright. Facts and logic, not political rhetoric and hyperbole, should drive our decision making.

      Libby, have I ever told you that I think you have a wonderful sense of humor? Well, I do and I find it endearing too.

    • Tina says:

      Some of those nuts and bolts are things YOU need to consider, but will you?

  4. J. Soden says:
    When this was implemented under Bubba, welfare rolls dropped dramatically – and then Obumble intervened and welfare soared again.
    Now, let’s hope the number of days for unemployment checks will be cut back as well.

  5. More Common Sense says:

    What do all these cities have in common?

    They are dominated by liberal progressive populations and liberal progressive city governments. So why aren’t they utopias?

    • Tina says:

      Good point, More Common Sense, instead they represent the perfect communist reality…lots of big money and perks at the top, a decimated middle class, and a lot of dysfunctional people at the bottom of the heap.

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