What a Smart State!

by Jack

I want to live in the smart state that has has rounded up thousands of their chronic homeless problems and sent them West.  That was brilliant and now their state’s crime has dropped, welfare cost is down, medicals costs are down, the mountains of trash are gone, there’s more money in the budget and all it cost was a one way ticket to California.  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

I can hear the mayors in this smart state saying, “Let those idiots in California have them. Heck, they got a lot of money out there; let them take care of these crazies and vagrants, we’ve had it!”

Liberal California and many West Coast cities are now a huge dumping ground for all the problem people from poor Southern States who were so incredibly happy to get rid of their problem people.  And the best part, all it cost was a one way ticket to Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chico, etc.!  Smart.


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2 Responses to What a Smart State!

  1. Libby says:

    Again, Jack … to substantiate your point you must dredge up recent graphics. This particular camp was cleaned up ten years ago.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby, it was just an example of what we deal with every day. 10 years ago? No, but then its really a moot point. I can find more recent, but would it really matter?

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