Is Kim Jong Un Crazy? Psychologists say no.

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From Psychology Today Dr. Ian H. Robertson – North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un is behaving rationally. The survival of his dictatorship depends on maintaining a sense of threat from the outside world, and empowering his impoverished people with images of military power. The 30-year-old is new leader of a gang which has taken over – nay, created – an entire country, and like any boss he wants to keep his gang in power and build its wealth and status.

He is no different from the Congolese warlords who rule country-size regions of central Africa or Mexican drug cartel bosses running parts of Mexico with private armies better-armed than the state’s own forces.

Nor is his gang different from the House of Saud, a family which also contrived a country to boost its family fortunes.

Napoleon, self-crowned Emperor of France, plunged Europe into war and successive kings of England plundered Ireland, Scotland and Continental Europe during adventure-wars of the type that Mr Kim Jong-Un is now threatening against the USA, South Korea and Japan.

Kim Jong-Un is as sane. He is not a psychopath – he made good friends while in school in Switzerland – and is quite intelligent, being good at mathematics although lazy in his studying, according to his closest friend at school, Portugese diplomat’s son Joao Micaelo.

He was the ‘fiercely competitive’ star of his school basketball team and ‘hated to lose’. He also, according to Micaelo, listened to the North Korean national anthem ‘thousands’ of times and was proud of his country. He seems to have had a close relationship with his father.

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One Response to Is Kim Jong Un Crazy? Psychologists say no.

  1. Tina says:

    I guess we can at least be encouraged by Dr Robertson’s conclusion that despite Kim Jong-Un’s “sanity,” we should still be worried.

    This horrid man may not be clinically insane but anyone who can blithely blow human beings to bits with heavy artillery, almost as entertainment, is a total nut job in my book. We should take his threats seriously.

    And…it’s one thing to believe that your decisions are guided by God through earnest prayer and quite another to see yourself as “god,” forcing devotion through brain washing and indoctrination. (The latter also makes Kim a nut job in my book)

    Isn’t he a bit of a nut job just for thinking he has superior power against the forces of the US and the free world?

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