An Unworthy Headline

by Jack

Today all the media is all abuzz over the threatening comments uttered by North Korea’s foreign minister at the UN.  He said Monday the U.S. had declared war on North Korea and his country considered all possible responses to be on the table, including shooting down of America aircraft flying over his country.

Let’s examine his statement, shall we?  He knows if the United States has declared war he wouldn’t be talking at the UN.   Besides, North Korea has been in a state of war with us and South Korea since 1953,  what’s new?   And how many times has North Korea said same line followed by, uh, silence?   So, there is no new news here.  \

However, what’s is new is they now possess  nuclear weapons, thanks in no small measure to the complete incompetence of several past US presidents.  But, that’s another story.  Let’s get back to yesterday’s threat.

In reality, North Korea does not want a nuclear war or any war with the USA.  The leaders may be a cult of fanatics filled with delusions, but they aren’t crazy and neither is Kim Jong Un.  He’s a young man who has barely been in power long enough to enjoy his absolute, God-like control over his poor helpless peasantry.   He would like to continue for awhile.  And he has serious trust issues.  I’m sure he’s thought, “If I send my whole army into South Korea can I trust them not to defect?”

Kim Jong Un’s only viable response to save face now, is to do what the P.R.N.K. have always done, bluster and threaten.    It’s just more of the same old hyperbole we’ve seen for the last 60 years, totally unworthy of a headline.    But, even if that’s all it is, we’ll take the appropriate precautions, you can count on that…we’re not crazy either.


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