A Smile for Today

Old George woke up to the sounds of glass breaking in his back yard.
Peering outside into the night he saw two men entering his tool shed.

He immediate called 9-1-1 and the police dispatcher said, “Sir, we don’t have anyone
available at the moment, but we’ll send someone as soon as we can.”

After a few minutes of watching the men loot his shed old George called back.
“Never mind my last call. I have shot them and I’ll bury them in the morning.”

In less than 2 minutes the first squad car arrived with lights and sirens blaring, followed
by another and then another. Suddenly a police helicopter flew overhead lighting up the area, then the SWAT team arrived and the police Captain.

Of course they immediately apprehended the two burglars. That’s when the police supervisor said curtly, “Hey old timer, I thought you said you shot them?’ George replied, “Yeah, and I thought you said, there was nobody available?”

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2 Responses to A Smile for Today

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Not Funny: Left wing fascist book burners move forward —

    A museum dedicated to Dr. Seuss in Springfield, Massachusetts, said it would remove a mural depicting a Chinese character featured in one of his books after three authors claimed the image was a “jarring racial stereotype.”


    • Tina says:

      The war to destroy Western Civilization is way out in the open now…question is will the destroyers destroy themselves first?

      Hollywood’s in the dumper…the NFL not far behind…Congress is crashing in the race to the bottom…California is on a suicide mission….institutions of learning have become too expensive on the one hand and ineffective on the other…K-12 is failing in everything but propaganda…

      What will emerge from the ashes? Lets hope our Constitution and flag remain.

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