Coincidence? Wildfires Rage In Spain and Portugal!

Posted by Tina

The Daily Mail reports that wildfires driven by strong winds are responsible for at least 39 deaths and many injuries.” Authorities suggest

Portugal’s civil protection service said as of Monday morning, firefighters were fighting 145 separate blazes across the country, dozens of which are considered to still be serious. …

… Authorities in both countries said that the strong winds from Hurricane Ophelia in the Atlantic Ocean and high temperatures fanned the fires.

Investigations were also focusing on human and criminal causes, with political leaders accusing ‘terrorist arsonists’ of starting the blazes. …

… Houses, factories and other infrastructure had been destroyed in more than 440 forest fires, 33 of them considered to be major.

Conditions can explain wildfires but so many and all at the same time? Something doesn’t smell right and it isn’t just the smoke.

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9 Responses to Coincidence? Wildfires Rage In Spain and Portugal!

  1. RHT447 says:

    Some long time residents of the burned areas here are saying the pattern of advance of the fires and the timing is highly suspicious. Maybe the wind blew the power lines down, maybe it just helped. With the technology that is available on the open market today, a monkey could assemble and pre-position a cell phone triggered device that would leave no trace.

  2. Libby says:

    Does the phrase “Global Warming” ring a bell … you seething mass of paranoia, you!

    Floods, fire … fire, floods … all your denials have not forestalled the inevitable. Now we have to cope.

    • Peggy says:

      Libs, doesn’t “paranoia” describe you and your GW believers and not those of us who don’t worship the GW god? We’re not the ones crying the world is coming to an end.

      All of you GW believers have more in common with those who are saying all of the fires, floods, disease, etc. are the wrath of God for your turning away from Him. What a contradiction of it’s own making. While you all could be the very cause for all bad things going on worldwide you blame others when equal blame can be just as easily directed at you GW worshipers.

  3. Tina says:

    Libs I’m sure you’ve been dying…dying…to bring up global warming. I won’t stoop to calling you a seething mass of hysterical idiocy, but I’d certainly be justified.

    We had such things as devastating hurricanes and wildfires long before the use of fossil fuels came into play in any significant way.

    The 1700’s were hardly an era of industry and yet, South Carolina got hit with a hurricane that left 98 dead.

    You can enlighten yourself about hurricanes in the 1800’s here:

    1837 — “Racer’s Storm” leaves 2,000-mile path of destruction – Racer’s Storm, named for a British sloop of war which encountered the storm in the northwest Caribbean, was one of the most destructive storms of the 19th century. It formed near Jamaica, crossed the Yucatan, struck the Gulf coast of Texas, and moved over Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina before arriving off the North Carolina coast on October 9.

    1846 — September hurricane creates inlets on the North Carolina Outer Banks – Two major inlets on the Outer Banks of North Carolina were cut by a hurricane in September 1846. Later in the year, a severe hurricane struck the Florida Keys destroying or damaging all but eight of the 600 houses in Key West. Some experts say this hurricane was probably a Category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

    And wildfires in the 1800’s, according to Wikipedia: in 1825 3,000,000 acres burned in New Brunswick and killed 160…1871 1,200,00 acres burned in Wisconsin killing 1,700 people and another 2,500,000 acres burned in Michigan on the same day…the Chicago fire occurred that same day also.

    Most of the GW “science” you’ve swallowed is pure horse hockey. It’s not about science…it’s about power and control…and money.

    All of the so called concerned leaders are really about grabbing as much money and power from the GW scam as they can.

    The sad thing is what they’ve done to destroy the scientific community.

    Thankfully we have free speech and enough brave citizens that have been willing to stand up to the power hungry money grubbers to challenge their schemes.

    • Libby says:

      I’m telling ya, denial and paranoia, not a healthy combination.

    • J. Soden says:

      Could the blasts of hot air generated by the Lefties be contributing to the fires?

      • TruthToPower says:

        Yes many events are suspicious the hurricanes as well Irma was 500 miles wide and quite unusual in some respects.

        So while the suspicion arises History is always good to revisit if for no other reason than to raise ones awareness while on the lookout for foul play.

        project cirrus 1947

        Operation Popeye during Vietnam ect ect

        Even Las Vegas is suspicious – the evidence being collected supports we are being lied to

        I could go about LV facts but the point is the “Official” narrative on any of these events does not add up.

        Did you hear about the man caught speeding with ready to go arms in TN? Or the 2 abandoned trucks of arms in AL?

        So yes suspicion is good these days – We are being lied to daily and must do our own investigations and vetting on everything – Something is very wrong in OZ
        Man caught at traffic stop with automatic weapons, 900 rounds

      • Tina says:

        Yer kkkilling me.

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