IRS Scandal – Targeted Groups Get Settlement

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AG Jeff Sessions apologized to IRS scandal victims on behalf of the government and announced the groups will receive settlement money:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the IRS owed the groups an apology after years of poor treatment and even longer refusal to concede bad behavior. He placed blame on “the last administration,” saying the targeting that went on under President Obama “was wrong and should never have occurred.”

One of the settlement agreements, filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., officially admits that the IRS singled out groups because of their political beliefs, in defiance of the law. The other settlement, in a class-action lawsuit in Ohio, includes a “generous” payout to more than 400 groups snared, according to a lawyer involved.

“There is no excuse for this conduct,” Mr. Sessions said in a statement. “Hundreds of organizations were affected by these actions, and they deserve an apology from the IRS.”

As of Thursday morning, however, the groups said they had yet to get such an apology.

“A true reckoning is finally up to the agency itself. Until the IRS itself steps forward to admit what really happened, we cannot have faith that the same abuse won’t be repeated again,” said Edward Greim, the lawyer who handled the class-action lawsuit for NorCal Tea Party Patriots and more than 400 other groups.

In August Tom Finton of NewsMax reported that the Justice Department finally admitted that an Obama backer, was one of the people “investigating” the scandal and part of the team that was obstructing justice.

Stephen Dinan of The Washington Times reported yesterday on an email from an IRS agent to her supervisors that “the agency was, in fact, singling out some groups’ applications for extreme scrutiny ‘primarily because of their political party affiliation.'”

I guess we can take solace in the fact that those harmed will be compensated for their legal fees but I doubt that does anything to give them a sense that justice has been served.

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4 Responses to IRS Scandal – Targeted Groups Get Settlement

  1. Harold says:

    So the affected groups get a large undisclosed settlement (more tax dollars used to correct Obamas reign) and a apology from current DOJ, but so far not from the IRS, and that’s whom they were seeking the apology from.

    But what of the Millions or Billion (prior settlement fines/funds) that Obama’s DOJ distributed to groups that supported only Obamas agenda:

    or more resent

    Not much of those fines/funds actually reached or benefited victims, and how does paying their fines to “NON victim third parties” help those who were actually damaged? Just more of the politics from the Obama Swamps BS!

    So the benefiting “NON Victims” receiving the fine-funds paid by the Banks benefited mostly Political parties supporting Obama (Liberal progressive Democratic socialist) So what is being addressed toward recovering those funds channeled for Obamas corrupt intentions, I doubt anyone in Congress will support the idea of requiring those groups to return those funds to be redistributed properly to cover this new current generous settlement? so we as tax payers who are heavy taxed (twice), 3 times when you consider the rising costs of bank services.

    So once more working tax payers are screwed by the corruption of the swamp of DC elitist, as well as covering the cost of corruption resulting from Obamas terms in the oval office.

  2. J. Soden says:

    Any settlement payments to the Tea Party or other IRS targeted groups should come directly outta Lois Lerner’s, Eric Holder’s and Obumble’s retirement packages.

    And thank goodness that lying Koskinen will no longer be in charge at IRS after November 12th! TheDonald should’ve given him the boot on January 20th!

  3. RHT447 says:

    More off topic food for thought—

    “For the cost of $200 of drone, and $50 of chemical components, using a cell phone trigger that’s been in use in SWAsia since before 2002. And now found in Mexico. (Found by accident, and unlikely to be the only one; it’s just the first one we know about.)

    We won’t even talk about what a pound or so of C-4 would do. Let alone several dozens of them. (World Series? Superbowl? Malls at Christmas? Wall Street at the opening bell? A handful of FAA Center air traffic control buildings, simultaneously? The imagination boggles.)”

    Read the rest here—

    …and in case anyone has forgotten (this video is almost eight years old)…

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