About Sen. Dick Durbin

By Big Frig

Oh Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick.

What a foolish little creature you are. Indeed, you like to stand tall and show off, but you always come up short and truly disappointing. 

I speak, of course, of the little man himself, Dick Durbin. A man whose personality was so apparent that even at birth his mother called him Dick.

You remember Dick, don’t you? He was a famous Dick for a while. It was back when his emotions got the better of him. He was so spontaneous that he actually let his guard down and let his true and honest feelings come out when on the floor of US Senate. This little Dick accused American service members of committing atrocities like the Nazi’s did in World War II. He went on to say our military prison camps were like the Russian gulags and also that the American military committed barbaric cruelties similar to the Cambodian despot Pol Pot, who orchestrated the Cambodian genocide that brutally tortured and killed some 3 million people. So, if nothing else he has proven to be a Dick of extreme exaggeration and dishonesty.

That’s our Dick. Serving the citizens of Illinois, first as a US Representative from 1983 until he was elected as US Senator from Illinois in 1997, and still serving today as second in command of the Democrat Senate cabal. He was an ardent follower of Senate Leader Harry Reid and now of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Our little Dick is as dishonest and cunning as they come, which is how he has lasted in DC politics as a career politician caring only about the political game and not the welfare of the country.

It comes as no surprise that it was this Dick from Illinois that informed the press of the verbiage used by President Trump in a private, closed door meeting. Like a second-grade tattletale, this Dick couldn’t wait to tell his adoring press that President Trump used the term “shithole” to describe the shithole country of Haiti.

The President has denied using the term but if he did he was far more accurate than he was racist. Haiti is a country of unparalleled political corruption, constantly ranking amongst the most corrupt countries in the world, and poverty, with 80% of the population living on less than $2.00 per day. This is probably why the capital city Port-au-Prince is ranked as the most dangerous city in the world. 90% of the raw sewage goes untreated, with much of it running through the streets, which certainly ranks as a shithole in my book.

But this isn’t about Haiti, or how the President referred to it. It’s about a Dick in the US Senate showing that he and his Democrat compatriots have no intention of working on the disastrous US Immigration policies as they publicly promised to do. No, this little Dick went to his pals in the major media to block progress, not move it forward. His disgusting act of faux shock at the language used in a private meeting would be laughable if it was not so very detrimental to finally having a meaningful Immigration bill passed through Congress and signed by the President.

Does our little Dick from Illinois actually expect Americans to believe that only Donald Trump has used colorful or offensive language in the White House? With all that transpires on a regular basis in this world is this really the story he is willing to push? This White House where Harry Truman was famous for swearing about everything from war to the dinner menu? This White House where Kennedy stood up to the Russians in Cuba and still found time to seduce several of his secretaries before passing them off to some of his pals. This White House where his political benefactor Bill Clinton was dodging rape charges while inserting cigars into 22-year-old interns? This White House where Hillary Clinton is repeatedly reported to have used every combination of vulgar expletive at the staff and Secret Service members? This White House where Barack Obama entertained some of the most vulgar rap singers on the planet? Tell me little Dick, are you suggesting that calling Haiti a shithole is more offensive than celebrating a rapper who made millions with the song “Cop Killer”? Is that what you’re saying, Dick? 

You see, this is a Dick who has learned that immigration reform is a valuable issue to talk about and campaign on but never to actually settle. The masses of illegal immigrants he so falsely claims to care about are far more useful as political pawns than they are as anything else. Our little Dick believes it is far more important to fight Trump so the Democrats can gain seats in the 2018 midterm election than it is to actually help those depending on reform.

So, congratulations Dick. Your pathetically fake shock and awe at hearing harsh language did indeed get you some face time on the major media fake news shows. You have been able to change the narrative with the fake newsers from the president stating that Haiti is a shithole country to somehow being racist against the people of this shithole country. But frankly, that isn’t setting the bar too high as they will always join in on a Trump bashing party. But what about the people Dick? What have you done to help the poor immigrant people this meeting was about?

You have accomplished zero, zilch, nada, for the immigrants except to show them what it looks like to be a career politician who cares about nothing but the game of politics. You have proven the depths you will go to block this President at any and all costs regardless of who gets hurt or what happens to them in the future. And you have also proven one more thing.

Your mother was right.

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3 Responses to About Sen. Dick Durbin

  1. J. Soden says:

    Can I nominate this article for a Pulitzer Prize?

  2. Peggy says:

    Remember when Obama was in the WH and democrats the majority in both houses of congress they did nothing to change our immigration policy, nothing to stop the flow of illegals their future voters, nothing to stop the drugs and little girls trafficked for sex. And last but not least they did nothing to stop the MS13 and other gang members who have turned communities into hell holes where Americans and legal residence once lived safe, free to walk their streets and children to play.

  3. Libby says:

    I tried to track this down, but all I could find was some internet vendor of coolers … who is an illiterate, because the short version of “refrigerator” is “fridge”.

    Frig is something else entirely. It is British slang for the act of copulation, commonly used to lend emphasis to vocal expressions: “frigging this, that and the other” … just like that older Anglo-Saxon, four-letter, F-word.

    So why is a (presumably) guy calling himself “The Big Frig” expostulating all over the place over another Dick? Very odd. Or probably, just ignorant.

    And wildly entertaining.

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