Happy Father’s Day, except for those…

by Jack

Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s, except for those who left a string of kids all over the place wondering “Who was my daddy and why did he abandoned us?”

Happy Father’s Day, if you are a legal immigrant and you did not come here for the welfare benefits, you came here to work and be a good citizen. We’re thrilled to have you here!

Happy Father’s day, if you are not some wacko terrorist biding your time for the day when you get to strap on your homemade bomb vest or teaching your kids to do the same.

And finally, an extra special Happy Father’s day to all those wonderful men of good character, who stayed with their family, helped Mom raise the kids, (actually married their mother) and guided them into adulthood to become productive and responsible citizens. For you, well, words are hardly enough, but its safe to say, you have our eternal gratitude!

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3 Responses to Happy Father’s Day, except for those…

  1. Tina says:

    Happy Fathers Day, men, and thank you.

    Most of you have no idea how important you are/were in our lives, perhaps, because we have not told you…and, perhaps, because the women in our world have decided, wrongly, that you are unnecessary.

    Thankfully, that rabid feminist view is being rejected by many in our society. Now we can get on with the important business of instilling in today’s youth the morals and values that will help them to realize their place in the world and their necessary and appreciated place in the family.

    Our sons and daughters need good fathers. Our families and our country are stronger because of the important contributions of fathers. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

  2. Tina says:

    A Fathers Day message from our president, Donald J Trump:

    “Fathers across our country serve as role models for their children and families,” he wrote in a statement. “Through their examples, they display the fundamental American values of hard work and dedication, which are so important to fulfilling our potential and achieving the American Dream.” …

    … “Today, and every day, we honor our fathers who serve their families with humble and giving hearts,” he wrote. “Whether we became their children through birth, adoption, or foster care, the incredible fathers in our lives generously share with us the powerful gifts of love and care through their presence and dedication.”

    Even men who are not fathers can be roll models for young people by being good, responsible, productive, and engaged people (Are you listening men of the FBI…DOJ).

  3. Tina says:

    Boy does the world need good dads!!!!

    CNS News, “Alt-Left Insanity: Irish Lads Should Be Able to Get Abortions Too,” by Matt Philbin

    Even as Irish and international progressives are celebrating the newly minted right to snuff out babies in the womb, Broadly tells us that:

    “Since 2015, the Gender Recognition Act has allowed Irish trans people to declare their gender freely, but the abortion bill currently specifies the word ‘woman.’ Activists from the Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) have expressed fears that the use of this word may prevent both trans men and non-binary people from accessing abortion.”

    So now the government has to make sure dudes can have abortions too? Sure. Work through this with me:

    Let’s say you used to be Mary Fitzpatrick, but you’ve decided to become Patrick Fitzmary. You call yourself a lad, but haven’t been O’Tooled yet, so you’re kind of a Fitznothing. Your partner, Bridget O’Neil (formerly Neil O’Bridget) wants to have a baby. Bridget still sports a shillelagh, and you still have your colleen parts, so a baby gets made.

    So far, so weird. But then, being a fully woke and intersectional kind of fellow, you decide you want to exorcise your shiny new right to infanticide. You just might become the first Irish man to have an abortion. Take that, Catholic Church!

    But there’s the rub – the law is for women, and your driver’s license says male. Your state ID says male. Even your hand towel says His. And what about your non-binary friend, Erin Fitzsomethings? What if ze wanted to be a surrogate for a gay couple, and abort their baby?

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