Lisa Page Under Oath – No Basis for Mueller Probe

Posted by Tina

Testimony given under oath by Lisa Page apparently indicates that key FBI agents gathering evidence in the Trump/Russia case thought there was no basis for the Mueller probe.

If true, this is a bombshell revelation:

…there are just five words, among the thousands of suggestive texts Page and Strzok exchanged, that you should read.

That passage was transmitted on May 19, 2017. “There’s no big there there,” Strzok texted.

The date of the text long has intrigued investigators: It is two days after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein named special counsel Robert Mueller to oversee an investigation into alleged collusion between Trump and the Russia campaign.

Since the text was turned over to Congress, investigators wondered whether it referred to the evidence against the Trump campaign.

This month, they finally got the chance to ask. Strzok declined to say — but Page, during a closed-door interview with lawmakers, confirmed in the most pained and contorted way that the message in fact referred to the quality of the Russia case, according to multiple eyewitnesses.

The admission is deeply consequential. It means Rosenstein unleashed the most awesome powers of a special counsel to investigate an allegation that the key FBI officials, driving the investigation for 10 months beforehand, did not think was “there.”

So maybe that’s why the left has gone to such great lengths this past week to create a competing “Russia” narrative. It started with Chuck Schummer (D_NY) insisting the President should not meet with Putin and ended with all of them screaming treason.


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3 Responses to Lisa Page Under Oath – No Basis for Mueller Probe

  1. J. Soden says:

    The ONLY way the DOJ and FBI will ever regain credibility or trust would be to remove ALL those hired or promoted during the Obumble years.
    And given the lackluster performances by Sessions and Wray, they should go as well.

  2. Chris says:

    “No big there there” could mean no proof, not “no basis” for investigation at all. You must know this. Your headline is misleading.

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