The National Anthem as You’ve Never Heard It

by Jack

Please set aside just a few minutes from your busy day to appreciate a little bit of your heritage.  This is where your pedigree, as an American, and from time to time I think it worth remembering.  If this nation is ever torn apart it will be because we did not understand nor value what was handed down to us.

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5 Responses to The National Anthem as You’ve Never Heard It

    • Post Scripts says:

      Something tells me this play will be so offensive that it will not last. The far left have much more in common with Nazi’s than ICE agents trying to enforce the law of land. What do these unicorn riders think this nation would become without a secure border? Imagine a border that open to drugs, crime, gangs, and all sorts of ills that plague Mexico. Lack of border control is why many of our border towns are starting to look similar to rundown, trashy Mexican towns. That’s one heck of a price to pay just to get more poor people to vote for democrats.

      • Pie Guevara says:

        The left is an ass that seeks absolute control. No price is too dear to pay to empower them. Not even the Bill Of Rights (review Chris or Libby comments for confirmation).

        I do not believe the left can ever be understood except in those terms. Next to Venezuela, California is the paradigm. One party rule. Democrat machine hell. Today they come for your plastic straws, tomorrow for your guns. Oh, we believe in freedom say the Rats, just don’t cross us or our hare-brained, Nazi-like desire and success at command and control via Gerrymandering and the powerful parasitic SEIU.

  1. Tina says:

    Jack this is a wonderful video. Young people haven’t been given a chance to experience their heritage in a full and meaningful way and that’s a shame.

    The radical left is unhinged and out of their minds. They live in a drama of their own creation…an absurd ongoing play. It’s hard to believe this garbage is real for them but clearly it is. As the British would say, “They’ve gone completely mental.”

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