Adult Education – Life Long Learning

by Jack

Aside from our transient problem, there’s a lot to like in Chico.  One of our many success stories is the CSUC Olli program.   This is a continuing educational program for adults 55 and up. The academic year follows the traditional semester system, with short classes during summer.

The tuition is quite modest for what you get.  About $200 per semester and for that you can take classes in global affairs, U.S. history, astrophysics, geology, art, cracker barrel discussions, finance, psychology, histories mysteries, travel, computer skills and much, much more.

This current semester I get to do an art class…. as the instructor!  Taking the first step was the hardest part.  I had lots of reservations because I’m not a college educated artist, I’m basically a hobby artist.

I have done some teaching years ago, but even then it was very minimal.  My background is police and political science.  But the Olli folks gave me a chance, despite my lack of formal training.  We just had the first class on Tuesday and I had a lot of fun.  Overall, I think it went pretty well!

If you have not tried an Olli course maybe you should at least consider it?   Just because we retire doesn’t mean we have to stop learning.  Learning is fun when you’re not forced into it!   Here’s a link if you are interested.  






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4 Responses to Adult Education – Life Long Learning

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Congratulations! Hope your class is a success.

  2. JB says:

    Thanks for the OLLI plug! I love OLLI, have been enjoying it since I retired in mid-’11. The peer/class leaders are knowledgeable, the classes are interesting & lively. And you meet many bright, friendly people. I’ve a class starting this afternoon about the origins & development of American values and institutions. Great fun & interesting, recommended for all who might be curious.

  3. More Common Sense says:

    I’m all for continuing education. There many resources out there for learning new things. One I have used extensively is The course list is extensive and the reviews help you to pick the best ones. I’ve taken well over 50 courses from this site. Full courses are available for less than $10.00. You will find many courses that cost more than that but I have found that at least once a month all courses are on sale for $9.99 to $12.99. All you have to do is wait a while and check back to get your course at these low prices.

  4. J. Soden says:

    Teaching a class is very rewarding – especially when you’re explaining something and suddenly the “light bulb goes on.”
    I’ve been privileged to assist with a computer class for snowbirds in the winter months in AZ, and do house calls for those whose problems are more difficult to address than in class. I do Windows/Android, and we have an Apple specialist as well. Lots of fun meeting new folks and helping them out. I don’t charge, but will accept a tip.
    Never hurts to share your knowledge and give someone a hand.

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