Inspired Thoughts by Lou Holtz

Please take a moment to watch this video. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Pie Guevara says:



  2. Tina says:

    Messages America needs to hear from a wonderfully funny and inspirational man.

    Thanks for sharing it, Jack.

  3. Libby says:

    Truth to tell … I’m no more inspired than the last time you posted it. Us old farts will repeat ourselves.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Do you feel better now Lippy?

      Nothing could possibly inspire toxic waste like you Lippy. Except more toxic waste. Sad but true. You will always be screaming from the sidelines and sensible people will take you for what you are worth. Toxic waste.

  4. More Common Sense says:

    Imaging what a country of 326 Million people would look like if each and every one of them understood and believed in what Lou Holtz is saying. Now imagine what a country of 326 Million people would look like if each and every one of them thought what he is saying is nonsense. What country would you want to live in?

    Thank God there are still people in this country that believe in work and personal responsibility and there are enough of them to keep it moving forward.

      • RHT447 says:

        Oops. Didn’t mean to post the comment link above, although it will work if you scroll up, or want to read the comments anyway. Here is the text of the blog post—
        Monday, September 10, 2018
        A Trip to California DMV

        I had to go to DMV today. I couldn’t resolve the situation and California law required that I make a personal appearance. I went to a less used, DMV, predominantly serviced by inner city people. I know that you’re expecting me to say that the experience was horrible, but I had a blast. If I didn’t have other places to be, I would have hung out there through lunch.

        Start with the visual: The Star Wars bar scene, only with an inner city cast.

        It turns out that Willy is in jail for stealing a car. He might be the baby daddy of the lady who sat behind me for almost an hour, talking to other. Then again, there are 13 other possibles and she plans to blame it on a Christian gentleman who she seduced who would not ask for a blood test. He’s employed, which seem (in addition to gullibility) be his only charming attributes. The Christian is a bum lay, but that doesn’t seem to bother our heroin because she has other gentleman callers. Bless her heart.

        Willy didn’t steal the car, his other girlfriend, Cleo has a brother who stole the car, planted some drugs and then loaned it to Willy and dimed him off to the po-lice. He owes money to Willy for a much larger supply of drugs, but since Willy is on parole, he’ll be going away for a long time. Cleo’s brother is hosting a party tonight at his home to celebrate with other hood rats.

        The set up is apparently an open secret because there were three or four people seated behind me talking about it, and looking forward to the party on Willy’s dope.

        Then there’s Otis, who is simple of mind, and is trying to get a job, ‘but he can’t get no job’, because everywhere he goes, he steals compulsively. The longest he’s been employed was about a week. Otis sat behind me for a while and was on the phone with his mama. Otis also apparently has a problem with being a ‘ticket magnet’ for the local constabulary who make their quota on him alone. One of the others at DMV gave him advice as to the best way to get welfare. The City of Los Angeles would appear to be the best place to go because the food kitchens are lavish and feature ‘soul food’ every day. They also work harder to get you onto government programs because you’re down on your luck – which led to an usual display of anger toward Koreans and Chinese. In the ghetto, it is Asians, running the convenience stores, who clash more with inner city people than white people. It’s good that inner city people don’t have the capacity to be racist, because the blaggarding went on and on.

        Roland, turned out to be the biggest mountebank. He is a pimp by trade and while he was at DMV, the girls (who can not be trusted) called him, having jacked his pimp ride from the parking lot. The joy ride went on while he fumed. Meanwhile, he made other calls to girls who are part of another pimp’s “bitch line”, promising them a greater share of their own labors if they’d come over to him. The girls driving the car have a planned obsolescence, and I’m sure he’ll dump the bodies in Bakersfield.

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