Hilarious – Academics Expose Absurd Bias Reporting

by Jordan Lee, (no relationship to Jack Lee)

A bunch of left-wing academics in the United States wrote mock articles and sent them to ‘respected’ journals that specialize in Gender Studies, Fat Studies, Race Theory etc.

Some of the fake papers include: A section of Mein Kampf rewritten in the language of intersecionality, an article explaining why nobody should be allowed to make fun of radical feminists and a paper arguing that white students should not be allowed to speak in lectures.

There is a short YouTube video below detailing what happened and I have put a link to the original article below.

The results are both hilarious and deeply worrying.

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5 Responses to Hilarious – Academics Expose Absurd Bias Reporting

  1. Pie Guevara says:

    Who needs to mock progressives? Just give them some rope and they will unintentionally mock themselves.

    • Pie Guevara says:

      Oh, by the way, I am not worried. Reasoned and reasonably intelligent people can figure this out for themselves — “respected” left-wing academia is a pathetic farce and obliviously self-satirizing.

      Bless their little hearts, they are legends in their own minds.

  2. J. Soden says:

    Off topic, but interesting:

    Sinenema (spelling intentional) has portrayed herself as a “moderate” from the start without having a smidgen of moderation. Her socialist stances are being exposed.
    What a gift to Martha McSally!

  3. Joe says:

    Well, I hope you boys had a good laugh…but how funny is it? Ask yourself how many hundreds of millions of dollars are these universities and other institutions who take up the absurd rulings from these “scholars” wasting? And your tax dollars are paying for all this “research” and implementing the policies resulting from it, so get back to work tax slaves. It’s costing a fortune and you have to pay.

    And do you think the Chinese or the Rooskies are wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on this nonsense or taking the advice for their societies dished out by these types of “scholars?” These are your adversaries and they are laughing at how idiotic your country is.

    Now, how funny is it?

  4. Pie Guevara says:

    Ben Shapiro couldn’t stop laughing —


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