Shooting of 7 Year Old Black Girl – Racially Motivated Hate Crime…. NOT

by Jack

The investigation into the shooting of a 7-year-old girl in Houston, Texas that civil rights activists and left-wing media sites asserted was a white supremacist hate crime took a wildly unexpected turn when it was revealed that the gunman was not white.  In fact it turns out he a 24-year-old black man.  This revelation has a lot of people looking downright stupid, if not a bit racist themselves!

Jazmine Barnes was killed in the back of her mother’s vehicle after the family were fired upon on the East Sam Houston Parkway feeder road near Wallisville Road at approximately 6:50 a.m. last Sunday.

Jazmine’s sister, who must have been in shock when she described the shooter as a “bearded white man in his 40s wearing a red hoodie.   How could she imagine the black shooter to be a white guy?  Who knows, but her description was off by a mile.  However, this bogus description was all that was needed to set off a media frenzy.  This was a great racist story.  It was a cold blooded murder and the best part it was a racist hate crime.  It doesn’t get much better as far as the fake news is concerned.  And it  didn’t take long for all the usual race-mongers to pile on.

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King also offered up a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and arranged a rally to call for justice.  Well, the information came, but don’t be surprised if King doesn’t back out on paying the reward, because the shooter was not the racist white guy they were hoping for.  

Community activist Deric Muhammad claimed that the murder proved black people were being indiscriminately targeted by racist whites.  “Black people are being targeted in this country, black people are being targeted in this county, black people are being targeted in this city. So we are thoroughly convinced that the killing of Jazmine Barnes was race related, we believe that there is a white supremacist element in that area that needs to be trotted out, found and brought to justice,” he said.   Well, so much for trying to get out in front of the media and whip up the black community.

I’ve never seen a red hot story like this one come to screeching halt so fast!  Where’s the outrage now?  Where are the marchers?  Where are all these concerned people; a killing is a killing, right?  Don’t black lives matter, they did a few days ago?

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21 Responses to Shooting of 7 Year Old Black Girl – Racially Motivated Hate Crime…. NOT

  1. J. Soden says:

    Black LIES Matter . . . . . . .

  2. Joe says:

    What Happens When Democrats Run Your State?

    With Demorats having every state office, a super majority in the legislature and the governor’s office what’s their excuse for Commifornia having the country’s highest poverty rate?

  3. Libby says:

    “This revelation has a lot of people looking downright stupid, if not a bit racist themselves!”

    Bull. There was a 40-something white guy in a red truck, and he is still sought as a witness.

    “At least four other witnesses also reported seeing someone in a red truck fire into Jazmine’s car, Merritt [Attorney S. Lee Merritt, who is representing Jazmine’s family] said. Nevertheless, “the family was surprised and relieved by the arrest,” he told CNN, regardless of the suspect’s race. “They wanted the right person to be convicted — not a white person,” he said.”

    So how about you put it lid on all your scurrilous presumptions and assumptions that are sounding quite racist (or just garden variety unkind) themselves.

    You really can’t help it, can you?

    I’m matching this post up against your marked non-response to the Newman cop shooting … much too telling.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby, what are you talking about now….the Newman shooting, what about the Newman shooting? Did you have question or what? This is the first I have heard you mention it. If you had a question I missed it, because I would be happy to reply to whatever issue you had with it.

    • Post Scripts says:

      Libby it shakes out like this: There are hundreds of black people murdered by other blacks every month in America and nobody within the black community gets too excited about this fact. But, every once in awhile some white person caps a black person, be it in self defense or otherwise and then the S hits the fan. It’s WHITE RACISM – white people are out to kill all black people, cops are killing black people for no reason, etc., all the (fake) outrage makes me sick! Now enter the black militants armed to teeth with hate and prejudice. They march down Main street like heros and CNN loves it. In many cases this results in looting of a neighborhood liquor store (always a popular target). Sometimes its arson to businesses and sometimes black owned businesses get torched too. Now that’s what I call REAL injustice. And where is your big voice on all this carnage and racial division…hmmmm? You are too busy finding imaginary fault with everyone except those who are the real and true “bad” guys among us. I think you have a problem knowing right from wrong.

      • RHT447 says:

        CNN ain’t the only one.

        “I was talking the other night with a man who has a son entering college in the fall. The father is a nice guy and generous with his collection of rare whiskeys though, like most people who glance off the side of our lives, he is an acquaintance rather than friend. I had always taken him to be liberal, albeit one rare in his reluctance to not spray spittle in your face about it. We have never discussed politics though, and my suspicion was based largely on intuition along with his son’s occasional regurgitation of programmed leftist pablum.

        I expected this evening would proceed along its typical polite contours until the father began expressing visible contempt when the conversation turned to his son’s college application process. His son is a very bright boy with a pristine high school transcript and SAT scores in the top one percentile. Being conscientious parents in a way that tends to confer white privilege, they had made significant financial sacrifices to subsidize his many interests and academic pursuits. All told they had given up much of their own for him—as investor societies tend to do.

        But being a meticulous investor in an age of extreme extraction preference can sometimes be a bitter pill. Because, as the father began to recount through nearly gritted teeth, his son’s rejection notices from elite universities had already begun to congest their mail box. The father found that grating enough, though understood Ivy League level dismissals are simply a thing to accept with equanimity. What possibly sent him into commenting at the Kakistocracy, however, was his son’s rejection from a large state university. Granted this was a fairly prestigious institution, though one with an incoming class featuring literally thousands of POCs with resumes inferior to his son’s. With alcohol’s gentle urging, he was livid about it. With one hand he rubbed the skin of his forearm and spat out, “apparently this wasn’t the right color.” He was correct, it was not.

        I understand his frustration. Sane creatures don’t build nests for someone else’s chicks. But sane men long ago evacuated university admissions offices. These are now places to pronounce your pigment or abandon hope. So I nodded blandly and agreed that being a white heterosexual man was a huge impediment to reaching the power-funnel of elite education. Yet would a constitutional convention full of white, Christian, Englishmen really have wanted it any other way? He smiled ruefully at the premise.

        Again, I don’t know his politics—pre or post college admissions. But I do know anti-white preening always has an invoice, and white liberals aren’t excused from payment. Diversity is a tribal sham. But it’s delicious to praise from high perches. Whites who get in the door never feel the pain of having their face slammed in it.

        Well, I know one father and son who just got their noses broke. Did they think having the luxury of living in a country with millions of people who hate you was just going to be cost free? No, diversity is a luxury. Just not for any of the people actually paying for it. So their son will glumly take his 1500 SAT to a mid-tier state college, where he will promptly be regaled with encomiums to diversity. Perhaps he will Email a list of its benefits back to his father.

        It really is funny how myopia seems to be culturally communicable. Haitians didn’t massacre right-wing whites in 1804; they massacred all of them. Mugabe didn’t kill or confiscate from right-wing whites; he killed and confiscated all of them. Affirmative action and diversity aren’t programs against Bad Whites, they’re programs against all of them. Yet white liberals only comprehend what cuts their own forearm. Ahh well, at least Harvard admitted David Hogg.

        From here–

        • Libby says:

          “Sane creatures don’t build nests for someone else’s chicks.”

          Perfectly sensible … if you are a chicken. Human beings purport to aim higher … well, some of them do.

          This is just more about those finite resources, Dude. In CA, for instance, there are not enough places at UC Berkeley for all the kids who want to go. Some of them have to go to Irvine. And some of them can’t get in at all. It’s a bummer, but there it is.

          And anybody who uses this fact of life to go off on a racist rant … is a rationalizing racist, plain and simple.

      • Libby says:

        Dude … let me try and explain it to you.

        Nice people, non-racists … do not use the phrase “other blacks”.

        But that’s not an explanation, is it? It is just something that a woke racist knows. And you are no where near there.

  4. Lone Star says:

    This Libby of yours is a lot like a hog in pen slop, ifn’ she ain’t rollin’ in it, she just ain’t cool.
    Like I said, Libby could start a argument in a empty house.

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